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Twilight Assassins

A family, sort of set up like the Cullens, live undeteced from the tracings of the Goverment and under Employment of The Voltori. The main plot, the 'Not Suppose To Be' adored couple, Bella and Edward, are to be targeted by the Voltori's Top Assassins. At first, it seems just a normal mission. Get in, kill the targets, make a cover scene, leave...But when things are mishapped and the mission becomes complicated and more complicated by the Cullens fighting back, and the Twilight Assassins suddenly now being targeted by the second best squad of the Voltori with the only escape, KILL Isabella Swan...Will our beloved Bella make it? Or will this be her end? Read and find out...


3. Chapter 3

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I leaned against the wall of our hotel, spinning my blade in my fingers like a baton. An annoyed expression melted onto my face as my mind, without permission, trickled into thinking of someone I couldn't place name to. Someone that's been ripping my mind from reality to think about in terror. Her brown eyes bright with blood trickling over that pale, pretty face as she smiled encouragingly at me behind my eye lids. Words, empty words, soundless words, calmly spoke to me. That same old phrase flitting through my mind and bouncing against the edges to force the memory back into place. Back into where it thought it was suppose to be. Unlocked and free to twitter as it pleased in my suppose to be focusing mind.

Throwing me back into reality, snapping fingers before my face clicked like lightning in the midst of my daydreaming realm. I quickly shook my head, creamy brown hair flaring about as I stood fully on my feet, no longer against the wall as I had been. My slender, long fingers gripping the bridge of my nose. "Sorry, where were we? I dazed out." I asked from an imaginary distance. My mind still fazing in the mental picture of that woman over and over and over again. A sigh exhaled from my lips.

"We were discussing our plan for tomorrow and tonight." Charming explained as they both looked at me with worried, confused facial expressions. Almost with an 'Are you insane?' tint in their eyes.

"Oh, ohm." I ignored their eyes and looked to the ceiling to avoid being bombarded by annoying, worried questions I didn't need at the moment. "Basic. Take down the couple and leave without a trace." I stated as plainly as that large crack in the popcorn paint plastered ceiling.

"Yes, Hailey." Keith agreed, glancing back to his computer. "However, that's only the main idea. We're attempting to build off that and still make it seem like we're abiding the rules laid down for us by the Vampire Target's 'family'." His fast fingers typed through keys faster than the poor laptop could muster them and computer what was going on. Briskly though, and with the experience it had, it was able to keep up. Just flitting through pop ups of 'Too Many Shift Keys' that really meant ' Slow down! Where's the fire?'

"Oh, right, right. I knew that." I blistered. My index finger clanked the blade back into the socket of the thin holder in the hilt of the pocket knife.

"Sure..." Keith looked at me skeptically. My gaze fell to him too as I felt the odd feeling of being watched. His eyes narrowed slightly. My head turned to the left barely. After a second, my eyes followed. He was starting to creep me out. It was almost like he was some doctor examining me. And I never went well with medical examinations. Too closely encountered with people you don't know and don't have a clue what they were going to do...Especially with the uncertainty on what was really in the vial. What they said it was? Or what it really was? That's something to think about the next time you get your shots...

"Well," Charming scratched the back of his head out of pure awkwardness. He wasn't one to like to stand in the middle of things without a clue on what was going on. "So, tonight we're going to seek the girl and see if we can separate them, right?"

Keith leaned back with his right arm strung on the back of his chair. He lifted his feet onto the table as he spoke, "Sort of." he reached forward and tapped a key to start some program that got the carry along PC to hum like a beehive. "We need to see if there is a way, not yet are we going to pursue the objective. It's much too dangerous as our presence is known now to six, or more, vampires."

Charming nodded as I slid to the floor against the wall. My mind buzzed with blocking another image from cascading the image of the strange woman that hasn't left me alone with my torture since when my memories began, eleven years ago. This new image portrayed some blood thirty vampire, fangs bared and dripping with blood as his bloody red eyes creaked to me slowly. Still, the memories were soundless. His bared fingers were clawed and sharp as he dove for me.

"Seriously," Someone spoke as my eyes, that I had not noticed had drifted closed, were spooked open. "I think your loosing it." I looked up to see who was shaking me by my shoulder. Finding it was Charming as his worried expression bore a knife to my heart. I bit my lip and ignored him. I hated that look with all my heart. The look of agony and wish for comfort for me. Pity, I guess was a light degree you could call it.

"It is nothing." I waved him off. "Just leave me alone, and let's continue. I'm fine."

For a long moment, they both watched me as I glared at the floor. My pulse had risen without notice and I exhaled deeply to bring it down. Surely, they could hear it. Stupid amazing, super hearing...

Charming came back to his feet fluently and walked over to sit on the bed. Every now and then, his eyes befell upon me to check up.

"Well," I spoke as calmly as I could through my roughly hidden pain. "So, basically we're just going to go spy on them for a while? See their habits to separate? Find a vital reason?"

"Basically." Keith agreed. He looked over at Charming. My prince bother nodded once with a hard face. Their eyes caught my suspicious ones. "But."

"But?" An eyebrow raised on my face. My head tipped their way to prove some point I had no clue of that I had to point out just yet.

"But," Charming finished off just as Keith opened his mouth. "You can't come." This got me off my feet in an instant. My heart skipping a beat from the abrupt adrenaline rush. They seemed undisturbed by my outburst of movement. Almost like they expected it.

"Your kidding me, right?!" I hissed through slammed to grit teeth that grinded quite audibly. "Your kidding!" My heart started to race as my anger rose. The flames seared higher and higher behind my field grass green eyes...

"No, we're not, Hailey-dear." Keith, against my flared temper, calmly spoke. It was almost soothing. "It's much too dangerous now for you to come this time."

My arms flared to tap roughly on my collar bone. "What do you mean 'Too dangerous'?!" I growled. "I'm not a child." My foot stomped. Stamping those liable flames of point away. I just proved my words failed. Nevertheless, I still ranted. Attempting to bring those flames back up and smoking. "I've been in this for over ten years! I've taken down many people on my own, with pencils for God's sake! I've faced newborn after newborn, after other mortal mercenary all the way to deadly Child of the Moon! Why can't I come? It's my job just as much as yours!"

Keith nodded along as I stated my facts in a angry, loud position. Still keeping that calm, understanding composure. His body not moving an inch. Charming did the basic same thing. Only rubbing his face in his hand as he leaned forward and hunched. Attempting to drown out my rants and keep calm with more difficulty than Keith. Charming's only been with me four years. Still not enough time to learn how to deal with me calmly. Keith on the other hand, he and my adoptive father found me together and raised me. He’s been there for me for eleven years. Training me in all the styles I now possess. Taught me the truth of the two Worlds we stand to protect and destroy simulatiously. Taught me what life is, and how to deal with death the painless way.

“Hailey.” Keith calmly pursued to soothe me with his soft voice.

“What?” I demanded less intensely as I stood with stubbornly crossed arms and a tense position. I eyed him with my shaky composure. I was on the verge of melt down. Something I hadn’t imploded into in a long while. I had always hated being left out. I’ve worked to hard to be knocked down. I’ve taken too many lives, argued my life with the dangerous Voltori, fought my way through danger after crucial, life or death situations. I was not going to stand for him not letting me go. This was my job. This was my life. This was my purpose. No one was going to take it from me. Not as long as I have breath in my lungs. No one was going to take it from me...

“You can’t g-” he tried again. Wrong move...

“Why?!” I begun in an explosion. You could just feel the Earth slowing in rotation. “So you and Charming can go and be big, strapping men and leave little ol’ me in the dust to just sit here why you two have all the fun?! Where does that lead me? What does that leave me? Huh? I took lives not too long ago, remember? Me and you at that party? It was in the newspaper, I fainted in your arms? And just a couple weeks ago, me and Charming were off in Japan targeting a Mafia Leader. We took him down after taking down thirty three other lives armed with the most dangerous weapons! You didn’t say anything then! Why are you now? So what? There’s six, or more, vampires on the look out during our spying mission! Not a big deal! I’ve faced twenty newborns for an hour on my own! I’ve survived through attack after attack! I’ve been bitten and venomized twelve times! I should be a vampire like you and Charming and Father! But no! I’m still breathing with a beating heart! Why can’t I go?! It’s not dangerous! Or at least, it’s not as dangerous as my entire life with our family! I’m stronger than you think, Keith! I’m stronger than you think!” My breath was ragged now as I scored through thought after thought. Flaring out harsh words of what would be persuasive at the moment at a high rate I couldn’t possibly measure then and there. No one was going to take it from me...No one was going to take it from me... “I have a right, too! I’ve gone ten years training my butt off for you! For you, Keith! So I can stand by you, and by Charming, and by Father! I’ve done this all my life. As far as my memories start! I’ve suffered worse and now your telling me, that it’s too dangerous?! Bull Crap! You’ve got to be playing a sick joke because this isn’t funny! This isn’t funny Keith! No one’s going to take it from me! No one’s going to take it from me...”

This was as far as I’ve pushed Keith. His jaw was locked, and I could see the Toddler Tantrum look in his golden eyes. It annoyed the heck out of me. That stupid look like I was nothing more than a child! I was going to be sixteen in three weeks, I’m no longer a child. I haven’t been a child since my memories started. Since the day the nightmare started. Since I was found and given purpose...

“No one’s going to take it from me...” I finished off. Dead seriousness rang in my voice with a tear that fought against me to slip down my chin. I didn’t let it. Never have I cried, not now, not ever. No one’s going to take it from me...

Keith kept his eyes on me. Thoughts running behind golden eyes. With precision, he locked my eyes. I couldn’t look away. It wasn’t his gift of Mental Paralyze. No, it was that look that had caught my attention and convinced me that he wasn’t as dangerous as I thought when I was barely, guessed, five years old. That look that beckoned the lonely child from the burning forest where that haunting woman’s body lay on the ground. Motionless. I could see it all again. And Keith knew it...

“You can’t go-” I stammered half a formed letter of a word before he held a hand up to finish. “You can’t go because I don’t want you out there in this state.”

“What state?” I countered. “On the field, my anger’s no issue. You know that.” He nodded twice smoothly.

"Your memories are bothering you again, are they not?" Keith presumed.

"No." I lied. Plain and clear, Keith knew I did before I could even tell myself. He was so in tuned with his surroundings, there was nothing you could do to escape his notice. Even in my control of pulse to make it seem so full of truth. That look proved me wrong before I had a chance to say otherwise.

Within his calm face, I saw his golden, dagger eyes search mine for a second that explained an entire theory I use to have, demolished an irrelevant. With an unnoticed twist, he was suddenly gone.

I spun around to face him in defense instantly. I was too overprotected of myself, that I actually dared make it seem like I was going to attempt an attack on my deer brother. But, I had not that intention. Simply, it was a reaction. You never know what was to happen. Especially when you decide to walk the path of a mercenary with many, many people claiming they want revenge on the beloveds you take out...

Keith reached out and grabbed my shoulders firmly. "You, can't, go..." He more like ordered this time in his firm voice.

"Why?" I countered more calmly but still with that icy sneer. My hands shifted to my hips.

"Pointless..." Charming mumbled behind me as abruptly I was snagged and turned straight into his arms. A cold hand on the back of my head, I struggled to get free as a presence entered my mind.

"Char...Ming...." I hissed as at a brisk rate I was drowsed. It wasn't even a second as my blocked memories were accidentally released and that woman's image fell to be the only thing I could see as my eyes slid shut. My body limply fell forward into Charming.

Not long, the soundless image of that woman kept replaying and replaying, until my eyes cracked open and watched helplessly as Charming and Keith left. My fingers twitched limply under the blankets as the lights were switched off. Charming looked back apologetically as he waved sheepishly and left...

Leaving me to drift into a terrorized nightmare he hadn't planned...

...Nobody's going to take it from me...