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Renesmee's First Christmas

Renesmee's first Christmas!!!!! One-Shot!

Just a little festive story! :)

1. Christmas

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I lifted Renesmee up and gave her a quick hug. She buried her head in my shoulder.

“You have to go to sleep, honey,” I whispered to her as I ran a hand over her hair. “Santa Claus can’t come if you are awake.”

Renesmee lifted her head up and stared at me with her beautiful, brown eyes, reminding me of myself on Christmas Eve when I was little.

“How does he know?” she wondered.

“He’s Santa Claus,” I said, shrugging. “And if you want presents,” I told her, touching her nose with the tip of my ice cold, pale finger, “you have to go to sleep.”

“Mommy!” she wailed. “I want to stay up! Aunt Alice said I could!”

I spun around to give Alice a withering glare. Alice cringed at my expression and held her hands up, declaring her innocence soundlessly. I rolled my eyes and turned back to my daughter.

“Renesmee,” I said, “come on. Tomorrow when you wake up, there will be tons of presents under that tree.” I pointed to the beautifully adorned tree, complete with red and green ornaments and a gorgeous golden star perched on top. Alice had spent all of three days picking out the perfect tree and decor to go with it. She had just about driven everyone crazy asking everyone else’s opinion about different types of tinsel.

Rensmee, hearing this, gave me a huge, delighted smile, and I laughed and hugged her again.

“Now, let’s go,” I finally said, and I carried her all the way to our house, and then to her room. I set her on her bed and tucked her in.

“Good night, Renesmee,” I whispered, switching off the light. I could hear rustling as Renesmee got comfortable, and then silence, save for the rhythmic breathing of my daughter.

I hurried over to my room and grabbed a big bag of presents from under my bed. As a human, this would have been an incredible load to carry, but it was as light as a feather now, and I was grateful. I carried it all the way back to the Cullen house, and entered the living room.

I tossed the bag near the tree.

“Alice, what did you tell my daughter?” I asked, and she paused in stringing tinsel from the ceiling, elaborately decorating the entire living room. A fire was roaring in the fireplace, giving off pleasant warmth that contrasted my low average temperature, producing a tingling sensation that made me smile. Alice had gone all out this Christmas, since it was Renesmee’s first, and she had red and green ornaments all over the house, as well as wreaths and candles. Soft Christmas music was playing.

“Shh,” she whispered, obviously trying to escape my anger, “just get into the holiday spirit.”

I sighed, and knowing that I was never going to get through to her, I gave up. Suddenly, a pair of arms appeared out of nowhere and wrapped themselves around me.

“Merry Christmas Eve,” a soft, musical voice chuckled in my ear. I turned around and kissed Edward.

“Merry Christmas Eve,” I repeated softly. “Renesmee just went to sleep.”

“Perfect,” he said, smiling. “That means we have time-”

“Oh jeez!” Emmett moaned, obviously assuming Edward was going to say something in particular.

“-to set up the presents,” Edward finished, glaring at Emmett. Emmett extended his lower lip, pouting. Rosalie, who had gotten into a much better mood than usual for the holidays, laughed and kissed him swiftly on the cheek, and that lightened his melancholy a little.

“Oh, I got the most amazing little gel pens for Renesmee’s stocking!” Alice suddenly squealed, rocketing into the living room from the upstairs, clutching a bag almost twice as big as mine, full of presents. Emmett’s eyes widened as he took in the amount of gifts that were being loaded under the tree.

“Sheesh!” he exclaimed gleefully, jumping up and rushing over to count them all. “We never got this many presents in the past!”

I jumped at him and slapped his hand away as he reached for a beautifully wrapped present.

“Not until tomorrow,” I chastised him. He looked at me with self-pity and then slowly walked away, hanging his head. I rolled my eyes and began taking out all my presents and positioning them under the tree.

“The stocking’s stuffed!” Alice declared, stepping back for the rest of us to take a look. I gasped.

It was a beautiful stocking, obviously created by Alice herself. It was red with cotton balls spray-painted green and glued around the top. Intricate snowflakes had been cut out of white foam and sewn onto the red material, along with bells painted white and outlined in light blue. The entire stocking was bulging, with sharp corners of hidden gifts poking out different ends of the material, nearly tearing holes in it.

“How much stuff did you put in that?” I exclaimed, rushing over to the mantelpiece to peer inside. Alice beamed.

“Enough,” she squealed excitedly. “This is going to be the best Christmas ever!”

The smell of warm cider marked the beginning of Christmas morning. Esme had gone out to the store and bought twelve apple cider candles and lit them all, to make the house feel, and smell, more like Christmas day. Edward went out to get Renesmee and bring her in to begin her very first Christmas ever.

Alice was going crazy, running around sticking bows on presents she had found “too plain” and preparing her outfit. She had put on a green camisole and over it thrown on a plain red shirt whose V-neck plunged down far enough for there to be equal green and red in her top. She wore simple, light jeans and a fuzzy red Santa hat on top of her short, spiky hair. She had found red and green fuzzy socks, and put those on as well, truly getting into the spirit of Christmas.

Suddenly, the door opened and Edward came in, carrying a squirming Renesmee, who had a huge smile lightening her face. I watched as her big eyes took in the presents under the tree, her stocking, the fire, and the candles decorating the room. She jumped out of Edward’s arms and rushed towards her stocking.

I darted in front of her and scooped her up in my arms. She tried to wriggle free, but I held her close, lovingly, but firmly.

“Mommy!” she complained, still struggling against my grip. I laughed and swiftly kissed her on the cheek.

“Merry Christmas, Renesmee,” I said, and all the Cullens repeated after me. She looked up at me with eager eyes.

“Please, Mommy? Please may I open my stocking?” she begged.

“Let Renesmee go!” Alice exclaimed excitedly. She was nearly as enthusiastic as Renesmee was. “I have some amazing presents in there!”

I sighed and relinquished my daughter, and she rushed at the mantelpiece. Edward unhooked her stocking from above the glowing fire and handed it to her. Renesmee fell to the ground and dumped all the little items out of it and began sorting through them. My mouth fell open, shocked at how much stuff Alice managed to fit into one little stocking.

“Wow!” Renesmee gasped, holding up golden earrings. She looked up at me joyfully. “They’re so pretty!”

I glanced over at Alice, giving her a confused look. I darted over to where she stood, jumping up and down as she watched her niece’s face.

“Alice,” I muttered to her, “Renesmee does not have her ears pierced.”

Alice, not tearing her eyes away from the little girl on the floor, said innocently, “Oh, Bella, she will soon, don’t worry!”

I rolled my eyes and murmured, “Thanks, Alice.”

“You’re welcome,” she chortled.

The presents gradually disappeared, and the pile of gifts Renesmee received was at least three times her size. She got more presents than any one else, but no one minded. She was only one year old, after all.

Renesmee snuggled into my lap and I wrapped my arms around her tenderly.

“I love Christmas,” she sighed, setting her head on my shoulder and looking wistfully at her pile of presents. Edward sat down and put his arm around my waist, kissing my cheek, and then Renesmee’s. I looked at him, and at the rest of the Cullens, all beaming at me and the little girl in my lap, and I had to agree with my daughter.