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If only I knew...

Bella is trying to choose between the two men, well vampire and werewolf, that she loves. She feels confused, trapped, because either one she chooses she feels she would be loosing someone, hurting someone, as well as herself.

This is a poem from Bella's point of view, when she is torn between Edward and Jacob.

1. If only

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You're my star in the skies,

The beat of my heart,

And when i look into your eyes,

I wish we should never part.

You're the reason i live,

The glue in the cracks,

I fall to pieces without you,

If only i knew which you, you are.

Are you Jacob, joyful and playful,

The fire that runs free through my viens?

Or Edward, mysterious and alluring,

Whoose cool touch sets my heart on fire?

I must choose, but how can i choose?

When i'm in love with you two.

Living without either is like

living with no air, unable to feel, unable to breathe.

I love you so, and i want you to know,

How i long to hold you near,

My heart bleeds for you, you both,

But who to be mine? My dear?

Such a decision,

But either option i choose,

Will result in heart break, dispair,

Not only for me but for you.

You're my pot of gold,

Together in heart and soul,

My hapiiness untold,

If only i knew which you, you are.