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All Alone, Well Almost

Let's rewind to before Twilight. And Bella wasn't an only child. She had an older sister, and younger brother and both Charlie and Renee` never boke up. Then one night they all were killed, except her younger brother.

I hope everyone likes it!!! i know i do

1. Nightmares and Cullen's the friendly Vampires

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In the middle of the night when I was 14 I heard the door open. I ran to the top of the stairs happy to see that my parents were home. When I reached the top my smile disappeared. There stood 3 people wearing torn traveling clothes, which were covered in blood. The smell made my head spin and blocked out almost every sound in the house. The last thing I heard my sister say was, “Get Dominic and go next door.” I did as she told and got my 9 year old brother Dominic and got to our neighbors house. But I couldn’t reach them before my sister started screaming. The people didn’t fallow us but I knew they were close. So in the middle of all the chaos I took Dominic and ran. Though while running I heard a voice whisper “We’ll get you,” it was so quiet that it might have been mistaken for the wind.

I shot up from my bed my body shaking with sobs. All that had happened 4 years ago. And ever since then I’ve been moving from place to place with Dominic. As much as I wish I could forget what happened that night years ago I couldn’t. They were still hunting us. Though the third member had left, so now it was just Victoria and James hunting us now. I looked at the clock it was almost time to wake up Dominic. Burying my face in my hands and let one last cry escape my mouth.

“Dominic, time to wake up sweetie,” I was now the only one taking care of him, though he didn’t seem to mind too much.

I smiled, “Lets hope we get to stay in Forks a little while longer, since we live in grandma and grandpa’s house and well since they are dead and we get everything lets cross out fingers.” I told him.

Even though I was the only one supporting us I still went to school. I was hoping that if I at least finished high school I could get a better job. I had an after school job right now.

School was great! Everyone was nice. I was acutely enjoying it, until lunch. That was when everything went downhill.

I was talking to a group of people when I saw them. “Who are they?” I asked. They had pale skin, inhumanly beautiful looks, and pitch black eyes.

“The Cullen’s and Hales,” a short girl answered, at that they looked over in our direction. “I’ll be right back.” I said standing up and leaving the cafeteria. Please don’t fallow me. I begged silently. This is a good place for Dominic to grow up; there is more of a chance for me to get a good job! I continued my thoughts.

“Hi, my name is Edward Cullen, is everything alright?” asked a young man coming out from the shadows with a concerned look on his face. I sucked in a breath and started to run as fast as I could towards Dominic’s school. I could hear him calling after me, but I didn’t pay attention. I bet they sent them. To my luck Dominic was outside. He smiled till he saw the look on my face. Looking around he grabbed his backpack and met me outside of the school boundaries,

“We have to go, NOW!” I panted. He simply nodded his head. I pulled him along impatiently,

“Why do we have to leave?” He asked.

“More…. vampires…..here.” I gasped in between breaths.

“Victoria? James? How did they find us so quickly?” Dominic asked in a shaky voice. I just shook my head and continued to pull him along.

When we were about half of the way home a silver Volvo pulled up in front of us. I froze, the window rolled down. A kind face peered out at us.

“Hi, we saw you in the cafeteria today, my name is Alice Cullen. Are you alright?” asked a small pixie like vampire asked. I quickly shifted Dominic behind me.

“What do you want?” I spat in their direction. The vampire looked shocked.

“We just want to help what’s your problem?” asked a large guy.

“Please just leave us alone.” I snapped. I was good at hiding my true emotions now, I may have seemed angry on the outside but on the inside I was scared stiff.

“Why are so mean? It’s not like we’ve done anything to you.” The pixie like one asked me.

She turned around and asked the driver and asked something I couldn’t understand. The driver was Edward Cullen if I remembered correctly. Instead of answering he just frowned and shook his head. The he leaned so he could see Dominic. At that I turned with his gaze doing my best to keep Dominic from their curious gazes.

“Who are Victoria and James?” Edward asked, directing this question at my little brother. “What? I mean they sent you to kill us right? Oh no they probably want that part to themselves,” I said.

“No Bells I don’t think they sent them.” Dominic informed me.

“And how are you so sure?” I asked him not even turning to look at my little brother’s face.

“These vamps seem nice.” He simply answered. I sighed and shook my head. Then slowly I relaxed.

“Okay well since my brother trusts you I guess I can, but I swear if you hurt him I will find a way to hurt you. Got that?” I asked staring at them. They all nodded their heads. “Who are Victoria and James?” Edward asked again. I sighed and opened my mouth to tell these complete strangers who at any moment could kill us and began my story.