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All Alone, Well Almost

Let's rewind to before Twilight. And Bella wasn't an only child. She had an older sister, and younger brother and both Charlie and Renee` never boke up. Then one night they all were killed, except her younger brother.

I hope everyone likes it!!! i know i do

3. What?!

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Bella’s P.O.V

“I’m winning!” Emmett yelled. They were still playing guitar hero. With a sigh Dominic set down his guitar and sat down next to me on the couch. I smiled and wrapped my arms around him.

“Hey, can we go home to get some of our stuff?” I asked. Edward stared at me in question.

“My iPod,” I said. I loved music; I would probably die without it. Edward nodded then turned to Alice and said something to fast for me to understand. I frowned; what if they were planning to hurt us. I know I may sound paranoid but if you had vampires chasing you your whole life wouldn’t you have a hard time trusting another group of vampires? I stood up and offered my hand to Dominic; smiling he took it. I smiled back at him, and then I noticed all of the vampires were staring at us. I stepped slightly in front of my brother; so I was somewhat shielding him with my body.

“What?” I asked. They all just shook there heads. Still holding Dominic’s hand I began walking outside.

“I’ll be taking you guys to get your stuff,” Edward said pulling out his car keys. I nodded and was about to sit in the back with Dominic when Edward grabbed my arm and pulled me up to the passenger seat. I looked at him in question but he just shook his head. I cautiously sat down the looked back Dominic. He was pouting and glaring at Edward. I looked at Edward who didn’t seem to care that there was a 13 year old boy giving him the death glare. I tried not to laugh. Dominic’s glare was more like staring at someone. I’d have to teach him how to intimidate. When we got to our house I climbed out of the car then opened the door for Dominic. When we got inside Dominic went straight for his room. I turned to Edward and stared at him in question.

“One day you’re not going to be there to take care of him and h won’t know how to take care of himself because you’re not letting him. Give him some space to grow.” Edward told me. I stared at him in shock. What was he saying?! Dominic needed me; I was all he had left.

“He’s only 13! He’s gone his whole life growing up because we’ve been on the run!” I said.

“But with you babying him it’s making him think nothing can hurt him-“

“Nothing will! I won’t let anything happen to him!” I snapped before Edward could finish.

“No matter how strong your will is your never going to be able to stop a vampire.” Edward said before turning and walking to the car. I let out a breath then turned and went upstairs to my room. I grabbed my iPod and the cord to charge it. Then I grabbed a bag to put everything in it. I grabbed some random books and shoved them in the bag. I slung the strap over my shoulder and went back downstairs. Dominic was waiting for me. I gave him a weak smile and opened the door for him. He hadn’t brought much stuff. Just some clothes oh, I should’ve brought some clothes to. Oh well to late now. I climbed into the passenger seat next to Edward. He was quiet (but when was he ever loud?) and listening to music. It was piano. I looked at the stereo.

“Claire De Lune?” I asked. Edward nodded his head in surprise.

“You know it?” Edward asked. I nodded. We both stared at each other in shock. Dominic didn’t seem to like too much.

“I think the song is stupid,” he said in such a cold voice it surprised me. I turned to stare at him in surprise. He just stared back at me. We had a staring contest for a moment but he turned away. Why was he acting like this? But I didn’t have time to think why because the car came to a sudden halt and I was launched forward into the window shield.