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All Alone, Well Almost

Let's rewind to before Twilight. And Bella wasn't an only child. She had an older sister, and younger brother and both Charlie and Renee` never boke up. Then one night they all were killed, except her younger brother.

I hope everyone likes it!!! i know i do

4. Don't ruin my moment!

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Bella’s P.O.V

“Sorry,” Edward said in a soft voice.

“What the heck?!” I asked. Edward turned to glare at Dominic. I turned and froze. Dominic sat there his hand on the handle of the door.

“Don’t,” Edward said. Everything clicked into place. I stared at my brother in shock.

“Where you planning on jumping out of the car,” I asked in a quiet voice. Dominic just looked away. I tilted my head to the side. Confused. I thought he liked these vampires. I turned back towards the front, and stared at Edward in question.

“He thinks I’m a bad guy; whose trying to steal you away from him so James and Victoria can get you.” He explained in a quiet voice. I nodded then climbed in the back of the car. I wrapped my arms around Dominic.

“No one is going to take me away from you,” I promised. Dominic just nodded his head. Edward started the car, and began driving slowly forward. It was odd on how slow he was driving considering how fast he was driving earlier. I looked out the window. How come I didn’t think that earlier, I mean how come Dominic thought they were trying to separate us before I did? I blinked in surprise. Dominic was always quick to trust people; I was always the non-trusting one. I mean I didn’t exactly trust the Cullen’s but I never came to the conclusion that they were tearing us apart. I’d have to be more alert from now on. I didn’t have anymore time to think because we reached the house. I reached over and opened the door. Dominic climbed slowly out of the car. When we got inside the house I stopped. Alice was sitting in the middle of the floor. Her hair wasn’t its usual raven black but white. It matched her skin perfectly. When she saw us she smiled. It was oddly comforting. Edward started cracking up.

“You got kicked out of the kitchen?” he asked. Alice’s smile disappeared.

“So,” she pouted and turned away like a little kid. I laughed.

“Why?” I asked in between laughs.

“She thought you guys might be hungry, so she tried to make you some cake and when she opened the flour she opened it too hard and it exploded.” Edward managed in between fits of laugher. I walked forward and put a hand on Alice’s shoulder.

“It’s the thought that counts,” I offered trying to make her feel better. Alice turned towards me and smiled before throwing her slim arms around me. I fell backward from the assault landing on the carpet.

“Alice is attacking Bella!” Emmett yelled coming into the room. Alice let me go and stuck her tongue out at Emmett.

“Shut up Emmett,” Alice snapped.

“Hey, just cause you got kicked out of the kitchen and I got to help make the cake when you couldn’t doesn’t mean you have to be mean about it!” Emmett said in a fake hurt voice. Alice rolled her eyes.

“So you guys made cake?” Dominic spoke for the first time since the car incident.

“YES! WE SURE DID! SOME DARN GOOD CAKE IF I SAY SO MYSELF!” Emmet yelled proud of himself.

“Emmett, you can’t even taste human food properly. How would you know if it’s good?” Alice asked. Emmet’s shoulders slumped forward.

“Don’t ruin my moment,” he said before he flipped his imaginary long hair and storming out of the room

“He did that just a little to well in my opinion,” Alice said in a worried tone. Then we all began to laugh.