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All Alone, Well Almost

Let's rewind to before Twilight. And Bella wasn't an only child. She had an older sister, and younger brother and both Charlie and Renee` never boke up. Then one night they all were killed, except her younger brother.

I hope everyone likes it!!! i know i do

6. Diffrent sides

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“Of course silly why else would I keep you home today?!” Alice asked. I know that this is really stupid considering that Alice was a vampire and could outrun my by walking but I made a run for it. Either Alice was trying to humor me or I had taken her by surprise because it took her about 10 seconds to catch me.

“Why were you running? I’m not going to hurt you! Just put makeup on you, and designer clothes!” Alice said as if she were trying to reassure me.

“And hell is just a sauna! Heck no you’re not putting makeup and designer clothes on me, now let me go,” I snapped.

I began struggling trying to pull myself away from Alice. Just then the door opened and Esme came in with Dominic at her side. Esme looked like she was holding back laughter while Dominic stared in confusion (he had missed the whole conversation and just saw Alice trying to pull me upstairs).

“Come on Bella! You know what, your being a baby,” Alice snapped as she picked me up and began walking towards her room.

Me: “NO!!! FREEDOM!!”

Alice: “Stop struggling, I’m not going to hurt you!”

Edward: “Alice, I think you should let Bella choose if she wants to have a makeover.”

Alice: (in a very mean scary voice) “Shut up Edward! Whose side are you on anyway?!”

Me: “My side.”

Edward: “There are sides?”

Alice: “Of course there are sides! And Edward you need to be on my side. Because I’m your sister and if you pick her side I’m going to disown you.”

Edward: “I pick Bella’s side.”

At that Alice’s jaw dropped and she stormed out of the room taking me with her. I decided to stop fighting her. One; I was staying at her house, two; I felt kind of bad on how Edward betrayed her, and three; I knew I wasn’t going to win. So I spent two hours sitting in Alice’s room while she played dress up with me and tried on all different sorts of makeup on me.

An hour later I walked down the stairs. I was clutching the railing to keep myself from falling. But, somehow I still fell (don’t worry, there were only like three steps left). At the bottom of the stairs I crashed into Edward. He put his hands on my hips to steady me and I had my hands on his chest so I wouldn’t fall into him (but we were still pretty freaking close). The feeling was electric. We both stared at one another in shock. I without really realizing it we both leaned forward, our faces getting slowly but surely getting closer, our lips almost touching.

“Bella?!” Dominic yelled from the living room. Both Edward and I shot away from each other, but as soon as I pulled away I wanted to pull him back. To have Edward wrap his arms around me, wait, this can’t happen he’s a vampire. I’m human. I stared into Edward’s eyes for a few seconds before turning and answering Dominic.

It had officially been 2 months since we moved in with the Cullen’s. And way too many close calls where Edward and I almost kissed, and Alice and I had become attached at the hip. We had almost all of our classes at school together (after Alice had a ‘nice’ little chat to convince our councilor to change my classes) and the ones I didn’t have with her I had with Edward. I had also become very close to Emmett, and Jasper only hung out with me when another vampire was in the room so if he slipped and attacked me someone could hold him back, and Rosalie for some odd reason still didn’t like me. Dominic and I were still close as heck, but he had been getting nastier and nastier with Edward and Alice whenever we were all hanging out. Edward informed me it was because he thought they were trying to steal me away from him. It made sense because whenever Alice and Edward went hunting he was always acting like he used to, but whenever I tried to explain no one was going to take me away form him he would just walk off. So I sort of gave up on trying to tell him.

It was odd. On the day which had been the absolute best, it became the worst to ever happen in my life. Worse then when my parents died. The bad parts seemed to happen after one thing, something that should never be fallowed by bad. A kiss…