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All Alone, Well Almost

Let's rewind to before Twilight. And Bella wasn't an only child. She had an older sister, and younger brother and both Charlie and Renee` never boke up. Then one night they all were killed, except her younger brother.

I hope everyone likes it!!! i know i do

7. Skittles

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It was a Saturday. I had spent the whole morning locked in Alice’s bathroom. The only reason why I didn’t try any escape plans was because Alice (knowing me very well by now) had got me a 2 and a half pound bag of my favorite candy. Skittles. The whole entire time I was in there I sat happily eating my candy.

“This is my new best friend!” I said as I hugged the bag closely to my chest.

“WHAT?! You’re replacing me with candy?!” Alice shrieked.

“This skittles bag doesn’t try to put makeup on me.” I said in a giggly voice. I assumed this is how people acted when they are drunk, because I was on a sugar high. Alice shook her head.

“Enough for you,” Alice said as she pulled the half empty bag out of my hands. I felt my lips pull into a pout and stared at my refection in the mirror.

“But see? I made you pretty, could skittles make you look this pretty?” Alice asked trying to get on my good side.

“Fine,” I mumbled. Then without really thinking about it I snatched the bag from Alice and began running. I made it to the stairs before I tripped. I stumbled down with almost all the skittle falling out.

“NO! MY SKITTLES ARE GONE!” I yelled as I fell. Then I tumbled into something cold and hard. I looked up to find an amused Edward.

“Are you ok?” he asked gently as if talking to a child.

“No, I lost my skittles.” I said but I was very aware of Edward’s strong arms wrapped around waist, keeping me steady.

“I’ll get you another bag.” Edward said. Then very slightly he leaned forward. And somehow I felt myself leaning forward to meet him. Then very lightly our lips touch. Just as he pulled me tighter against him and we added more pressure I hear a yell. I jerked back but Edward kept his arms around my waist. There stood Dominic. He looked mad. I was shocked at what I saw, Dominic was no longer the little boy that I raised by myself. He was mad. He looked coldly from Edward to me. I opened my mouth to say something but he cut me off.

“I told you, they were just trying to steal you away. And you fell right into their freaking trap!” Dominic said. He didn’t yell like I thought he would. But his quiet cold voice was so much worse.

“Dominic, don’t be silly, they aren’t trying to do anything. They are just being nice,” I said. Suddenly Edward tightened his hold on me and growled slightly at my brother. I understood when the next words left his lips.

“Vamps can’t be nice. This one is just trying to get inside your head so Victoria and James can get us easier!” Dominic said in the some cold voice. I froze. Never had Dominic been so nasty. Who was this and where had he put my brother?! I was so shocked I didn’t even move to stop as Dominic went outside. All the Cullen’s (except Rosalie) was gathered around me. All of them had a hand on me, someone was stroking my face, someone else was stroking my hair, and another had a reassuring hand on my arm. I could feel other hands but I shrugged them all off. I began to sprint in the direction of Dominic. All of the Cullen’s hung back giving us space. But I think that was the worst mistake they’ve ever made. I don’t know how Alice didn’t see it. But I stopped for a split second when I heard Dominic scream. I pushed myself harder then before. What happened to my brother?! Whatever it was it was my fault. I shouldn’t have let him leave the house. I made it to the woods when I heard another one of Dominic’s blood curdling scream.