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banner for story Three years after the Volturi's 'visit', Charlie is visiting the Cullens for Christmas. When he goes Christmas shopping, a crisis happens...what do the Cullens do to help?


1. Chapter 1

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“I hate big cities,” Charlie grumbled. I giggled, and pushed him gently, careful not to alarm him.

“You know we needed to leave Forks. A big city seemed inconspicuous. Besides, you need to buy some presents anyway, it makes sense that you’d get some groceries as well,” I said. Charlie ruffled my hair, and I rolled my eyes, and pushed him towards the door.

“The quicker you go, the quicker you’ll get back, and Nessie and Jake might be back by then,” I said. Charlie nodded, and walked out the door.

I walked back into the lounge, and sat down next to Edward, who put an arm around me. We had been living in peace for three years since we had the visit from the Volturi. We moved a year and a half ago, and Charlie was visiting us for Christmas. Which was in four days.

Alice came dancing into the room.

“Renesmee and Jacob will be here in 3 minutes and seven seconds,” Alice announced to the room. I laughed. Jacob had gone Christmas shopping with Renesmee, trying to hide what the presents were from everyone. I was putting my shield over them as soon as they got in the house, so I needed to be prepared. We didn’t want Edwards surprise ruined. I went into the garage, and stood still patiently for Jacob and Renesmee to come back. My Ferrari came up the driveway and into the garage, and I put my shield over them. After a few more years practise, it had become nearly effortless.

Jacob got out of the drivers seat of the car he had begged me to drive. Renesmee got out of the passengers seat, and came up to hug me. She looked about seven or eight now, and though it did worry Charlie a little bit, he accepted it. Sometimes it was hard with Charlie not knowing much, but it was better than telling him and have him in danger from the Volturi.

Jacob and Renesmee moved to the boot of the car to get some bags out. I went and helped them, easily taking four bags, which was good, because there were about twelve bags. I rolled my eyes. Renesmee had been spending too much time with Alice, and Jacob would never do anything to make Nessie unhappy.

We went into the house, and put the bags on Renesmee’s bed. I left the room, making sure the shield was still on them, and then rejoined Edward on the couch. We sat there for awhile, watching a movie that was on. Some chick flick, but I wasn’t really paying attention. I watched Edward. I thought about Renesmee, and Charlie. And Renee.

I hadn’t seen Renee since my wedding. I had talked to her on the phone. I tentatively told her that Edward’s niece needed a home, and Edward and I took her in. Renee wanted us to go visit her. But we couldn’t go to Florida. And we didn’t want to alarm her with her growth. So we sent photos, slowly, of how old she would be. We had said something two years ago, making it out that she was one at the time, so we sent her photos of the three year old looking Renesmee.

I heard a sharp gasp next to me. I looked at Edward, who’s eyes were clamped on Alice’s. Her eyes were glazed over. Another vision.

“What is it?” I asked. Alice suddenly stood up, and grabbed Edward’s arm.

“We have five minutes! We need to go NOW!” she screeched. My eyes widened, and I looked at Edward.

“What’s going on!?” I demanded. I noticed everyone else was in the room. I had let go of my shield. But that didn’t matter, Jacob and Renesmee’s minds were preoccupied, not to mention that whatever Alice had seen was much more important.

“It’s Charlie,” Edward murmured to me, before running out the door behind Alice. My jaw dropped open. What was wrong with Charlie?

I turned to look at the doorway, and I felt a pair of small arms wrap around me.

“It will be okay, Mom,” Renesmee muttered. I kissed the top of her head.

“I hope so,” I muttered. I looked up, and met Jaspers eyes. He nodded, and we were all suddenly calmer. Now we just had to wait.