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banner for story Three years after the Volturi's 'visit', Charlie is visiting the Cullens for Christmas. When he goes Christmas shopping, a crisis happens...what do the Cullens do to help?


2. Chapter 2

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We sat in the living room. I was pacing up and down, and Jasper had to keep calming me down. I sat down next to Renesmee who held my hand.

The front door flew open, and Alice was in the room. I looked up at her, and her eyes moved quickly to look at Edward in the hallway, holding Charlie. There was a clear crescent mark on his neck. My hand moved up to my mouth.

“Take the venom out!” I demanded, moving closer to my father. Edward shook his head.

“I don’t think there’s enough time,” he muttered. I made an odd sound, like I was about to cry. But of course, I couldn’t. Carlisle was standing behind me in an instant.

“Lie him down somewhere,” Carlisle commanded. Edward nodded, and ran up the stairs. I followed after him, and Carlisle followed as well.

“Why didn’t you suck the venom out there?” I hissed as Carlisle moved closer to Charlie. Edwards apologetic eyes met mine.

“Too conspicuous. Not to mention, Charlie would ask questions, and we’d have to tell him the truth, which would endanger him, and we’d just have to turn him anyway,” Edward muttered to me. Charlie screamed. I looked over at him. He was in so much pain, so much agony. Edward pulled on my arm gently.

“Come on, Alice and I need to tell the others what happened,” Edward said. I nodded, and followed him out to the lounge. I tried to block out the screamed from the floor above us. When I walked into the lounge, I saw Renesmee was crying, and Jacob was comforting her.

“What happened?” Jasper asked. His eyes on Renesmee. I felt calm, and I Knew Jasper was trying to help Renesmee.

“I saw a vision that there was a vampire who planned to attack Charlie as soon as he was away from being noticed. I knew from what Charlie had decided when it would be inconspicuous, and I knew we had five minutes, so we had to leave then. We had no time to explain. I also knew I needed to take someone else, and Edward knew what was going on,” Alice explained, “When we arrived, the vampire had already taken a bite, from what you can see. He knew immediately we were vampires, so he ran away as soon as Edward went towards Charlie, and tried to pull him away. Then we ran back. Edward carried Charlie. We discussed sucking the venom out, but decided it was best to leave it like that.” Jacob got out of his seat. I watched him walk out curiously.

“Where are you going?” I asked. Jacob turned around and his black eyes met mine.

“Hopefully I’ll be able to talk to someone,” he muttered. I nodded. I knew he was telling everyone down in La Push.

I stood up. My father was going to go through three days of agony before he became a vampire with us forever. What would he be like? Would he be an uncontrollable newborn? We’d have to keep Renesmee and Jacob away from him. Would he want to go his own way, and feed on humans? I shuddered to think of my father wanting to do that.

Maybe we could send Renesmee and Jacob to La Push for a year. We’ll come up with a story for Renesmee. Maybe she could be a young orphaned girl who needed somewhere to go, and Jacob graciously took her in? Jacob was 20 years old, Renesmee looked about 7...but what happened when at the end of next year she look 11?

I kept myself occupied with this planning, to stop myself form thinking about my father’s pain. But I noticed when the screaming stopped. I ran upstairs. Why had he stopped screaming?

I heard Carlisle whispering an explanation to Charlie. I walked through the door, and Charlie’s eyes were on me, his face screwed up in a painful expression.

“Bells,” he murmured. I was at his side instantaneously. I took his hand in mine, and knelt down beside him.

“You’re a…vampire?” he had trouble saying vampire. I nodded slowly. He blinked a couple of times, then nodded. He looked back at Carlisle.

“Renesmee?” he asked. Carlisle’s eyes met mine for a sixteenth of a second and then he explained Renesmee to Charlie. I let go of Charlie’s hand, and backed out of the room slowly. If I could cry, I definitely would be.

I went down to the lounge. Jacob and Renesmee were talking about what they were going to do.

“Charlie can’t see you for at least a year,” I said, “I was thinking you could go to La Push, but they’ll wonder about Renesmee, the ones that aren’t in the know, and wonder why she’s growing up so fast.” Jacob sighed, and Renesmee bit her lip slightly. I felt an arm slip around me, and I put my head on Edwards shoulder.

“We’ll figure something out,” Edward muttered. We all nodded. Not only was Charlie doomed to a life he didn’t know existed, but he wouldn’t be able to see his granddaughter for at least a year, and Renesmee and Jacob had to leave.

This was all wrong.