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This is Existence in Edward's POV; so far, I think it bombs, but hopefully you like it. I really work extra hard on EPOV because he's just so much more interesting that Bella--no offense to Bella lovers--and his POV means so much to me as the writer. So, if I screw him up terribly, please forgive me.


2. Chapter 2: Dante

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As I was being dragged into the room, a powerful magnificent voice spoke, seeming to issue from all around me, engulfing me, ingraining itself within my very being:

" 'Per me si va ne la citta dolente, Per me si va ne l'etterno dolore, Per me si va tra la Perduta Gente. Giustizia mosse il mio Alto Fattore; Fecemi la Divina Podestate, La somma sapienza e 'l Primo Amore. Dinanzi a me non fuor cose create se non etterne, e io etterno duro Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate.' "

Through me you pass into the city of woe...through me you pass into eternal pain...through me among the people lost for aye...Justice the founder of my fabric mov'd: To rear me was the task of power divine, Supremest wisdom, and primeval love. Before me things create were none, save things eternal. All hope abandon...ye...who enter here.

And all hope did I abandon.

I was numb with those words, with my pain, that I doubted they could truly inflict any real pain upon me.

"Dante." I said, tonelessly, the pain of merely speaking close to unbearable.

"Yes, yes...Dante Alighieri. A brilliant man, a genius..."

A small glow appeared before my eyes and grew to beyond blinding, revealing to me my surroundings.

We were in a huge circular room, lit now by the flames of hundreds of torches that were hanging along the stone walls...

I was on the look out for any tricks or traps...one thing the Volturi was famous for was their reputation to kill their victims when they were least expecting it.

The only difference was that as of right now, I expected nothing less than death. Whether quick and painless or slow and agonizing torment, I couldn't be sure--they themselves weren't even sure yet--but, I was sure that it didn't matter. I didn't care how they killed me, just so long as they granted me this one wish.

"A liar." Caius continued of Dante, standing directly before me. Aro stood on his right and Marcus was to his left.

"One great misconception of Dante...his whole reputation, his works, everything..."

I forced my eyes to meet his as he continued on, "Yes, Dante's literature was no more science fiction than you and I, boy. He didn't...create his version of hell--it wasn't something he just...made up out of no where. He had help."

My eyebrows furrowed in confusion and realization as the truth dawned on me: the Volturi made him see what he did. It wasn't his imagination; he was tortured by the Volturi and that was his punishment. To experience a real-life hell, whether real or not, it was very real to him.

Caius took a step closer to me and said, "Not even Dante was that brilliant. It might have been the hell that humans believe exist--the one they think so poorly of--not that they know any better. They know nothing of hell. If they believe that that is hell, they are very much mistaken. That was simply the hell that we put him through; that we, the Volturi, made him endure. That was nothing...compared to the reality of what true hell is."

Yes...what a reality that very hell had become for me. The one he spoke of. The true hell. I had experienced the worst of the worst pain and I could imagine no pain worse than the pain that I had endured and that haunted me for too long.

I knew of the hell that he spoke of...because it was my very life.

Behind him, his brothers stood in silence. Marcus was growing quite irritated with Caius and his delaying of the inevitable, but Aro was intrigued by me.

I reminded Aro of Carlisle--possessing the same qualities of pain and refusal to accept what I had become. He had grown very fond of Carlisle during his stay with them those many years ago and had hated to see him leave.

"The true hell, my boy...is the hell that we intend to put you through." Caius spoke again.

"Caius." Aro reprimanded.

"Silence, Aro." Caius said, firmly, not looking to his brother as he spoke, but rather keeping his glare fixated on me. "We are the Volturi, my boy. We know nothing of mercy--all we know is pain; all we are is pain. I trust you understand that."

He was trying to frighten me, but I felt no fear. I was too numb to feel anything right now. Damn it, how would I enjoy this without feeling the pain I so longed for them to inflict upon me? It would be pointless.

I couldn't find in me the strength to speak. I opened my mouth, but no words came out. All I could do was stand there is in my misery and hell as the two vampires holding me--Demetri and Jane--suddenly released me on Aro's command, and I crumbled to the ground, having in me no strength to stand.

I could no longer stand--it was impossible. I knelt in agony, doubling over, struggling and failing to ease my pain.

Caius now straightend up, quite pleased, taking this as a sign of me surrendering and giving in to his will--willing to do as he commanded.

He flaunted his authority as he commanded, harshly, "State your business in coming here, boy."

I looked up at him, miserably, and grimaced in pain as I hung my head and said, firmly, coldly, using the very same voice he used on me, " I need you to kill me."