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This is Existence in Edward's POV; so far, I think it bombs, but hopefully you like it. I really work extra hard on EPOV because he's just so much more interesting that Bella--no offense to Bella lovers--and his POV means so much to me as the writer. So, if I screw him up terribly, please forgive me.


3. Chapter 3: Wish

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"You...needs us...to kill you?" Caius repeated, not believing the words, even as they came from his own mouth.

"Yes." I said, coldly, yet tonelessly at the same time.

"And, why would you ask that?" He demanded, still not believing that I was serious.

"I don't want to talk about it." I said, clenching my teeth, as I flinched in pain.

Aro approached me and said, "No talking required." He reached for my hand, "May I?"

Did I really have a choice? I simply stared at him, knowing what he would do, but I didn't want him to know who I was or why I wanted this. He greatly respected Carlisle and I could see that he would never do anything to hurt him--and killing me would do just that.

"Do I have a choice?" I demanded.

"Don't be afraid, boy." He said, trying to sound comforting, but having seen what was to come, comfort was the last emotion I could ever feel right now.

"I'm not afraid," I said, insulted, reaching forward without hesitation and grasping his hand eagerly. He might not have wanted to kill me in the end, but in the end, majority would win...and Caius wanted to kill me. The only one who was indecisive--the one that I had to convince--was Marcus.

I saw everything that Aro saw in my head as every minute of my life flashed through his head, my every thought, every action, every emotion...Everything I had seen or thought or felt in the past century he now had full access to...and I had no way to stop him from seeing what I didn't want him to see.

They could not know of Bella; if they did, they might go after her. Because she knew too much. Because they would see her as a potential threat. Merely for the sport of it. To hurt me. To hurt her. There were only a million different reasons why they would want to hurt her...and I would never let that happen. Even if they did decide to kill me, I would find a way to keep them away from her. I could never let them find her. Never.

I stiffened up involuntarily as he finally reached my memories of Bella--our first meeting, when we first spoke, when I saved her from the van, when I saved her in Port Angeles, when I revealed to her what I really was and we declared our feelings for one another, when she met my family, when James was going after her, the prom, her birthday party, my leaving her...and...the worst of all...the past seven months of my pointless life, followed by Rosalie telling me of her death.

He saw me in the worst state of my life. I couldn't be around my own family, I didn't hunt, I couldn't think--all I could do was live in my misery, damning myself to hell, wishing my ability was to send myself there, since I had hurt her so much.

When he finally came out of it, I staggered back slightly, scared that I had shown him too much. "Please...please, don't hurt her."

"You love her, I see. I've also seen your pain, and I'm sorry for your loss."

"No, you're not." I accused, angrily, "You know nothing of remorse or loss."

"I know...only what you have shown me...and from what I have seen...it's heartbreaking. If I had a beating heart, that is. Tell me, why do you love this woman? You can't love without a beating heart or a soul and you have neither, so...what enables you to love? Gratification clearly is not the answer in this case--"

"Don't talk about her like that!" I yelled, lunging for him, but Jane held me back as Demetri punched me, knocking me to the ground.

Aro knelt down and said, "I'm not looking to offend you."

I flinched away from him, struggling against Jane's grip on me, as he continued on, "I can see you are the son of Carlisle Cullen. How is my old friend?"

I didn't answer him. He had no right to ask of Carlisle.

He stood up and turned to Caius and Marcus to explain what he saw to them. "The boy has...lost the woman he loves. He loves a human girl and she threw herself off a cliff after he left her."

"A human?!" Caius demanded, now glaring at me, "A vampire in love with a human--that is the most absurd concept I have ever heard!"

"Not just any human..." Aro said, cryptically, as he now circled around me, "She is his la tua cantante. The scent of her blood is so strong to him--never have I seen such a bond before. It weakens me even as I speak of it. It's a wonder he didn't kill her himself."

He now knelt behind me, "But, why? You've taken up Carlisle's absurd ways of 'vegetarianism', I believe he called it."

Caius advanced towards me, "I will never understand you. You are a vampire, boy...why deny yourself your true nature? You know what you are...why not just give in to your instincts and be what you should. The fates have given you the miraculous gift of eternal life, yet you resent it. Killing...taking the lives of humans...the blood is who we are--it's what we are. No one can blame us for it; it is simply our raison d'etre."

"No...she is my raison d'etre." I said, weakly, yet still firmly. "I could live without blood; I have lived without blood for the past seven months with no desires for it in the least. All I desired, all I cannot live without, is her. I know that now. That...is why I need you to kill me. I cannot...go on living without her alive...and in my life."

Marcus now spoke for the first time, "Then, you have wasted your life away. You don't have to do this--"

"Marcus, the boy wants to be killed, we will honor his wishes." Caius said, sounding utterly appalled at what Marcus was about to suggest.

"No, we can't kill him, Caius." Aro said, boldly, now approaching him. "This is Carlisle's son, did you not hear me?"


"How could you say that? Carlisle was nothing but good to us; we cannot hurt him or his family. How could even suggest it?"

"How could you be so ready to deny the boy his wishes? We have to kill him, Aro. End of discussion."

"No...it is not the end. Look, I am all for killing, especiallay when the victims come to you willingly, but I will not do this to Carlisle. I respect him far too much for that. And, you did too, once."

"Yes...but he left. So, now there is no reason why we shouldn't kill the boy right now."

"I can think of a reason." Marcus interjected, "It's not necessary. We have the means to bring this girl back to life."

That caught my interest. I stiffened up. "You what?"

Aro smirked, "Yes...we can restore her life, good as new, and it will as if nothing had ever happened to her."

"How?" I choked out, struggling to not get my hopes up, because I knew that with the Volturi, nothing was free. If they did bring her back, I would have a price to pay. And, while I would be willing to pay anything to bring her back, there were some stipulations to how far I was willing to go.

Aro wanted me to join them, seeing my ability as an asset to them, and I would never, in a million years, join them.

Marcus wanted me to turn Bella into a vampire, so as to not risk exposure. The concept of a human knowing of our existence worried him more than anything else. And, I would rather them simply kill me than to risk her life and soul for that.

Caius was simply interested in killing me. He had no desire to release me and he could not have cared less why I was here--to him, I came here for one reason and one reason only: to die. And, he was beyond happy to oblige.

Marcus now walked to me and said, "So...what's it going to be? Do you want us to revive the girl...or would you rather us kill you? Our decision will be solely based on what you want. We usually don't grant options, but because you are a vampire, we have no choice but to at least offer it to you. Our law requires that other vampires--especially one such as yourself that has caused us no problems and has a close tie to such a dear old friend of ours--are given the choice between life or death."

I still wasn't going to give in. My ability to read their minds was wavering slightly, due to my lack of feeding and the pain I was in, so I could only read their minds partially, and it took all of my strength to do so. "What's the catch?" I demanded, "Don't expect me to believe that you will just...give me this with no questions asked or no expectations for me."

"Right you are." He said, now nodding to Demetri, and smirking.

Demetri left and returned momentarily with a struggling, crying child in his hands. A little boy--six-years-old. He was beyond speaking--he was so afraid that he couldn't even beg them for mercy.

No. They couldn't kill him. Not in front of me, I wouldn't allow it. They would not touch that little boy. No...wait...they had no intentions of killing him.

Demetri threw the boy on the floor beside me, and then held the child in place so he couldn't escape, as Marcus now challenged me:

"Kill the boy...and we will revive your human for you. No catch."