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Some Alice and Jasper fluff<33 First fanfiction!!!=]] (rated teen for sexuality and love)

We all love to feel warm and fuzzy most of the time (thats why we have Jasper) <3=] ((review!!! us writers and artists eat reviews for breakfast, dont make us starve!!!))

1. Chapter 1

Rating 5/5   Word Count 547   Review this Chapter

“So” Alice said with a huff. It was Friday afternoon, and everyone seemed to be out of the house except for Alice and Jasper. They were watching a horror flick from the seventies. Not good, but that’s how they liked it.

“So,” Jasper replied, looking away from the TV to her. They were sitting on the love seat, ignoring the use of the second cushion.

“Everyone seems to be out of the house,” Alice said slyly.

“It seems so.”

“And they won’t be back till,” she paused, “Tomorrow morning, and Emmett and Rosalie will be back Saturday night.” She said again with the same expression as before.

“So,” he answered, starting to understand where this was going.

“So what do you want to do?” Alice said, pushing the idea.

“I thought we were watching a movie” Jasper answered, teasingly.

“Well, let’s do something else.”



“I’m waiting, Alice” he replied teasingly again, while slowly leaning his face closer to hers.

“Well, tell me what you want to do first” she answered swiftly while wrapping her thin arms around his neck.

“Like you don’t already know” Jasper grinned. He knew her far to well.

“Well, tell me anyways” Alice replied, while leaning in closer, making Jasper have to move from his seated position into a lying down position, with Alice on top of him.

“Are you sure everyone’s out of the house?” He answered innocently, while putting his arms around Alice’s back, leaning her in closer.

“Positive” she whispered, her mouth at his ear now. Jasper moved his head so his lips could reach hers. They kissed gently at first, but quickly getting rougher. As they kissed, Jasper’s hands reached down her back to the bottom of her shirt. Ever so slowly, he moved his hand under her shirt and up her back. Alice’s hands moved from around his neck to his chest, quickly undoing his shirt. Jasper’s lips moved down from hers her chin, then down her neck. As he did this, his hands slyly started to pull up Alice’s shirt. Soon, they were both topless. Alice moved her lips back to Jasper’s, almost too quickly, while her small hands started to undo his pants. Before she could finish pulling down the zipper, Jasper scooped her up in his arms and ran up the stairs.

“Not here” He whispered in her mouth. He ran through the door, kicking it shut behind him. In the privacy of there room, Alice got to work. She managed to get his pants of, so he was only in his boxers. They slipped under the covers. Jasper kissed slowly down from her lips to her neck, collar bone, in between her breasts, and down to her stomach. There, as he kissed, he began to pull down her skirt. Impatient as always, Alice yanked of her skirt. Now they were both in there undergarments.

“You still haven’t told me what you wanted to do” Alice said, as he kissed his way back up to her lips.

“Guess” he whispered. He went back down to her collar bone so she could speak.

“Will it be fun...?” Alice asked slyly.


“Will it take long?”

“As long as you want”

“Oh Jasper, enough guessing, show me”

“Whatever you say”