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Hunting for Love

Cadyna is now part of the family. Not quite accepted, but still there. When they move to a new country and discover the local vampires there, what's going to happen? i dunnon but it's bound to make sparks.

This is the sequel to Cross-Breed. It starts a month after Cadyna returns from Italy. Disclaimer: none of these are mine, except Cadyna and various vampires. The rest belong to Stephenie Meyer and i am very jealous

5. Secrets.

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I pushed him away.

“What are you doing? I don’t know you!” I declared. He stared at me with his fake brown eyes.

“You do know me. I’ve seen you twice and I’m in love with you,” he said. I was dumbfounded. He pulled me back towards him but I shoved him away again.

“I need time to think!” I said and I ran. He tried to follow me but I phased and hid. I seemed to spend a lot of time hiding. This was bizarre. I didn’t know him properly and he claimed he loved me. He ran straight past my hiding place and I headed back to the house. Edward was scowling at something. Probably spying on me a moment ago. I smiled and headed up to my room. Jasper was still glaring at me. I sighed and started going upstairs. Jasper whispered something. It sounded like “slut” I spun round, darted over to him and slapped him hard. Then I headed off.

“Next time you insult someone, make sure they don’t have better hearing then you” I walked up the stairs to my bedroom. They would probably send someone up to talk to me. I heard a tapping on my window. I looked over. John was clinging on to my wall.

“Go away!” I yelled.

“Let me in. I want to talk to you!”

“And I want to sleep” he sighed, and punched his fist through the glass. He found that catch and unhooked it. Then he opened the window.

“Leave me alone!”

“At least give me a chance to explain” I groaned and buried my head in the pillow. He wound his arm around me. I pushed him away and sat up.

“Fine! You have five minutes before I call for the boys to come up and throw you out of the window!”

“I love you. I want to get to know you. To find out what you are, what you like, what you hate”

“Easy. You!”

“I’m hurt”

“Three minutes”

“Cadyna, you are beautiful, intelligent and mysterious. Please, let me know you”

“Fine. In the morning. Now let me sleep”

“Humph! I practically proposed to you and all you can think about is sleep!” I rolled my eyes. But secretly I was intrigued. He got up and started to leave. I didn’t want him to.

“Fine!” I said it like it was a hardship. He smiled and sat next to me.

“So, you say you’re Alice’s daughter, but you’re human. When was she changed?”

“She’s not sure. I’m about seventy-five. I will never die. I’m a crossbreed. And that is all I will tell you”

“Please?” he begged. I shook my head, let him wonder. I wasn’t ready to reveal my secret yet.

“If I go to sleep will you stay?”

“If you want me to” I shrugged.

“As you command, milady” I lay down and he sat next to me.

“Maybe you’ll say something when you sleep and I’ll find out what you are”

“Fat chance” I said and relaxed. His cool arm was oddly comforting and I soon fell asleep.

John’s point of view

I watched her sleep. I would crack her secret. I would do it before I had my time. Silly, naive little girl. She should learn not to play with fire, or she would get her fingers burnt. I felt her pulse, smelt her sweet scent. She was perfect.