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Hunting for Love

Cadyna is now part of the family. Not quite accepted, but still there. When they move to a new country and discover the local vampires there, what's going to happen? i dunnon but it's bound to make sparks.

This is the sequel to Cross-Breed. It starts a month after Cadyna returns from Italy. Disclaimer: none of these are mine, except Cadyna and various vampires. The rest belong to Stephenie Meyer and i am very jealous

6. Incubus

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I woke up with a bitter taste in my mouth and John was still there. I smiled unintentionally. Then I scowled.

“You stayed”

“Good morning to you as well”

“Anyone up yet?”

“Alice came in last night. I hid. So did that brunette, err, Bella?”

“Yes. But, where are they?”

“Hunting. Well, the two blonde males, Alice, the bronze haired male, Bella and that female with the brown hair. The other two are…well…busy”

“Ah” I didn’t want to know about that. Unless John was involved…Shut up, brain! You don’t know him. Stop it!

“Do you mind if I try something?” he asked.

“Fine. If you must” he moved his face closer to me and kissed me. It was nice. My lips molded around his. He wrapped his arms around me, locking me to him. I entwined my fingers in his hair. His arms moved down my waist.

John’s Point of View

My arms moved down her waist. How far would she let me go? I was aware that we were not alone. I needed to be at home for this. Easier to escape from vengeful siblings.

“How about we go somewhere more private? That is, if you want to?” I was letting her have the choice but what she didn’t know was that I would do what I liked anyway. Incubus. The one and only. Bailey and Michael had used to. Bailey still did occasionally but he would choose someone special. As a treat. Wherever we moved to, I found someone. Someone with sweet blood. Michael felt guilty now that he had his mate. We all survived on animal blood but that was so the blood tasted sweeter.

“Okay, let’s go” she said. Hmmm. She wasn’t thinking rationally. Must have something to do with that pill I had given her. I picked her up and jumped from her window. I carried her to my house. Even if anyone was home, they wouldn’t care. We ran up to my bedroom. She lay down. My eyes appraised her pale human body, covered with scraps of clothing. I caressed her neck, picking my spot to drain.

Cadyna’s Point of View

He kissed my neck. I was enjoying it. I wanted him. I wrapped my hands around him. He was driving me mad. Then I screamed. I could actually feel my blood leaving my body. I writhed in pain. Then I kicked out. He went flying across the room. I was aware of a dull ache in my neck as I jumped up. He was in the corner. I picked him up by his throat. I held him against the window. My eyes were red with anger and I was shuddering.

“What are you?” he gasped.

“I’m your worst nightmare!” I said simply. Then I threw him through the window. It wouldn’t kill her. I ran from the building. No one appeared to stop me. I ran. I was deep into the forest before I came across any sign of life. The Cullen’s. All of them. I was so relieved, even to see Rosalie. Then I read the emotions on their faces. Jasper, Edward, anger. Rosalie, satisfaction. Esme, Alice, Bella, Carlisle, disappointment. Emmett looked so sad.

“You…” Jasper said. “You are dangerous! We thought you were different. We brought you into our house because you weren’t dangerous! But you’re the same as all of them! Evil! Feeding on whatever you can find! Disgusting parasite!” I understood. They thought I had fed. Not anger in my eyes but blood. They wouldn’t let me stay. Not now. And John could be coming after me. So I ran. I shifted and went through the woods. I was alone, abandoned, cut off.