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Is Bella still my Bella?

This poem is from Charlie's point of view, from the time when Edward left Bella, and things got a lil hard for her (just a little understatement...) He is worried about Bella, and doesn't know what to do, or whether it's too late...


1. Chapter 1

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It's been a long, long time,

Since i saw your smile.

It's been a long, long time,

Since i heard your laugh.

This Girl, this Bella,

Living with me.

This Girl, this Bella,

Is she still my Bella?

A stony face,

A haunted expression,

Glassey eyes, the unnerving silences,

Is this Bella, still my Bella?

I feel as if i'm loosing you,

If i havn't already.

I feel as if i don't know you,

I can't loose you again.

My Bella, my dear.