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In Your Time

Edward and Bella spend a sweet moment imagining what it would have been like if Bella had lived with Edward in 1918. *One-Shot*

This just popped in my head one night, I think I've been watching too many romance films lol. This is my first time writing a fanfiction so please leave a review and tell me anything I can do to make my writing better. Harsh criticism is fine, but please no flames. =D Enjoy!

1. Chapter 1

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In Your Time

“What are you thinking about Love?”

I was awakened from musings by Edward, my one and only love. We were lying next to each other, up on the roof of my house staring at the stars. It was utterly romantic and perfect. I looked at the moon and replied

“Oh nothing important, just ramblings up in my head; you should be glad you can’t read my mind you know, you’d probably run off screaming from the sheer craziness that goes on up there.” I said, turning to smile at him.

He chuckled and brushed the back of his hand against my cheek causing me to blush pink.

“I would never run Bella; at the least I would be amused.” I smiled and looked back up at the dark blue sky.

“You never answered though, what were you thinking about?” Of course, for some odd reason he was always curious as to what new, strange and crazy thoughts I had. I sighed softly and keeping my eyes glued to one star in particle, I rushed out

“I was simply imagining what it would be like if I had lived in your time, with you of course.” I finished off embarrassed. His time…the 1900’s…it would be interesting to say the least. I would be wearing corsets and my hair pinned up, and I highly doubt it would be considered acceptable for Edward to stay over-night in my bedroom; in my bed. It was highly frowned upon today as it were.

I chanced a glance at him and he was looking at me with a thoughtful expression as though he too were considering it.

“What?” I asked curiously. He looked at me with amusement in his eyes and answered

“Oh nothing, I just have feeling you would have been a suffragist.” I cocked an eyebrow to ask if he were serious, he pressed his lips together trying to keep in a laugh. I burst out laughing at the thought of it, me a suffragist. When I had calmed down I turned toward him and answered

“Oh yes you know me, I would be out there in bloomers petitioning how us women deserve the vote as well.” He laughed but I continued my thoughts of what it may have been like.

“Really I don’t think I would have fit in well, I highly doubt I would be able to stand wearing a corset, women back then must have learned not to breathe.” He chuckled lightly but added softly

“I do enjoy picturing it though, you back in my time. Your hair all pinned up and in some absurdly extravagant dress, your arm linked with mine…it’s…nice, to daydream about.” By the time he had finished I nearly had tears in my eyes. I wondered how much he missed his time, I’m sure it was simpler, sure more manners and all but really a lot easier time to live in.

“It was a lot…simpler then wasn’t it?” I asked him. He sighed and turned to look upward again.

“Yes…and no, yes because you had pure fun out of the simplest of things and no because I wouldn’t be allowed nearly as much time with you, so I guess a little of both.”

I grinned “So if you had to choose, 1918 or 2005?” He smiled and answered

“How about our time, any time we’re together.” God bless his mothers heart, she made him a romantic!

“Sounds good to me, I love you no matter what century we’re in.” He kissed my forehead and with that we both spent the rest of the night staring up at the stars.