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Don't Look, Just Jump

Sometimes, you can't look, you just have to jump. A new girl moves into town, a strange girl, an outsider from LA. She's not happy with her new hippie mom and step-dad. She wants to be home in LA with her friends and dad, who desperately needs help. By default, she fits in with the bad asses of Forks, causing trouble and grief. She meets and befriends our Bella, whom we know so well and it begins her downard spiral into the world of mythical creatures. And nothing can stop it. .

This story is dedicated to my amazing, brilliant cousin. On whom the story is based. I just wanted to use this to tell her I love her and I cannot wait to see her again. -olji

1. Chapter 1: Ewwwww.....Greyhounds....

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So this is what it had come to, me flying to Forks, Washington to live with my mom and step-dad. As it is, my father is a drunk, in a sanitarium getting sober. So there I was, miles away from my home in LA.

I felt completely ridiculous, to say the least, as I stepped off the plane. This was obviously a conscientious town, and I was not. My tan skin stuck out like a sore thumb, and my skinny jeans and Hot Topic shirt looked awful. It was like a whole new world, completely different from Los Angeles.

I saw my mother and a strange looking man waving at me. Her hair was a mess, as if she hadn’t washed it in days. The man’s hair was long and just as bad. It was pulled back into a sloppy pony tail. His long beard dangled from his chin.

This had better not be the Jeremy my mom was talking about. She had said he was ruggedly handsome, a word I now associated with “Mountain Man Look”.

I waved back and smiled as convincingly as I could. My teeth had always been extremely white and straight, a trait I was always proud of.

I could see the rain clouds already starting to form.

I rushed down the rest of the steps, my giant suitcases trailing behind me.

“Thea!” My mom screamed loudly, and I couldn’t help but crack a genuine smile. She always made me happy.

I ran forward, throwing my arms open for a hug, but I got none.

I pulled back, I was used to these kind of things. My mom and dad did not approve of “Public Displays of Affection”. It was off the list for them.

“Thea, I want you to meet your new dad, this is Jeremy.” Her long black hair swirled as she turned her head as she beamed a smile at the mountain man. I always saw so much of myself in her, the thick raven black hair that fell to my waist, the tan skin of an unknown ethnicity, and her height. I was always told I had the face and eyes of my father, baby blue and sharp angles.

“Hey Jeremy.” I said politely as I could. My mom obviously liked this guy.

“So, when do we get to get in the car and head to our house?” I asked my mom after my greeting to her husband.

“See, that’s the thing, Thea. Jeremy convinced me to become an environmentalist. We no longer own a car.” She said as she evaluated my face. I kept it carefully blank, the years of my angry, uncooperative father had taught me to control my expressions.

“Sounds good, Mom.” I said quietly.

“We’re going to walk to the bus station.” Jeremy said for the first time. It was a deep noise, almost like growling. His voice cut through the silence like a knife, and I was suddenly nervous to be around him.

They began walking and for the first time, I noticed what they were wearing, and what they smelled like.

It was like walking behind pot plants. The organic smell was too much. Their clothes were obviously made from grasses and hay. I had to plug my nose to keep from puking of the awful smell.

I could finally see where they were leading my bags and I to. Neither of them had offered to carry them for me, and it was because they wanted to hold hands. Ugh!

It was a Greyhound Station. The stories I had heard about these buses: the rapests, molesters, stalkers, and senile people were all on this one bus. And I was riding on it with two hippies.

I grumbled as one foul smell after another hit my nose on the bus. There were people puking in the bathrooms and on the floor.

My mom and her “lovely, ruggedly handsome” spouse were sitting side by side like nothing was wrong.

That sight made the urge to join the pukers stronger.

The bus finally halted at the nearest Forks, Washington stop and thankfully, we got off.

Just to another LONG walk. They said it was only a few miles that we would be there soon. I didn’t realize how LONG a few miles were.

The hardest part were the rocks and foliage of the forest. Here I was, carrying my hundred pound suitcases, and I was getting no help. No gym in the world could have prepared me for this.

Soon, a small cottage, like the ones in Snow White came into view. It was beautiful, the trees parting for a moment, allowing the sun to shine rays through. The smoke coming from the chimney only added more to the picturesque scene.

“I know it’s not much, but there is a spare bedroom just for you, Thea, you can even decorate it how you want.” My mom offered, staring into my awestricken face.

“Sounds good.” I squeaked as I shuffled as fast as I could toward the cottage.

Sure, the Greyhound was bad, but this made up for it ten-fold.