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Don't Look, Just Jump

Sometimes, you can't look, you just have to jump. A new girl moves into town, a strange girl, an outsider from LA. She's not happy with her new hippie mom and step-dad. She wants to be home in LA with her friends and dad, who desperately needs help. By default, she fits in with the bad asses of Forks, causing trouble and grief. She meets and befriends our Bella, whom we know so well and it begins her downard spiral into the world of mythical creatures. And nothing can stop it. .

This story is dedicated to my amazing, brilliant cousin. On whom the story is based. I just wanted to use this to tell her I love her and I cannot wait to see her again. -olji

3. Chapter 3: The New Chick

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I was sitting in my room, speakers blasting my new favorite song, You’re Gonna Go Far Kid, by Offspring. The melody was hard-core, not to mention the killer lyrics.

It was my inspiration for my first day of school. High school, A.K.A Torture. I was going to be the new kid, a new relic, and to make it worse, I knew I wouldn’t fit in. I was from LA, and I had a crazy wardrobe full of skinny jeans and dark, crazy t-shirts.

I was wearing something that would make an impression today. My Badda-Bing-Badda-Boom shirt and grey, tight skinny jeans with my Classic black VANS. Hopefully, that and my black eyeliner would tell everyone to back off the new girl, because she could definitely kick your ass. And it was true.

I don’t even want to mention my makeup, caked on my face as if it were a mask. So it was 7:30, and hopefully, I could miss the rush of the crowd if I got there early, besides, I would have to leave at this time just to be sure I was somewhat on time.

I had gotten to know the street plans of Forks fairly well in the past three days, it wasn’t bad, considering it covered the same square footage as a park in LA.

So I set off, my newsboy bag slung over my shoulder, filled with binders, spiral notebooks, and pencils.

I was turning down the correct road and a large building made of brick caught my eye. It was obviously the biggest building in the whole town of Forks, so I figured it was the high school.

I stepped onto the muddy grass, a fearless façade taking it’s place on my face. It would be simple to keep the mask up today, I had done it for seventeen years of my life, since the time I could even feel emotions.

I took each step carefully however, and made my way into the office. The look on the old lady’s face when she saw mine was priceless. A mixture of horror and shock.

“My name’s Thea Kyle. I’m new.” I said straight off the bat.

“I can see that…” She murmured as she searched for my schedule.

She plucked it out quickly and handed it to me with a stack of six papers. Each one with a place for my signature and the teacher’s. I quickly signed all of them.

I marched my way out of the office and into the quad, where a small group of students were standing.

And they looked somewhat like me.


I had no idea that was even possible in Forks, the smallest town in the United States.

So I brushed them off easily, walking in the other direction. Until a very tall figure blocked my path. I walked right into him with all my momentum. It didn’t phase me, but it did apparently phase him.

“What the hell, bitch?!” The man yelled. And my temper flared. Nobody called me that.

“Sorry. Didn’t realize one less dick in the world was a problem.” I stared directly into his dark eyes as I said that.

He smirked and stuck out a hand. “Well done. My name’s Christian.”

I nodded, still wary as I ignored his hand.

“Come hang out with my crew.” I looked toward the crowd and followed Christian. It was only then that I realized that he was handsome. He was tall and lean; though it was clear he had muscle. I instantly recognized it as a runner’s physique. He was tan, and had dark wavy hair that fell right below his shoulders.

Too bad he was taken. As soon as he reached the group, his arm was around a short girl, dwarf sized compared to him. And he leaned down to kiss her on the cheek.

I loped towards them easily however, my face betraying nothing.

“Hey guys. Check it out. The new chick.” Christian said.

“The new chick has a name ‘ya know.” I sneered towards him.

“Well then what is it?” Christian demanded.

“Thea.” I said bluntly.

The circle opened up and welcomed me in. I noticed it was filled with all people, from white to black.

But they all had one thing in common.

They all looked like they caused trouble.

I grinned devilishly as I knew I had finally found my niche.

With my fellow bad-asses.