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Don't Look, Just Jump

Sometimes, you can't look, you just have to jump. A new girl moves into town, a strange girl, an outsider from LA. She's not happy with her new hippie mom and step-dad. She wants to be home in LA with her friends and dad, who desperately needs help. By default, she fits in with the bad asses of Forks, causing trouble and grief. She meets and befriends our Bella, whom we know so well and it begins her downard spiral into the world of mythical creatures. And nothing can stop it. .

This story is dedicated to my amazing, brilliant cousin. On whom the story is based. I just wanted to use this to tell her I love her and I cannot wait to see her again. -olji

4. Chapter 4: Swany

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So all day my classes were a breeze. I barely paid attention and go my papers signed. It was a pretty sweet deal for me. Until it hit lunch time, and I had to figure out where my new crew sat.

I waltzed into the cafeteria, but something tall and white caught my eye.

It was a boy, with dark curly hair. And boy was he BUFF!!! His muscles were almost pulsing out of his shirt and he was laughing. It was almost a blessing to watch.

I focused on each person sitting around him and noticed they all looked somewhat similar. They all had sharp features and deep brooding eyes. Their skin was all the same chalk white pale.

Except for one.

She was a girl, with wide large chocolate brown eyes, a slender and soft curvy figure. Her lips were out of proportion, too big for such a small face, yet somehow they fit her. She was the only human looking one.

And then I did the stupidest thing I have ever done in my entire life.

I walked toward the table.

I plopped down right next to the girl, she was the only one that looked like she couldn’t eat me.

“What’s up?” I asked. All brooding eyes stared at me, not sure of what to do or say.

“You gonna say anything?” I scoffed at them.

“You had better go.” said a tall, lean blonde boy. I snorted at him and walked away.

“Not good enough for you, huh?” I asked as I walked toward Christian and the group, sitting in the corner outside.

They were all staring at me, amazed at the fact I had spoken to the kids.

“Do you have any idea how flippin AWESOME that was Thea?!?!?!” Christian boomed. “That was friggin incredible. No one’s ever told the prim and proper Cullens off before. Except for that Swan chick.” He continued.

“Really?” I asked. It really wasn’t that big of a deal.

“Oh yeah, for sure. Ever since they came, everyone’s been all scared of them. There was like a special balance. I mean, they’re adopted and together and all, but Swany came and just tore the special balance up. Now she’s like in. Personally, I think it’s like a coven. Really freaky.” Anissa said, apparently she was Christians girlfriend, and I was only slightly jealous of her.

“So that was your initiation. You’re in. Meet us around the back of the school after it gets out. We never ditch, it keeps us under the radar, ya know? But we have a surprise.” Christian said.

I could only imagine what the surprise was and suddenly I was excited to be back in the circle of people who caused trouble, who were the trouble.

The bell rang and I slowly walked to my next class. I noticed Swany was heading in the same direction.

“Hey Swany!” I called to her. She turned on her heel; it seemed to be a familiar nickname.

She smiled but kept walking, this time with a faster pace. This time I caught up with her.

“Hey, sorry ‘bout lunch. It was like a dare thing my friends told me to do.” I lied.

For whatever reason, I wanted to be her friend, I wanted her to accept me. It was like something other than friendship at first sight.

“No problem.” She squeaked.

“No, I mean, that was rude. I should’ve just said no. I’m sorry. Can we start over again?” I asked, hoping for a yes.

She stared at my tan hand and back at my face, that towered over hers.

We were having an intense staring contest and I wasn’t sure who was going to win.

She finally gave in and shook my hand, signaling she was willing to start over.

I felt happy, genuinely happy.

“Thanks.” I said from the bottom of my heart as I skipped to my next class.

Which was with Swany.