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Silver & Gold

Savers have existed for thousands of years without our knowing. They keep us safe from the unknown. They are fast, knowledgeable, incredible humans…well…much more than humans…they just happen to look like humans and have powers. Strength, speed, immortality, invisibility, mind control, element manipulation, and much more. They are born without warning, in triplets, each with their own specialty. The last known trio was born 200 years ago: Killian, Orin, and Ailis. This is the story of Ailis Bourke and Edward Cullen.

Hello! ;) I'm Deedra & I'm new to the site, but definitely not new to fanfiction. I've just recently started doing Twilight ff and wanted to share it with other Twi-hards. :)

1. Chapter 1: Prologue/Patrol

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A petite peach skinned girl with light blonde hair and light pink highlights, screamed wickedly as she watched her large dark haired brother, Killian, shove her out of the way. There was no controlling the situation. There was nothing she could do. And that ate away at her. Never in her life had she wanted to put things under her power. In fact, that was one thing she always wished she could take away. Her second brother, Orin, stood guard, hunched over, ready to strike as the fighting drew closer to them. She shrieked again as she wiggled in Killian’s bone crushing grasp. “We have to help them, Killian! You don’t understand!” she bellowed as she pushed her mind further, harder…

“STOP!” Orin breathed into her ear. “You know you’re going to pass out if you keep trying. This is out of our hands! We all knew this would happen, going into this.” She cried as she pressed her commands into Killian‘s mind. Wave after vicious wave. Put me down. Put me down. Let me fight. Let me try. He stood like stone, not showing one sign of weakness.

“Take her away!” a smooth voice shouted about the commotion. “Get her out of here!”


We sat side by side on the wet, hot ground, staring away from one another through our shiny, silver eyes. Our silhouettes masked us as mere humans as the moonlight danced upon us, but we knew better. We what we were. My brothers and I sat like guards on the hillside staring out over the ocean, preferring to stay away from the crowd on the shore where bonfires blazed against the water. Nothing was said between us. We were there to watch, as much as I wanted to run down and engulf each person in a bone breaking hug. But, Killian made it very clear; we were there to keep guard. Save lives.

Orin stretched out on the grass and held his chin in his hands as he watched the humans entertain themselves. Killian kept himself in a low crouch, constantly scanning the woods for any sign of danger. Me, on the other hand, I was doing nothing, but purely sitting, controlling the minds of people on the sand below me. Most of the time I did it for amusement, like this current situation. Talk to her, I urged one, as he eyed a mysterious brunette from across the way. He had glanced in her direction too many times to count since we had been sitting there. Do it, I commanded again. The man sighed and stood up, dawdling on his feet, clearly trying to talk his way out of it. Look at the man across the shore, I whispered to the brunette. Her eyes flicked up, and then Orin had to go ahead and break my concentration. “This is so boring,” Orin drawled as he traced another mysterious pop noise back to another out of control fire. I scowled at him and immediately sent a responsible human out to fix the popping fire.

“You’re telling me,” Killian said through a sigh. These were my brothers. My big, dopey, sometimes smart, brothers. My twins. All three of us were completely opinionated and completely opposite on every single topic you could imagine. A simple thing like which cheese is the best in the whole world, will simply send us into a ranting fight for days, and well, you get the point. Since we were born, Killian has been leader. Strength plays a big role in that. Although, I’m quite sure mind controlling pretty much tops all, but the whole better powers thing is a lot like the cheese thing.

“We haven’t had a break in weeks. I think we’re actually scaring them out into other places.” Orin, he just so happened to know everything…

“Perhaps…” I whispered as felt a welcoming presence invade my senses from the woods. I recognized it easily as the morphing lifesaver we had found in Egypt a few years ago. Chuma is coming in from flight. Don’t attack him.

“I knew who it was,” Killian grumbled as he stared out into the woods.

“I’m sure you did.”

“Just because I accidentally attacked him that one time does not mean you can harass me about it forever.” I smiled and pulled my knees up into my chest, nothing was better than seeing Killian the Great get all riled up. Considering, the fact that well…I possibly may have to spend forever with my brothers. And that scared me more than anything, knowing I would spend until the end of time with my twins… I desperately longed for the lives of the humans. Able live and love. Love was definitely one thing I did not know of. The romance. The wooing. Sure, I’d tried it one or two times before, but having to spend, what felt like, every waking moment with my brothers, didn’t exactly go well. Orin turned his face ever so slightly to glare at me. I sighed loudly. Exactly my point. My thoughts aren’t always hidden. Ever. Get out of my head, Orin. Orin obeyed and quickly pushed his mind back to the humans below.

“There was nothing, Killian,” Chuma announced as he wiped the sweat from his forehead. Flying was still quite tough for him considering he had only just started doing it again. His two brothers were both killed centuries ago and since then, he never saw a reason to continue watching out for the humans alone. Killian nodded and patted the ground next to him. Chuma was definitely not like me and brothers. He was independent having spent a great majority of his time alone. And he was one of the first ones of us to be born. He literally knew everything.

“Rest, Chuma.”

“Thank you, Killian.” I absentmindedly flicked a few blades of grass with my long, slender fingers as I slowly grew bored of controlling the people.

“I miss cold air,” I whispered softly. Orin looked back over at me and searched my mind recklessly. It was something I became used to. He would literally flip over each one of my memories and play it back to me like a small movie. Pictures of the old cold shore in Maine made my nerves tingle and my senses rush with feeling. The smell of sandalwood and pine mixed in together made me smile. Orin nodded slowly and turned away from the beach back to us, knowing it was safe. No one was going to harm these humans tonight.

“We’re almost finished here, Ai,” Killian cooed. “After this, I promise we can go somewhere like Maine.” I scoffed loudly and looked at him; he had been telling me that for weeks now. We had been in Los Angeles for a little over a year…and still no cold, wet beach…