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Silver & Gold

Savers have existed for thousands of years without our knowing. They keep us safe from the unknown. They are fast, knowledgeable, incredible humans…well…much more than humans…they just happen to look like humans and have powers. Strength, speed, immortality, invisibility, mind control, element manipulation, and much more. They are born without warning, in triplets, each with their own specialty. The last known trio was born 200 years ago: Killian, Orin, and Ailis. This is the story of Ailis Bourke and Edward Cullen.

Hello! ;) I'm Deedra & I'm new to the site, but definitely not new to fanfiction. I've just recently started doing Twilight ff and wanted to share it with other Twi-hards. :)

2. Chapter 2: Moving to Forks

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I rolled my eyes at Killian and shifted onto my feet. They followed.

“You’ve been saying that for a year!” I hissed as I dusted the loose grass strands off of my jeans. Orin eyed me suspiciously.

“I really mean it this time. Christ, Ai, you know how rough it’s been.” I nodded my head. He was right. Los Angeles had been like a hub for vampires. They were lurking in every alley. Under every bridge. It took us months to kill a good majority of them. A light laughter picked up from the shore and carried up to us. My anger grew worse hearing it. I sighed heavily and stared at him angrily.

“Can we just go to the hotel?” Killian nodded and held his hand out towards the woods. As annoying as he was, he was still quite the gentleman after all of these years. I walked softly on the grass, because I never knew how hard my feet where hitting the ground. Our strength was all quite, well, above average. My brother was the only super strong one out of us. The woods creaked and swayed as we walked quietly to the car, trying not to draw any attention to ourselves. We filed into Chuma’s rented black 300C and quietly observed the scenes passing by us. The people walking the streets looked so happy. So serene. That was not my life. I was helping keep those happy times going. My heart yearned as I watched a couple stroll along the street, hand in hand. I always kept myself from crying by turning away, and that’s exactly what I did.

Back at the hotel, Orin collapsed on the bed. The frame groaned loudly. I giggled, recalling the night Killian jumped on it, and made the frame cave in. We tried to fix it with some concrete blocks and strips of wood, but that did more harm than good. We always stayed in hotels because of the privacy and the fact that it was more informal than a house, for example, we didn‘t have to deal with neighbors or communities. And we didn’t have many possessions, considering over the years we had to get rid of things slowly, but surely. Old jewelry we had was pawned off. Clothing too. There was no need for old things in the future. “It would be nice to be back among civilization, back in school or something,” Orin breathed as he stretched his limbs out.

“You only want to be back in school so you can read the mind of the smartest kid in class and get good grades,” Killian chuckled. Chuma even managed to laugh. I smiled and sat on the huge reclining chair in the corner.

“Hey, that’s not funny!”

“He does have a point though,” I added. Orin stared at me hastily. “Don’t get your panties in a bunch, Orin. Geez.” He smiled and looked away. A soft, cool breeze drifted over the room as the air conditioner hummed to life. I closed my eyes and dreamed of lying on the soft grains of sand on the beach. Sliding my toes and fingertips on the smooth, yet coarse surface with the sun lightly shining through the patches of low gray clouds. Orin joined me in replaying my memory, of course. I groaned and opened my eyes to stare at him. Stay out. He looked away quickly. Killian saw the glance between us and cleared his throat.

“Ailis, where would you like to go? Seeing as it is your choice this time,” Killian started. I smiled, thinking about all of the vampires and werewolves near Seattle that Chuma had told us about. I looked at Chuma. Tell me again. Chuma smiled and shook his head.

“You already know all there is to know, Ailis.”

“I know, just tell me again.” His smile grew.

“A few of my old friends from Egypt, who are savers as well, have told me a great deal of stories about the northern west coast. That due to the constant blanket of clouds and populated cities, vampires feel they can settle there. Not only do vampires reside there, but due to the heavy population, werewolves infect the area as well. The temperature is pretty mild and close to Maine’s some days.”

“I wanna go there,” I chirped, excitedly. Killian raised his eyebrows and rubbed his hands together. My mind frantically replayed all of the heart racing encounters and fights

“Washington or Oregon?”

“I wanna go to somewhere near Seattle, somewhere vacant like our town in Maine.” In Maine, the city was so incredibly small. Everyone knew each other. It was close knit. It was something I had enjoyed, because we actually had to bond with people and I missed that. After spending a year in Los Angeles never meeting the same person twice…I thought this was the perfect plan.

“I’ll see what I can do,” Killian promised. You better. “I will!” He scowled and yanked his laptop off of the bed next to him. I yawned loudly and pulled myself up to shuffle over towards the mini fridge. Inside of it were piles upon piles of fruits and vegetables, and ice cream, which just so happened to be my favorite. I pulled out a pint of vanilla and went to town. Considering savers were almost like humans…we still had to eat and sleep and still felt a varying amount of pain. We just couldn’t die. Savers always stopped aging at 18-20 with no known reason as to why…we just did. There were many times I tried killing myself, I licked electrical wires, laid in front of a train, jumped off a skyscraper, drank arsenic, walked into a fire, jumped into molten lava, overdosed on pills…I just never found out the secret to how we could be killed, Destroyers were the only ones who knew how to kill us. They were humans with a grudge. They knew we existed and wanted us dead. Chuma had escaped from them when they came to kill him and his brothers. On patrol he pointed them out for future reference. I couldn’t believe how little their numbers were, because any time I ever heard of them, I always heard how menacing and terrifying they were, I was thought them out to be a huge society in every town. But they weren’t. They became highly uncommon right around the time I was born considering a majority of them were killed in wars, well, were killed around that time to make it look like a war. I curled into a ball on the bed and watched Orin wince as he read my thoughts.

“That’s the price you pay for listening in,” I taunted as I licked my spoon.

“Hey, Ailis, come here for a second,” Killian beckoned as he typed furiously on his computer. I sighed and walked over to him. There was a map on the screen. It had small blips to show all of the small towns in the area. There were so many, Brinnon, Ovington, Elwha, Beaver, Sappho, Forks…

“Forks?” I mumbled out loud through a laugh. “Every single other little town near there is somewhat related to Indian culture and one town is named Forks?”

“You wanna live there?” Killian asked with a small smile. I looked over at Chuma. He got up from the floor and sat down beside us.

“Is that it?” he asked with a chuckle.


“Show me the actual map of the town.” Killian obeyed and quickly zoomed in to show him the close up of the town. Orin sat on the opposite side of the room, scrambling through the fridge. He didn’t need to come over and look; he could see everything through us. “Hm…” He tapped his chin. “I think we’d be safe there.” Killian snorted.

“I’d say so. It took me more than five minutes to find this place.”

“There’d be no Destroyers there. I can guarantee it.”

“So we’re moving there!?” I asked happily. Killian nodded. “Thank you so much!” I shrieked as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

“I will call and get things situated in the morning.”