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Many Secrets

Many Secrets BannerIt's the summer after New Moon and everything is finally back to normal for Bella and the Cullens (as normal as it can get that is). Atleast it was until one day Bella collapses and then wakes up seeing aura's. Will an old family member of her's be able to sort all this out? And just how many secrets does the Swan family have?

All right so lets pretend that that instead of Bella turning down Edwards proposal (would you have? Didnt think so) she agreed. Don't worry you'll find out why later on. Bella and Edward have been spending the first few weeks of summer together to rebuild their relationship as well. I'm not real sure how long this will be but I all ready have a few more chapters done. Without further ado read on!

1. Chapter 1

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Many SecretsBy MoonSpinner Chapter 1

Watching Bella sleep was most likely my favorite thing to do. Her face peaceful and calm, her thick mahogany hair spread out on her pillow like a halo, her skin smooth and milky with the moons rays on it, she truly was my angel. But try as I might, she still didn’t see herself clearly. She thought herself plain next to me, called me beautiful. Yes I was, inhumanly, disgustingly predator like beautiful. But Bella…Bella was natural, Heavenly like stunning.

It didn’t help that I had lost all sanity and left her, causing not only myself agony but her too. I hated myself for that. Because I had left she was so much more…frail. Both mentally and physically; mentally she was much more… clingy for lack of a better word. Whenever I had to leave to hunt I could see the raw terror flash in her eyes reminding her of that fateful day in the woods. If only she knew how I couldn’t leave her, no matter how much I should.

Physically she was a lot more delicate. She used to be like silk over glass, now there was hardly any glass left. She had lost six pounds in the time I was gone, I knew she hadn’t done it intentionally so that helped some of mental stability, but not much. When I first came back her skin was sallow and unhealthy looking with dark circles beneath her eyes, but thankfully it was back to its perfect pale complexion. She’s starting to gain her lost weight but only because I practically have to force feed her, her stomach probably shrunk from when she wasn’t eating.

I stopped beating myself up for the moment when I heard Bella’s heart rate increase and her breath came slightly faster. She was waking up. Her eyelids fluttered and there were those gorgeous chocolate brown orbs I adore. She smiled softly and I kissed her lightly on the lips

“Good morning Sleeping Beauty.” Oh how true that name was.

“Good morning” she reciprocated cheerfully “how long have I been out?” she asked twisting around to look at her clock.

“12:30?!” she exclaimed “why didn’t you wake me up sooner?”

“You were deeply asleep and you need your rest.” No thanks to me. She finally stopped have requiring nightmares, but there was still one every so often. Why had I been such a fool? Why couldn’t I have just stayed and let things stay perfect? I sighed and looked back at Bella to find her glaring at me. I cocked an eyebrow, what I had done to upset her all ready? For Heaven’s sakes it’s only been a minute if that!

“Stop it” she growled. Stop what?

“What exactly am I doing?” I asked oblivious.

“Stop beating yourself up, I know what you’re doing. You are convincing yourself that you are some soulless, despicable monster. You’re not, do you hear me? You are not a monster! You were doing what you thought was best and damn it Edward I know you love me so just stop it!” Wow. That was…unexpected. I still was unsure whether I had a soul or not but if Bella believed I did and that I wasn’t a monster … well then I guess I’ll keep faith. How can she be so sure though? Not to mention how perfect and good in every way. It also didn’t escape my notice how… enticing she was when she was angry. I rather liked it if I do say so.

I grinned and kissed her, reveling in her warmth and the electricity she sent shooting through my dead veins, sending every nerve-ending on fire. But Bella being Bella was a little too trustworthy and put her arms around my neck and her tiny warm hands ran through my hair. I growled at the sensation. Wait, what? I pulled back and saw Bella gasping for breath looking at me with slight smile and she chuckled. I didn’t mean to go that far but somehow…I did.

“Did I ever mention I find your growling incredibly… sexy if I dare say it?” Bella stop now or I won’t be able to get off of you. I pulled off and she pouted

“Do you think I might ever get a chance to control when or if for that matter, we stop?” She asked placing her hand on her chest still catching her breath. I smirked and answered

“Sorry love, but I don’t believe I could handle that.” I was still wary of being close to Bella no matter how much the seventeen year old boy in my wanted me to never let go. I was still careful, cautious, but since I thought I had lost her…I had been lowering boundaries so to speak. And I thoroughly enjoyed it. I watched her stretch like a lithe cat and she sat up facing me.

“So, are we doing anything today?” She asked curiously.

“Well I was wondering how you would feel about spending the day at my house, everyone misses you very much you know.” I said tenderly brushing a lock of her hair behind her ear. She blushed and ducked her head

“I’d love to, I miss them too. Just give me a minute.” She said pecking my cheek and she hopped up grabbed her clothes and rushed to the bathroom. I tried to wait patiently while she got ready…and failed. It was a little disconcerting just how much I depended on her. She really was a drug for me, the more time spent with her, the closer I got, the more I wanted, the more I needed. And when I wasn’t with her I practically went comatose.

She stepped back in the room and I stared at her. She was, as always, gorgeous. I always thought Bella was gorgeous but Alice did help … showcase that. She was wearing some white cotton sundress that Alice had bought her, she was amazing. When we had gotten back and everything was back to normal, as normal as we can get that is, Alice had come to Bella’s house, took one look at her closet and burned all of Bella’s clothes. Usually Bella would have tried to dissuade her but I think I was distracting her too much for her to notice. Not that I minded distracting her…

“What are you staring at?” She asked chuckling nervously. I snapped back to the present and walked over to her snaking my arms around her tiny waist from behind and whispered

“You of course” I felt a spark of smugness go through me when I felt her shiver slightly. Was it wrong for me to be the slightest big smug? I was the lucky man to have caught this goddess’s attention, I was the one who got to hold, kiss, and worship this girl. Not vile Mike Newton, nor dimwitted Eric Yorkie and worst of all not the dog. She was still upset about him, for some unknown reason. I really didn’t see why she cared so much about him, he was despicable, awful and not to mention his smell practically made it possible for a vampire to vomit. Not easily done.

She shrugged out of my embrace and sighed “Come on, let’s get going. I’m sure Alice is getting antsy.” I laughed and grabbed her hand towing her outside.

When we were outside her door she hung back looking slightly embarrassed.

“What’s wrong?” I asked curiously. She looked down biting her lip and answered a small smile playing on her lips

“Would you believe that I actually want to run there?” I just stared at her. She wanted to run…I was upset about her getting into ‘extreme sports’ as she called them but if that brief stint of them caused her to enjoy running well then I was all for it!

I grinned and pulled her up and onto my back melting at the warmth. I kissed her hand and muttered

“You are the oddest creature I have ever come across in all my years, and that’s saying something.” She giggled and kissed my neck before replying

“But that’s why you love me right?” I laughed and replied of course.


When we arrived at my house Alice was standing on the porch, hands clasped at her chest, and quivering with excitement.

“Bella!” She exclaimed running full speed toward us. Before I had even let Bella hop off, Alice had grabbed Bella and yanked her down hugging her and jumping up and down.

“I missed you so much!! What took you so long to come and see us again?” She asked pouting. Bella grinned and hugged her back saying

“Like you don’t know?” Alice laughed and hooked her arm with Bella’s dragging her inside.

“I’d really rather you didn’t break my fiancée Alice.” I told her grinning. Fiancée, I glowed at the word, Bella as my wife, Mrs. Cullen. I could hardly stand waiting till we were married. I had waited 108 years for her and finally I would have her, legally bound.

We were inside the entryway when Alice started attacking Bella.

“Now Bella I know how you are… adverse to shopping but really honey you have to get some new shoes. I noticed last time I was there-

“Yes Alice, last time you were there when you BURNED ALL MY CLOTHES! What were you thinking? Really tell me, or I’ll ask Edward because I really don’t see the need to grab all my clothes, run out side throw them into a trash can, douse them in gasoline and then light a match!” Bella finished glaring at Alice. Alice just stood there lips pressed together, shifting her eyes to the left, she took a deep breath and furrowed her eyebrows

Crap, how do I answer that? Um…they were unclean and had mold growing on them? No that’s all she did was clean when we weren’t here….um…Edward help me out here!

I laughed and shook my head no, grabbing Bella by the elbow and bringing her further inside the house.

“Bella, my clumsy, adorable sis, I have missed you!” Emmett yelled dramatically while scooping her up and swinging her around. Bella just giggled and kissed his cheek saying

“Missed you too bro.” Emmett silently glowed inside; it really did mean a lot to him for Bella to think of him as a brother. He had come from such a large a family and he missed all his brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces. Bella reminded him of one little niece in particular, who he had spoiled, which is why he was so open with Bella. He set her down, giving her a grin before going back into the living room to finish watching a game.

Jasper came up next and pulled Bella into a one-armed hug, he was so ashamed at what he had done he was forcing himself to be around humans as much as possible to get use to the aching burn, whispering fervently

“Missed you too Bella, I really am sorry, Edward leaving it was all my fault if I was stronger I – I could have – “

Bella cut him off saying

“Jasper it’s not your fault! I forgave you before I even left that night, you did nothing wrong. And I missed you too.” She chirped kissing his cheek before grabbing my hand and plopping down on the couch. I looked at her; how she had simply dismissed Jaspers actions that night, just let them go as if they were nothing. She had told me one night how she had practically expected something like this, she said she realized what we were and what we craved and that she didn’t blame us for something we couldn’t control. I kissed her forehead and pulled her tighter into my side.

Alice came around the corner biting her lip in uncertainty before going into a vision of her and Bella at the mall today. She grinned her eyes sparkling before she hopped around the corner and into our view.

“Bella” She sang. Bella looked at her eyebrow raised; her lids narrowed “Yes Alice?”

“Let’s go shopping!” Oh, so it was the direct approach. Bella rolled her eyes and sighed saying “no Alice, not today.”

Gah! MUST she be so difficult? I’m sorry Edward but it’s come to this.

She widened her eyes, her lip quivering, and the picture of innocence. The little conniver.

“Bella do you… do you not want to spend time with me? I mean I started to think when you hadn’t come around for a few weeks and all…” She trailed off, ducking her head and fidgeting with her fingers in her lap. Bella’s eyes widened and I could see guilt on her face.

“Alice, no I didn’t mean that at all! I just…well…

Yes come on, come on…

“Well all right I guess we can shopping for a little while but can I at least talk to Esme for a bit first?” Esme would be happy, she thought of Bella as a daughter and absolutely adored the time she spent talking to Bella. Alice nodded and jumped up absently and started planning

Shoes first, we’ll start with flats, ballets and sandals, move onto heels, kittens and peep toe’s…

Bella sighed, but got up to go into the kitchen to speak with Esme. I looked to the game my brothers were watching not finding it at all interesting. And that’s when Emmett started up.

"So Edward… what all have you been doing these long weeks with Bella?” He asked, seemingly innocent but his mind in the gutter.

“Nothing of that sort I can assure” I answered coldly. That didn’t necessarily mean I didn’t want to though…

“Ha, he wanted to though, right Edward?” Jasper decided to cut in, I turned to glare at him to find him smirking. Emmett roared, delighted with this new piece of information. Great, just great.

Half an hour later I walked into the kitchen to find Esme and Bella chatting, Esme beaming with motherly instinct; we all knew how much she craved the chance to care and love for a small child. She found some of that in Bella, she liked to keep track of all the little changes, such as how Bella’s hair was highlighted with more of the red tint because of the unusual amount of sun this summer, or how her features were steadily becoming more pronounced, even how her fingernails were growing. But this also meant she noticed how much frailer she was, the ghost of dark circles beneath her eyes, and how she was now 104 lbs. instead of her previously healthy 110. And she grieved nearly every day how she had not tried harder to keep me to stay here. She didn’t realize I was so arrogant I wouldn’t have listened to any of them.I walked over to Bella and placed my arm around her fragile neck and shoulders and whispered

“I would wrap it up, Alice is about to burst in here from impatience.” And right on cue here she is.

“Bella hurry it up! We have to go now you know the malls close early on the weekend!” Bella laughed and stood up to hug Esme goodbye and said

“I’ll see you… I don’t know when this is Alice we’re talking about.” Esme kissed her cheek

“Bye dear, and Alice sweetheart, please remember to feed her.” She said with a knowing smile. Alice scowled

“One time, people, one time! Besides she didn’t complain!” I rolled my eyes and pulled Bella into my chest, breathing in her intoxicating scent. I kissed her tenderly feeling the regular jolt go through me, but pushed it down and whispered in her ear

“Please try and stay out of danger, just this once?” She narrowed her eyes playfully and pecked my cheek saying

“I’ll do my best.” Before Alice literally picked her up and ran outside.


“Man, three hours with Alice that has got to be rough.” Emmett sympathized shaking his head. I agreed, feeling extreme pity for my future wife. Ah, that sounds so wonderful.

“Oh please, my wife isn’t that bad. What about you Emmett? Rosalie isn’t the least bit hard to be around at times?”

“Hey! Don’t comment on my wife!”

“Then you don’t for mine!” I let them continue their banter when my cell phone rang; I picked it up and glanced at the caller I.D. Alice. I felt a sense of unease wash over me, before I answered.

“Edward?” Alice asked frantically, I could hear her racing through the streets.

“What is it Alice? Is Bella all right?” I asked strangely calm.

“I – I don’t know Edward…” She said timidly, what had happened?

“Alice what happened?” I asked urgently, I heard Emmett and Jasper look up with concern and Esme came in looking worried.

“I’m not sure… we were just walking and then all of a sudden she collapsed! I raced out, thankfully no one saw me that would have been hard to explain, anyway, I have her in the back seat now, and Edward….” She trailed uncertainty laced through her words.

“What?” I growled,anger and worry coursing through me.

“Her scent is…different…well not exactly it just…ugh I can’t explain it. Don’t worry I’ll be there soon. Oh and there pulls in Carlisle. Ten seconds tops Edward, she’ll be fine.” She said soothingly, but it was no good. Carlisle came in, and Esme hurriedly explained what Alice had said, and ten of the longest seconds later, there came Alice. She was holding Bella’s limp form. I froze for half a second before grabbing her and gently laying her on her back on the dining table which was quickly becoming an examining board. Carlisle walked over and did a quick check over and looked back at us saying

“I can’t find anything wrong with her; I suppose we’ll just have to…wait for her to wake up. But I see what Alice meant about her scent, smell her Edward.” I was confused but did so, taking in her heavenly scent, feeling it soothe my throat…well that was different. It was the same as always, freesia and lavender and a bit of vanilla but…no blood-lust. None whatsoever; I looked up wide-eyed looked to Carlisle

“What does this mean?” I asked in awe. He shook his head I don’t know son, I’m sorry.

“What’s going on?” Emmett asked annoyed at our private discussion. I told him to take in her scent and he did so while mentally asking my sanity before bolting up

“What the heck is going on? Instead of a burn…I feel…nothing. Completely satisfied almost it’s…creepy, cool but creepy.” Jasper walked over and cautiously took a whiff so to speak. He looked up amazed. He backed up quietly standing next to Alice. Rosalie came down the stairs confused

“What’s going on?” She asked curiously.

“Smell her” I ordered, pointing to Bella.

Smell her? I know you think she’s the most delicious smelling and all but really…She bent down slightly to reach the table and delicately smelled her hair.

“What in the world is going on?” She asked softly, going over to wrap her arms around Emmett.

“Ooh, she’ll be waking up in five seconds!” Alice announced skipping over to stand by the table. I followed suit and saw Bella’s eyelids flutter open and her gaze came to me, I smiled at her softly, but a confused then disbelieving look came across her face.

“What the heck?” she muttered to herself still staring at me. I looked at her guarded

“What’s the matter honey?” She looked at me as though debating on telling me, pressing her lips to a thin line, then looking firm when she answered

“You’ll think I’m nuts Edward.” Why would I think her crazy?

“Why would I think that love?” I asked stroking her cheek; she sat up on the table, knees bent at her side. She sighed

“I know you will.”

“No I won’t, what’s wrong?”

“Well for one thing you’re glowing.”