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Many Secrets

Many Secrets BannerIt's the summer after New Moon and everything is finally back to normal for Bella and the Cullens (as normal as it can get that is). Atleast it was until one day Bella collapses and then wakes up seeing aura's. Will an old family member of her's be able to sort all this out? And just how many secrets does the Swan family have?

All right so lets pretend that that instead of Bella turning down Edwards proposal (would you have? Didnt think so) she agreed. Don't worry you'll find out why later on. Bella and Edward have been spending the first few weeks of summer together to rebuild their relationship as well. I'm not real sure how long this will be but I all ready have a few more chapters done. Without further ado read on!

10. Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

“Why won’t he leave?” Bella grumbled irritated.

“Maybe you call to them” Emmett said trying unsuccessfully to stop his loud laughter. Bella leaned over and hit him on the shoulder

“Oh shut-up, it isn’t funny!”

I chuckled “It kind of is honey.” She glared at me but then turned back to glass back door that she was looking through. She grimaced and muttered

“Give a cat one meal and suddenly you’re their servant. Leave all ready!” she directed to the black cat outside the door. The cat simply walked up closer to the door and meowed. I saw Bella’s hand twitch slightly, like she was trying to ignore something.

“He’s talking to you isn’t he!” Emmett exclaimed. He found great amusement in this certain ability of Bella’s and would not stop the merciless teasing he dished out. Bella huffed and answered hesitantly

“No” Emmett shook his head grinning

“Yes he is, come on tell me what is he talking about?” Bella’s lips twitched upward slightly

She is wondering why I’m letting the idiot stay inside with me, but won’t let her, the kind innocent cat, in.” I burst out laughing, one smart cat. Emmett promptly became quiet and scowled. Bella sighed, her shoulders dropping and turned away

“Maybe if I just leave her, I mean it, be it will go away.” She sat down in one of the mismatched kitchen chairs and turned to Emmett

“What are you doing here anyway Emmett?” he sighed dramatically and slumped into another chair, while I leaned against the counter and looked on amused.

“I’ve been sent by General Alice to come and recruit you for wedding strategies.” Bella groaned and leaned her head down on the table

“Again let me say this, isn’t she the wedding planner? Shouldn’t she be making all these decisions?” I walked over to her and leaned down to her, my arm across the back of her chair and whispered to her gently

“Don’t you want to be a part of your own wedding? I can tell her to make all the decisions if you like but…” I kissed her softly below the ear and she sighed.

“That really isn’t fair you know.” I smiled and continued my exploration of her neck until I heard a pointed cough

“Still here you know, if you want to get it on I’ll leave but I guarantee Nazi Alice will barge through just when Edwards about to-

“Emmett” I growled, he just chuckled holding his hands up in surrender

“Sorry, sorry, I know how sensitive you are, but really Alice is probably going to come over soon if you don’t go over there Bella.” She sighed and nodded

“Fine, fine I’ll head over soon. Tell her not to worry her pretty little pixie head about it.” Emmett laughed and saluted

“Will do.” before he left running back home.

“So” Bella sighed turning back to me “what were you doing before Emmett interrupted?” I grinned, sitting down and pulled her into my lap. I tucked my head into the crook of her neck, inhaling the mouth-watering scent, letting it fill my senses, letting it take them over. My lips ghosted over the pulse point of her neck, no longer a temptation to drink from, simply to ravish it. My hands of their own accord lightly gripped her waist, keeping her in place, though now she could probably get out if she wished. But she didn’t, she never did.

I continued planting soft, slow kisses along her neck going down to her collar bone. Her hands flitted up my arms and onto my shoulders causing me to nearly quake with desire. How could something so innocent turn so sultry?

My hands gripped her tighter, trying to reign in some of the desire, even a fraction of it. As I was still lavishing her fragile, mesmerizing skin below her neck I heard her sigh in impatience

“Oh for Heaven’s sake” she lifted my head up, firmly but gently and planted her full, ruby lips upon my own and I just barely bit back the moan that was dying to escape. I sat fully immersed in her, in Bella. The air felt thick with desire and want swirling around us, I pulled back slightly alarmed to see an actual waving heat line around us and through the kitchen. Bella looked at me confused for a moment before noticing what I had. She looked down embarrassed; I pulled her chin up and asked

“Enchantress thing?” she nodded slowly, seeming not to care, her eyes trained on mine before flickering down to my lips. Her breathing was slow and low, her gaze still intent

“It will get more…pronounced the more…want I feel.” I felt my eyes darken at the slow, intense voice she was using.

“I say we make it like a sauna in here.” She announced smiling coyly. I returned it

“You, my dear vixen, will be the death of me.” She chuckled

“I insure you it will be slow” she ducked her head and kissed the base of my throat

“Torturous” continuing upward, pressing more firmly yet slower

“And by no means a quick death.” Dear Lord did becoming an Enchantress suddenly imply you were a succubus as well? My breathing was ragged, worse than humans would be and I managed to croak out

“Do what you will” I felt her smile against my skin before yanking my head back down and claiming my lips with hers. I ignored the continually heating air around us; nearly to the point it could suffocate a human and simply melted into Bella. Her languid lips moving like silk over mine, caressing them as I did to hers; trying to convey all the love and passion I felt her. Never in all my existence or my previous life did I ever imagine I could find someone so indescribably perfect for me in every way. Our matched breathing was becoming heavier, our kisses deeper, and our holds on each other tighter when Bella’s phone shrieked through the air, breaking the spell.

We pulled back fractionally from each-other, our foreheads resting on each-other both trying to catch our breath, mine unneeded. Bella sighed and very reluctantly and hesitantly removed herself from her spot on my lap and answered the phone

“Hello” she bit out annoyed, I chuckled at her tone feeling the same way. The air surrounding us was slowly cooling down, our previous emotions dwindling slightly as well.

Yes, Alice we will be there soon, did you really have to interrupt?” she sighed rolling her eyes and nodded

“Yes, yes, fine whatever. See you soon.” She hung the phone back up and turned around shaking her head

“I really want to get back at her and yet it seems impossible the moment I look at her. Why is that?” she questioned. I grinned

“That’s Alice.”


Three hours later and Alice still has Bella imprisoned upstairs going over seating arrangements, napkin colors and who knows what else. I was beginning to think they might be wrapping it up when I noticed it had gone quiet for a few moments. Suddenly I heard Bella shriek

“Jasper!” his head snapped up to the ceiling and I heard him notice anguish from upstairs. We both vacated our spots on the couches and ran full speed upstairs. Jasper ran into his and Alice’s room as I followed and looked to see what was wrong. Bella was practically cradling a limp Alice with glass-eyes and a tortured expression on her face. Jasper walked over swiftly, Bella transferring Alice to his arms as I took Bella into mine. Her eyes were alight with worry and her body was tense; I rubbed my hands up and down her arms trying to soothe her and she finally relaxed.

“She went into a vision and I thought she was fine but she…she didn’t come out of it, it’s been five whole minutes Edward, what’s wrong?” she whispered to me. I kissed her forehead telling her calm down and looked to Alice’s mind. What I saw or what I didn’t see for that matter confused me greatly. Her mind was … black, with a grey swirling mist overtaking it. It almost reminded me of Enid’s but while I could make vague shapes and ideas from hers, I was getting nothing but blackness and mist from Alice.

“What is it Edward?” a frantic Jasper asked. His mind I could hardly make out for the rapidly firing thoughts going through it, there was worry, fear, anxiousness, anger and despair all for his wife he was holding.

“I’m not sure, it’s not that I can’t read it it’s that there’s nothing to read.” I felt Bella’s head turn away from my chest and she looked up at me

“How is that possible?” I shrugged perplexed and answered

“I don’t know but….there is a…underlying emotion I can make out” It was nearly overpowering in its potency “grief.”

“Grief, what for?” came from Jasper, hushed and whispered as he continued to stare at his limp wife. I heard Esme come in from her trip, she had wanted to get groceries for Bella when she stayed here. She was putting everything away when she noticed how quiet it was, and was making her way up here.

“Here comes Esme, maybe she can have Carlisle come home early and check Alice out?” Bella asked. I was still surprised at her heightened senses but nodded

“Maybe” I was more or less trying to comfort her; I don’t think there is much Carlisle could do considering it was all within her mind.

“You don’t have to say that just to console me Edward.” Bella sighed. I looked down at her surprised she glanced up then rolled her eyes

“Observer here remembers” I chuckled though not really meaning it considering the circumstances. Esme walked in and her eyes widened as she knelt down quickly to Alice’s level. She smoothed back her hair maternally and looked at us

“What happened?” Jasper wasn’t exactly up to participating in the conversation so I took over

“We’re not sure; Bella was up here with Alice going over wedding details when…” Bella continued

“Everything was fine when I saw her go into a vision. I waited for her to come out of it but she never did, it’s been about ten minutes now since then. And apparently she is feeling great grief. On top of all that Edward said-

“I can read her mind it’s just…it’s completely black and there is only a grey swirling mist going on in it. I don’t understand what’s going on…” I finished for her.

“Where are Emmett and Rosalie?” Bella asked noticing their absence.

“They decided to go hunting again, alone. They probably won’t be back till late tonight, they’ve gone higher up into Canada than you boys did.” I nodded absently still trying to untangle the mystery of what was happening to Alice. I looked to Bella and saw she had a calculation expression across her face and she had her head cocked to Alice’s direction.

“What are thinking Bella?” she barely acknowledged me her eyes still trained on Alice’s.

“When humans experience great loss or a large…accident don’t they sometimes go into a coma just to let their mind…process it?” I considered what she was saying and nodded slightly

“Sometimes, if it’s extreme.” A light flickered in her eyes and her lips twitched in a smile. She crept off my lap and knelt in front of Alice, Jasper finally looked up and asked

“What are you doing?” Bella smiled at him and said

“Trust me, I have an idea.” She positioned herself so she was kneeling in front of Alice and gently took her face in her hands, cradling it. She slightly turned her head to look at all of us

“Ok, so I’m supposed to be a healer correct? Well considering that I think this is some kind of ‘vampire’ coma that means it’s a medical or physical problem. Meaning, I think I could help…wake her up per se.” I watched in fascination as she turned back to Alice still cradling her head as though it was very fragile and she just looked at her for some time, at least a minute. Slowly, as though waking from a daze, Alice’s eyes came into focus and she blinked repeatedly, Bella still held her head, not us much but enough to support her as she came to.

“There we go” Bella smiled at Alice and let go of her and came back over to me, I wrapped my arms around her and whispered to her

“Do you have any idea how amazing you truly are?” she blushed ducking her head but swiftly turned her attention back to Alice.

“Alice, Love? Are you all right?” Jasper asked worriedly. Alice shook her head clearing it and finally I could clearly read it again, though it was in a complete scramble so much so that I couldn’t really make anything out. She nodded and turned to him, burying herself to his chest and said in a small, frightened voice I had never heard from her before, it was like she was a little girl again

“But Bella isn’t.”