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Many Secrets

Many Secrets BannerIt's the summer after New Moon and everything is finally back to normal for Bella and the Cullens (as normal as it can get that is). Atleast it was until one day Bella collapses and then wakes up seeing aura's. Will an old family member of her's be able to sort all this out? And just how many secrets does the Swan family have?

All right so lets pretend that that instead of Bella turning down Edwards proposal (would you have? Didnt think so) she agreed. Don't worry you'll find out why later on. Bella and Edward have been spending the first few weeks of summer together to rebuild their relationship as well. I'm not real sure how long this will be but I all ready have a few more chapters done. Without further ado read on!

12. Chapter 12

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Chapter 12


I watched, enraptured, as Bella slept that night. I was always completely consumed by her at all times but tonight was different; she had told her father that we were engaged. I didn’t exactly mind that she had decided to wait in telling him before, and even though I tried to hide the disappointment when I saw her take her ring off when she went home, it still hit me hard, and was painful. But now she wore it all the time, proudly even, and in front of her dad. It was…invigorating. I watched as she stretched, and sighed quietly, unknowingly fanning her warm, sweet breath across my face clouding my mind and taking me to the familiar dream-like state.

I had spent most of the night going over her and Charlie’s discussion of our soon to be wedding. Well it was technically a year away and for me that was very long even considering my view of time, but I could wait. Not patiently but I could wait. I’d spent much time all ready picturing it, how she would look walking down the aisle, swathed in her white gown, glowing. I imagined taking her hand from Charlie’s and promising myself to her, forever.

And I also envisioned the kiss, our first kiss as man and Wife. And for me to finally be able to call her Mrs. Edward Cullen, it nearly made me take her to Vegas this very moment. I knew she was nervous and anxious at what the thoughts would be of her mother and of the petty children who went to school with her. Try as I might she didn’t understand that no matter what others thought, I wouldn’t care, couldn’t care really, all because of that scrap of paper that would legally bind us together. I looked over my shoulder to the window outside and saw the sky was lightening, almost dawn now. Bella might even wake up soon now, it seemed like she didn’t need as much sleep now that she was…different.

It was still hard to wrap my mind around, the fact that I would never have to change her and yet got to keep her all the same; a mind boggling prospect to say the least. And because of that my thoughts turned down a more sinister road. The Volturi, I along with everyone else, certainly was not looking forward to that. It seemed as though we never had a moment’s peace, Bella’s changing, the Volturi, and the ever present looming doom of one evil vampire out for my one and only love, all that didn’t leave much time for romance.

I marveled at not only Bella’s patience and understanding but my entire families; even Rosalie, who was still not exactly the best of friends with Bella had come to terms and even considered her a part of the family. For that I truly was thankful, and would have to make it known to her but really, how my entire family accepted Bella, how they all treated her as sister or daughter alike, it made me so excruciatingly happy, I felt sure that something terrible would happen any moment. It wasn’t like there weren’t any opportunities. Bella always said I was a masochistic or pessimism, perhaps she was right, but I simply wasn’t used to having so much…good luck.

When everything starts to fall into place or I feel like everything may start going well, something intervenes and takes it away; which is what Victoria was trying to do, again. But it wasn’t as though I couldn’t understand her reasoning, if someone had taken Bella away (granted it most likely wouldn’t be by tearing her to pieces and then burning the remnants, at least I would hope not) I would go after whoever had done it and make them suffer the worst torture imaginable and for as long drawn out as I could manage. Which gave me perfect reason to kill Victoria, she was trying to take Bella.

And after Alice’s vision…I wouldn’t let her out of my sight. Even when others of my family were around her and I wasn’t I was so preoccupied with my frantic worrying that I failed to do whatever it was I needed to in the first place. Emmett alone was near the verge of hitting me; even Carlisle became slightly agitated with my constant pacing. Something Esme didn’t appreciate being done on her new white plush carpet. Vampire pacing didn’t do well with household luxuries.

But strangely the thing that worried me most was, quite frankly, school. When my next senior year began I would be deprived many precious hours of hunting Victoria. Though if I was honest that probably wouldn’t help much considering how I’m pretty terrible at tracking. But I would be horrible in school this year, not that I cared of my grades or behavior, they would be fine I’m sure, it was the chance that I become so … meddlesome in my worry that something could slip and we would all be none the wiser. But I couldn’t dwell on that, the only thing I could concern myself with were two things:

Tracking and killing Victoria,

and the Volturi.

That won’t be hard at all.

I had wracked my brain endlessly everyday on every possible way to catch her, but came up with nothing. Every chance we got close enough to her, she just slipped away. Just like she described Bella in the vision…no. I couldn’t focus on that or I would convince myself it could come true, which it won’t or so help me I will kill myself. Or at least attempt to. And that was the worst part, if something did happen, and I went to Italy, the worst part would be if they denied me.

They did the first time, obviously I’m glad about that but … I had to stop these mindless rambles and focus. Not that it would be easy since I could focus on countless things at the same time but I had to try. I turned my attention back to Bella, a sure way to forget everything else and simply…relax. She had no idea how soothing she was to me, how her soft but constant heartbeat rang out around me and calmed me better than any melody. How her quiet breathing lulled me to a state of near sleep as a vampire could get.

And her expression was the best, calm, free of any pain and restlessness. I wish I could make her feel that all the time, wish I could free her of her burdens. But since I couldn’t during the day, I would enjoy the fact that she could escape into her own world, one without terrifying monsters, crazy wedding planners and even without the petty troubles of high school drama.

At least she could be peaceful for some time, no matter how small it may be.


When Bella did finally wake up she was both groggy and extremely nervous.

“No, no you don’t understand he will have changed his mind I’m sure! This is how my dad is Edward! He’ll answer first, think about it later, oh no, this is not good; he might try to shoot you Edward! That wouldn’t be good you know!” she burst out as she launched up from her bed and started grabbing her things for the day. I looked on amused at her and simply traced her movements from my post on her bed as she muttered incoherent things under breath and made her way to the shower. Just as I heard the water turn on my cell phone buzzed and I looked at the ID, Jasper, that was odd, he didn’t necessarily call that often. I answered

“Jasper, what is it?” I heard his low voice now with his southern drawl fully back in place, a sign of worry, reply

“It’s Alice again Edward, this is the second time, and I – I don’t know what to do. It’s been nearly ten minutes, can you; I don’t know can you get Bella down here or something? Something Edward, please.” My brother was not one to plead or beg, nor did he like asking for help that often, an obvious sign that this was bad. And this was my sister, my baby sister, I answered hastily

“Yes, we’ll be there soon Jasper, don’t worry, she’ll be fine.” I hung up and looking up I saw Bella standing by the door

“What happened? I heard you talking and hurried up; is there something wrong?” I stood up and came to her side, taking her forearm gently and practically dragged her down stairs; thankfully Charlie had all ready left. I spoke to her quickly

“Alice is…sick for lack of a better word again” I pulled her to my back and started to run “Jasper called while you were in the shower, he said it’s been nearly fifteen minutes this time. Do you think you can help again?” I asked. Her clear, sweet voice whispered

“I’ll do whatever I can, Edward do you think…do you think she had another vision, of me I mean?” I didn’t answer right away but when I slowed and pulled her off me I replied

“If so, it won’t happen” I would make damn sure of it. I walked inside with Bella right behind me and was met with a near identical sight as yesterday. Bella ran over to the white couch that Jasper sat on, cradling Alice who wore a blank expression, void of emotion and eyes, instead of glassy were clouded. All I could get from her was a swirl white…mist? It was eerily reminiscent of Enid’s mind. Bella crouched down next to Jasper who looked like he was about to break to pieces

“Jasper, what happened?”

“Fix her.” he responded tonelessly. Bella looked to him confused

“What do you mean-

Fix. Her.” he said again. Bella looked to me quickly and then swallowed turning back to the couple

“I’ll, I’ll try.” She did the same as yesterday, placing her hands gently on Alice’s face, concentrating but only for the briefest second before Alice snapped back

“No need for that you know” Bella jumped back like she had been burned and her face turned to incredulous and asked

“What just happened?” Jasper on the other hand was just staring at Alice with a blank look. Alice looked at him and frowned apologetically and cupped his cheek whispering in his ear

“I’m sorry for scaring you honey, I’ll explain. Do you forgive me?” Jasper’s eyes flickered with first annoyance but then love and smiled slightly

“Yes, but if you do that again I might just go insane.” He low drawl was back to just the hint of it and he kissed her forehead tenderly, both Bella and I turned away slightly, Jasper and Alice had such a simple yet intense love, any form of affection seemed so intimate between them. I envied it almost as much as Carlisle and Esme’s. Bella spoke up gently

“Sorry to, interrupt, but Alice what is going on? You scared me nearly to death!” Alice sheepishly looked to Bella then me

“I’m sorry you guys had to rush down here, but I will explain! All right so to start off, I’ve been trying to keep tabs on you Bella, for, well obvious reasons and this morning…this morning is where it got fuzzy.”

“Fuzzy?” Bella asked, a crease forming between her eyebrows. Alice nodded and looked down, seeming to concentrate on her thoughts, which were going a mile a minute.

Werewolves? No, she couldn’t be planning, she would have told Edward…why can’t I see damn it!

“What do you mean, ‘You can’t see’?” I asked shocked and angered. If I was being rational it wasn’t at Alice, it was at the situation but I wasn’t being rational, therefore I was being a jerk.

“I mean I can’t get a reading on Bella, at all. Nothing, it’s all this damn … clouded mist, it’s infuriating me.” She sighed looking down at her hands which Jasper gingerly took into his own, trying to comfort her. She smiled at him slightly but then looked dejected.

“I’ve been trying all morning to find something, anything, but I get nothing. And I don’t understand because I’m getting things for everyone else just fine! I saw that Carlisle decided to not do a pregnancy and opted for the heart transplant, I saw Emmett and Rosalie deciding to come home today, I saw Esme choosing the pink tulips instead of the yellow, I saw Jasper choosing to read his old journals and not the war history novel earlier, I even saw you Edward deciding to come here not but three minutes ago! Why can’t I see Bella?” She cried out annoyed and worried.

Bella hugged her close and said

“I’ll be all right! Maybe…maybe you’re just over-exerting yourself? Rest for a while, go shopping! I’ll even go with you!” she must really feel bad for Alice. Even Alice turned to her with a disbelieving look.

“You’re….offering, to go shopping?” she asked slowly. I saw Bella swallow and force a smile on her face as she nodded “mhm.” Alice blinked then nodded, perking up slightly

“All right, but maybe another day we have more important things to go over. Like color schemes, and flower girls.” She grinned. Bella just closed her eyes taking a deep breath and nodded

“Fine” she whispered. “But just wait a few minutes.” She turned to me and started asking

“What are you going to do about Victoria and the Volturi? Which do we tackle first?”

“Victoria, she’s getting on my nerves. Think I could rip her head off? That was fun with James.” Alice smiled reminiscently.

“You ripped his head off?” Bella asked. Alice nodded still smiling

“Yup, you would kind of out of it, with you know…almost dying, and all that, but yes I did. It felt so good, hearing the crack of bones, rip of flesh….” She trailed off happily. Bella looked at her oddly than turned back to me

“So anyway, do we have any idea where she is?” she asked. Jasper took over

“She’s been staying within this area obviously; she’s being quite reckless actually, skittering around the treaty line, even stepping over it quite a few times. And then there are all the supposed murders recently that have got us worried-

“What murders?” I asked. Jasper looked up smirking

“You really have been busy haven’t you?” he asked smugly, thinking of the possibilities that took up my and Bella’s time. I scowled and answered

“Get on with it all ready.” He chuckled and resumed

“There’s been quite the string of disappearances recently, all within the Seattle area. They are completely random as well, young teenagers, older seniors, women and men in their twenties, even a few whole families. Carlisle and I think they are connected to Victoria.” Bella looked at him confused

“How so?”

“Not sure yet, but it’s too big a coincidence.”

I’ll tell you later Edward his eyes flickered to mine and back to Bella’s. She looked at him suspiciously but nodded

“So what are we going to do in the meantime?” she asked. I sat down next to her and answered

“You finish up your lessons with Enid and we get ready for school. You’re only a senior once.” I grinned. She rolled her eyes

“But now I can actually help! I can do something now instead of just sitting on the sidelines.” She insisted. I sighed and replied

“For once can you just trust me on this?” Her eyes softened and she replied

“I always trust you, I don’t always agree with you. Can you at least think about it?” she asked. I wouldn’t consider it but I nodded just to pleaser her

“You’re not going to are you?” I shook my head smiling. She sighed

“You are impossible. Anyway, now that we’re here what are we going to –

“Wedding!” Alice cut in excitedly. Bella spoke in slowly

“Actually,” trying to be convincingI assume, she paused, but then nodded smiling

“Actually that would be great Alice.” We both appraised her with surprised eyes, but Alice recovered and practically dragged her upstairs

“If you’re offering I’m not going to refuse!” Alice exclaimed happily as she dragged a laughing Bella upstairs. I shook my head, wondering if my fiancé may have ADD and turned to Jasper.

“Now what do you really think is going on Jasper?” He sighed and looked at me gravely

“Honestly? I think Victoria is planning something much worse than we had previously thought. All these disappearances, they are all within the Seattle area, all of them in good health, ready…ready to fight you could say.” I grasped what he was saying and was, for not the first time since I met Bella, terrified.

“How many have been missing so far?” I asked knowing full well they would never be seen again.

“About six so far, and I have feeling that number is going to continue rising. How far, I have no idea but enough to make sure she can take us all on I’m sure. Edward….we’ve never been involved with something like this before, I’m not sure if we can – I’m not sure if us alone, will be able to handle this size of an army. And I would really rather not get the Volturi involved if you get my meaning.” I nodded trying to come up with anything to get us out of this.

“The dogs won’t be happy about this.” I commented.

“That’s why we use that to our advantage.” I looked to the stairs and saw Bella standing there, probably having heard our entire conversation. Her having nearly exact abilities as my own, is not helping with stealth these days.

“First of all, you should have not have heard that and second of all, care to explain what you mean by ‘use that to our advantage?” She strode down the stairs and came and sat down next to me.

First of all,” she mocked me “I do not need your permission on what I can and can’t do, haven’t we gone over this deary?” she said sweetly

“And what I meant was, put your prejudices aside and think about it. Do you realize how useful they could be? They seriously help us, and I’m sure they wouldn’t pass up the chance to kill some vampires.” She grimaced at the last part. I glanced at Jasper as he did the same with me, I cleared my throat and answered her

“While that could be…beneficial to us, I’m not sure that they would…distinguish us, and the newborn army. Especially when they morph they usually go on pure-

“Are you implying that they are a lower life-form than you? Don’t answer that. When I was around them constantly, and I was never hurt.”

“That doesn’t exactly ease my mind you know.” I replied.

“Oh yes, I know that, Edward the only eternally pmsing male vampire there is! You really need…like a Prozac or something.” I heard snorts of laughter from Jasper and Alice, choosing to ignore them I muttered

“You’ve spent too much time around Emmett.”

“No she hasn’t! I think she has spent just enough time with me, thank-you very much.” Emmett’s booming voice echoed into the room. I rolled my eyes as he plopped onto the couch next to us and Rosalie leaned against the arm.

“What’s going on?” Rosalie asked.

“Some crazy vamps are after Bella again.” Alice supplied. Emmett nodded sagely

“Ah, a repeat”

“Ow! What did I say?” came his voice after he was hit multiple times, by each of us.