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Many Secrets

Many Secrets BannerIt's the summer after New Moon and everything is finally back to normal for Bella and the Cullens (as normal as it can get that is). Atleast it was until one day Bella collapses and then wakes up seeing aura's. Will an old family member of her's be able to sort all this out? And just how many secrets does the Swan family have?

All right so lets pretend that that instead of Bella turning down Edwards proposal (would you have? Didnt think so) she agreed. Don't worry you'll find out why later on. Bella and Edward have been spending the first few weeks of summer together to rebuild their relationship as well. I'm not real sure how long this will be but I all ready have a few more chapters done. Without further ado read on!

3. Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

“Emmett?!” Bella screeched. I pulled her up, and stood up myself.

“What are you doing here Emmett? And why are you grinning like an idiot?” Bella asked impatiently. She obviously didn’t appreciate the interruption. Nor did I, I growled at him quietly, he was blocking his thoughts by singing row your boat, repeatedly. A vile song if you ask me.

“Just wait and see dear Bella. Wait till you see what we found out about you! You were holding out on us Bell!” He finished grinning widely.

“What on Earth are you going on about?” I snarled.

“Hold up little bro, the others are here.” Just then Alice came bounding in and tackled Bella to the couch squealing highly.

“Bella!! Oh, you won’t believe what we found out! It’s amazing!! Oh and Edward you are going to be so incredibly happy!” she finished excitedly, helping Bella up from the hug that she gave her.

“Everybody just SHUT UP!!” Bella screeched. She stood up, smoothed her dress then calmly said

“Now, will someone please tell me what is going on?” She looked to me but I shook my head and said

“Their blocking their thoughts from me. Emmett will you please stop the incessant rounds of row your boat?!” I yelled exasperated. He just snickered and continued. The rest of the family came through the door and squeezed into Bella’s small living room.

“You know, maybe we should go outback, more room there.” Bella suggested. We all nodded and headed out to the back of her house.

“So, what is going on?” Bella asked impatiently. Esme came over and beaming, gave Bella a hug.

“Oh just wait till you hear darling.” She said kissing her forehead. Bella looked thoroughly confused as was I. Jasper chuckled and said

“I would explain Carlisle, she is completely confused.” She nodded in agreement. Carlisle stepped forward and almost hesitantly pulled out a folder.

“I hope you aren’t offended Bella, but we did some research on your family and your heritage. Do you know where your family immigrated from?” She nodded, her eyebrows furrowed in confusion and said

“Yes, my mother’s family is from Italy, and Charlie’s side is from Ireland. Why?”

“Well Alice told us everything that happened, and the store you passed before you collapsed. And Bella, people don’t just wake up seeing auras, either you are born with it, or you train yourself. Plus Edward has been telling me he was worried about you, you have been sleeping much more, correct?” Bella shot me a dark glare but nodded to Carlisle

“I’ve just been really tired lately, no big deal.” She said shrugging her shoulders.

“Well, I had started to remember a legend I had read about many years ago about… enchantresses.” He finished a cautious look on his face.

“I’m sorry, but I haven’t the faintest idea what you are talking about.” Bella said exasperated.

“You’re a witch Bella!” Alice squealed. Bella just stood there staring, a blank look on her face. Then quite suddenly burst out laughing. She was holding her side she was laughing so hard.

“You guys are good, I actually believed you for a minute! Seriously though, that was hilarious.” She smiled. I walked over to her and put my arm around her waist, I wasn’t sure how to go about this…I hardly believed it, but … their thoughts were honest, at least they believed it to be true.

“Um, honey, their telling the truth. I can see they aren’t lying.” She looked at me with wide eyes.

“Edward… I mean, come on; A witch? You can’t be serious! That is just insane, witches, or enchantresses, whatever do. Not. Exist. Sorry, but I just hit my head and now see auras. It’ll probably go away in a few days.” She finished firmly.

“That’s the thing Bella” Carlisle was cut off by Alice

“Come on everybody sit down, this could take a while.” Rosalie sighed thinking

why does precious Bella get everything? She got the affection of Edward, and now she even has her entire life with him as a human! It’s simply not fair, I didn’t get to choose this life and I’m damned by it, while Bella who wanted it gets the better deal she finished off bitterly, looking anywhere but Bella. I looked towards her; I did feel pity for her at times however…now was not one of them.

I was more concerned, and to be completely honest, intrigued, about what was going on with Bella.

“As I was saying, Bella it won’t simply go away no matter how much you wish so. It’s in your blood.” Carlisle continued, in her blood, how ironic.

“I still don’t have a clue here! Sorry, but I – I just don’t get it.” Bella said weakly. I pulled her onto my lap and rubbed circles onto her back hoping to comfort her. She smiled at me, a silent thank-you.

“All right, well it seems that your Irish side is stronger than your Italian. There are legends in the Irish culture of women who could do spectacular things. They called them Enchantresses, witches, sorceresses, what you will. Each was the same, yet different. They all stopped maturing physically at or around eighteen years of age. Then they… they were immortal.” I felt my eyes widen. Could this be it? Could she still stay with me, without me killing her, and her soul? I prayed for it. I felt Bella tense at those words, her heartbeat increased.

“Yet they are different from us, in that they are still … human for lack of a better word. Blood still pumped through their veins, they still ate human food, slept everything. They also, of course, had powers. This is where it gets different in some ways. Some could…entrance you. Much like succubi but more that they could simply get you to do what they want. Others were healers. They could heal any wound, any discomfort. All of them could also take control of the elements and encourage nature. It’s really quite fascinating. Now, back to your ancestry, I looked up your descendants and found an Enid Blair. She is your great-great-grandmother, she is also an enchantress.” I couldn’t think of anything. What was happening? Suddenly my shy, sweet Bella was a …a witch? Apparently Bella was thinking the same thing because Jasper said

“No it’s not fake Bella. And Edward I should say. We even have a surprise for you Bella.” He finished grinning. Suddenly a young girl Bella’s age, which looked remarkablylike a Bella with red hair, came around the corner.

“Bella darling!” She exclaimed running over to hug Bella. She pulled her up into her embrace. Bella was stock still, obviously afraid and not sure what to do. When the girl pushed Bella in front of her she looked her over

“Oh, you’re much prettier than anything I imagined! Oh I’m so happy to finally meet you! I’m also extremely surprised to! I didn’t think the gene would pass on! But then I got a call from this young man over here- She pointed to Carlisle, young? How old was this girl?

“And I was simply exuberant! It really gets quite lonesome when you can’t meet any of your family you know.” She finished solemnly. I finally noticed her accent being Irish. It was incredibly, unbelievable, not possible and yet…somehow it was. I looked to the woman’s mind finding it muddied and hard to concentrate. It was as though her thoughts were in a swirling mist; you could decipher them if you concentrated but not just at a glance as I was used to.

“Um, I’m really sorry but…who are you?” Bella asked weakly. The girl simply laughed.

“I’m sorry! How rude of me, I’m Enid Blair, your great-great-grandmother darling!” She kissed Bella’s cheek; I was aware she did act like a grandmother but looked nothing of the sort by far. She and Bella could be sisters.

Oh, she is just perfect to be an enchantress! But dear me, being in love with a vampire, that has to be hard. But certainly doable I suppose, ah so are you the young man to have stolen my granddaughters heart?She turned to me, smiling.

“How did you know I could hear that?” I asked suspiciously and surprised at the same time.

“Oh I’m sorry dear, my power is to be able to tell others powers. How inconsiderate of me” She smiled apologetically.

“No, no, its fine, just…threw me.” I stated. She smiled again before continuing

“So I’m assuming you have a few questions?” She asked Bella kindly, sitting down again, crossed legged.

“Just a few yes, you know like how I can meet a grandmother who should be…well…dead. No offense though!” She finished hurriedly. Enid just laughed and put a hand on Bella’s shoulder

“Its fine honey, don’t worry! I have lots to teach you!” She smiled.

“Um, just what exactly can I do? I’m still…confused. This is happening really fast…” I pulled Bella to me again, and Enid thought warmly

Oh, it’s so sweet the two of you! I’m glad my granddaughter has found you! You look very happy too.

If I were human I would be scarlet. She reminded me of Esme quite a bit to be honest.

“It’s perfectly fine to be confused; you have no idea the things you can do!” At that Bella looked slightly reserved and a bit frightened. Seeing her mistake Enid continued hurriedly

“I simply meant you’ll be fascinated by your powers honey, I did not mean to scare you, I’m sorry.” She apologized. Bella laughed shakily

“It’s uh, it’s ok, and I’m just waiting to wake up.”

“You aren’t asleep dear trust me, Alice sweetheart? Could you pinch her?” Enid said to Alice. Had everyone gotten acquainted all ready?

“Sure!” Alice said hopping up, Bella cowered into my chest

“Alice no, you could seriously hurt her!” I hissed.

“No I can’t!” She said in a sing-song voice smiling, and then she pinched Bella. Hard. And yet, nothing….Bella didn’t respond at all except for a flinch beforehand.

“Alice will you just do it all ready.” She said with her eyes still closed.

“I all ready did Bella.” Alice said smugly. Emmett fell back laughing hard, while Rosalie looked…well pissed. Esme smiled at Enid and Carlisle just looked on in surprise.

“Ok, I’m seriously freaked out now! That should have ripped through me!” Bella yelled.

“Just another great thing to being an enchantress Bella, we are incredibly strong, yet soft still.” Enid explained.

“In fact if you were to hit any of these vampires it would surely hurt them.” She mused thoughtfully. I looked at Bella’s and a smirk was fighting to cover her face. I looked at her questionably while she simply winked at me. She pursed her lips and got up to walk over to Emmett; she sat down and lay up against his arm he looked down at her confused

“What’s up?” He asked. She looked up, feigning surprise

“Oh sorry! Just … you know…wanted my big brother during this…hard time.” She finished shifting her eyes away. He shrugged and held her closer. She grinned up at him, not the happy beautiful grin I was used to, no this one…looked almost evil. She hopped up and hit him smartly upside his head.

“Hey, OW! What the heck was that for?” He flinched as she continued to assault him

“That was for all the times you have scared me out of my wits and this- she kicked his knee- was for interrupting me and Edward!” By this time everyone was laughing hysterically. Ah, I love my fiancée. She walked back over, tripping slightly practically landing in my lap. She righted herself all the time her cheeks a delicious pink color.

“Of course, even when I’m all witchy, I still fall, lovely.” She muttered. I smirked and ran my hand through her hair trying to ease her embarrassment.

“Hey En- I mean … grandma” she choked out “do you have any idea why they” she motioned to myself and our family “don’t feel thirsty around me anymore?” She questioned curiosity burning in her words.

“Ah, so you’re a healer dear, how wonderful!” Enid exclaimed.

“A – a what?” Bella stuttered.

“A healer, you can help people feel better. I believe the vampires here feel the effect as you said, correct?” We all nodded. Jasper piped up

“For once I’m extremely glad to have you in my presence Bella, no offense. You make me, no us, feel almost human again.”

“He’s right, my throat feels perfect. I’m relaxed too, no coiled muscles, ready to attack, just…peaceful thank-you Bella.” Alice smiled. Bella just blushed, so Emmett took the opportunity to say

“And now, Edward, she doesn’t smell enticing, and she’s way strong. No worries for wedding night now!” I snarled at him, I put Bella down, smiled at her, and lunged for Emmett; I’m going to kill him.

“Edward!” Bella scolded, I growled but stood up, when Emmett got up I pushed him down snickering, I sat down next to Bella again, who proceeded to slap me upside the head, for once it hurt.

“Don’t do that! You know I’m kinda glad about this whole witch thing just so I can hit you when you’re stupid!” She exclaimed. Everyone burst out laughing then, even Esme and Carlisle chuckled. Alice hopped over and gave Bella a dainty high-five.

“Back on topic, you were wondering everything you can do Bella?” Enid asked giggling.

“What? Oh, yes I am really confused and curious at the same time.” Bella said sitting on my lap, apparently I was forgiven.

“Well lets summarize shall we, you are obviously a healer, that’s quite rare you should be proud, you are immortal which looks like a good thing considering your fiancée, you are very strong, you can control some nature not all, that would put Earth off balance, and yes we do make - I hate using this term - potions. Really it makes us sound like the Hollywood version with black hats and warts.”She shuddered. Bella just laughed and asked

“Should I get a black cat too?” I laughed at that but Enid actually considered it.

“You know they do make great companions but no, it’s not necessary.

“What did you mean by… potions?” This was all too surreal, my Bella brewing potions how utterly absurd.

“Again it’s for lack of a better word really. There really more…mixtures. Herbs and such, you might use it more often considering you are a healer, certain herbs and flowers would help you out when you are healing someone. If you choose to do such, I personally just use that certain aspect to make bubble bath mixtures that calm but whatever floats your boat.” She said shrugging. Bella laughed at that, I still couldn’t see her brewing a potion…

“So my dear, are you ready to try out your powers?” Enid asked; a twinkle in her eyes.