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Many Secrets

Many Secrets BannerIt's the summer after New Moon and everything is finally back to normal for Bella and the Cullens (as normal as it can get that is). Atleast it was until one day Bella collapses and then wakes up seeing aura's. Will an old family member of her's be able to sort all this out? And just how many secrets does the Swan family have?

All right so lets pretend that that instead of Bella turning down Edwards proposal (would you have? Didnt think so) she agreed. Don't worry you'll find out why later on. Bella and Edward have been spending the first few weeks of summer together to rebuild their relationship as well. I'm not real sure how long this will be but I all ready have a few more chapters done. Without further ado read on!

6. Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

“What?” We all asked in unison. She smiled mysteriously and answered

“Apparently since … my powers came in full force it kind of … altered my blood. If any of you were to bite me it would puncture my skin, after a very hard bite mind you, and the venom would enter my blood stream but… I don’t know. It just sort of … breaks down because of… what I am. I guess…my blood could be considered an antidote to your venom. Here, bite me, any of you.” She said, offering her arm out. Was she insane? Of course she was she was offering us her blood!

Did she just…offer…her…blood? She’s nuts. I agreed with Jasper.

At least I would finally have bit her…Rose thought lightly

I wonder what would happen. Alice started looking to the future but saw nothing as no one had decided to bite her.

That could be kinda cool actually…I glared at Emmett who looked at me you know you’re curios Edward which unfortunately was true.

“Really, it would be fine, nothing would happen I swear.” Bella urged. I cringed, how could she say that? She sighed and pulled her arm back

“Fine then” She walked over and settled onto my lap. I put my arms around her lithe figure “Any more questions.” She asked distractedly turning around slowly looking in my eyes, oh crap, there’s that fire again. Everything else disappeared, except for Bella she leaned in slowly and brushed her lips against mine; I pulled her face in and deepened it. Then she did the most idiotic thing of all, she pushed my teeth against her skin, causing it to break. I pushed her away roughly; she fell to the floor, but caught herself. She gingerly fingered her bottom lip while everyone stared wide-eyed at her; I licked my lips tasting her blood.

It was the sweetest blood I’d ever tasted; I remembered it perfectly from when James, I snarled, bit her. Everyone stared at me then, and Emmett had come over to hold me back. It tasted the same, still moistened my ever dry and baked throat, but yet again…no bloodlust. I had gone from wanting her blood every second I was with her to not wanting it at all. It was as though taking a drink of water, but you could stop if need be.

I stared at her, and she just grinned, her lip had all ready healed. What just happened? I repeated my question to her and she just shrugged

“I don’t know really…but pretty cool ay?” She smiled. Pretty cool…this…this was insane. She should be withering in agony right now, not sitting on the floor making chit-chat. She sighed and stood up to sit next me, placing a hand on my shoulder

“I’m sorry really, but I knew you’d never find out any other way… are you very mad?” She asked meekly. I sighed, it was impossible to remain angry with her when she looked like that. I looked toward her and shook my head

“No, not very. But you almost gave us all a heart attack, not so easy with us.” She laughed softly and pecked my cheek before saying

“Any who was that cool or what, seriously, pretty awesome if I do say so myself” She said grinning. Everyone laughed weakly still a bit unsure from what just happened, but Alice recovered the quickest.

“Ok well…besides … you know that, any other cool stuff yea can do?” Bella went on to describe everything she told me in the woods, everyone was just as shocked as I was.

“Oh and I wanted to talk to Esme, I guess I should start a garden or so Enid said.” I looked at her quizzically

“Why?” I asked. She blushed red and shifted her eyes away muttering

“It’s nothing I don’t know if I even believe it I mean it’s just something that Enid believed cause of the healing and stuff….” She babbled on before I placed my hand over her mouth

“You are going to be married to a vampire, you’re best friend is a werewolf, and we find out enchantresses are real, do you really think there is something I might not believe in?” I asked smirking slightly. She rolled her eyes sighing but answered

“Fine, according to Enid, or grandma, whatever, because I am a healer and can use plants and herbs in my healing that means I can …” she cleared her throat nervously looking down before answering

“I can communicate with nature and the things in my garden. She said they’ll be able to ‘tell’ me things.” She finished slightly sarcastic. I looked on and didn’t quite know what to say while Alice supplied

“That would be so cool! Wish I could commune with nature. But no I just see the future.” She finished grinning. Bella stuck her tongue out then answered annoyed

“Do you want to hear more or not? Because if not I can go upstairs with Edward and practice my new found strength.” She said smirking. We were all silent before

“Little Bella is all grown up!” Emmett yelled, causing me to growl and Rosalie to hit him yet again. Bella chuckled but went on

“Anyway, let’s see…went over the whole nature thing, the immortality, the immunity, the strength, the healing, and the auras oh there’s uh one more thing…” she trailed off looking like she wondered if she should tell now or later.

“What is it?” I asked curiously. A small grin was fighting to take over face and she said

“Well, I can see aura’s correct?” We nodded not sure where this going “Well auras aren’t around everything…”

“Where yea going with this Bella” Emmett asked impatiently and Bella just said

“Fine, fine…auras are only around people with a soul.” She said looking at each of us with a smirk. We all just sat there gaping as she got up and sat in front of each person on her knees in turn, she started with Rosalie

“Red aura, a person who shows strength through sexuality and is fiercely protective of the one’s they love.” On to Emmett now

“Orange, a thrill seeker through and through; such as going bear wrestling when human” He smirked slowly still stunned. Next was Alice who was bouncing in excitement

“Yellow, few people have these because they are some of the only eternally happy and optimistic people left.” Alice squealed with excitement at her rarity, Jasper came up looking wary at was his was, he was afraid it would show him to be weak or evil or something.

“Tan with green overlapping it, you are an environmental tan meaning you process things in an orderly fashion, you like structure and … war plans so to speak. You are very aware of what’s going on around you as well; the green aura is rare as well because they are some of the most intelligent in the spectrum. You should be proud, basically you are the most intelligent being in the room” She smirked as he slowly smiled. And now it was my turn, I was curious but also apprehensive as to what mine meant she looked at me lovingly and said

“Tan with a red overlay” she said the last part sadly causing

me to worry, not for me for her but she went on “You are a logical tan; you’re thoughtful throughout in every aspect. You like to have schedules, when something new comes and throws that off balance you are wary of it, unsure.” She grinned a little probably thinking of herself.

“You are not a risk taker but would do anything for someone you love, heck maybe even I don’t know…kill yourself?” She said faking curiosity, I rolled my eyes and she continued but with a slight frown

“your red overlay shows you, at times, are depressed. It faints every time I’m near you, almost like I’m counteracting it, but when I’ve been gone for a time, it shows up again. Why are you depressed?” She asked concerned. I smiled stroking her cheek

“I suppose you can now see just how much I need you now. When I’m not with you, it’s like half of myself has gone missing.” She grinned biting her lip and pecked me on the lips before standing up and sitting next to me again.

“So, now you have scientific and spiritual proof that you all have souls and would you die someday would go to Heaven. So take that Mr. Pessimism” She said looking at me. I looked at her and a grin took over mine and all of my family’s faces as they processed those words. I myself was shocked, elated, mostly shocked. But oh how I wanted to whisk her up to that bed in our room and ravish her just for making it completely and utterly clear we all, I have a soul. Although I am sure it is not nearly as beautiful or pure as Bella’s that does not diminish the fact that I have one. Bella looked on at each of with a soft smile obviously enjoying the joy she’s brought to each of us.

The next thing caught me completely off guard; Rosalie stood up walked over and pulled Bella up and into a loving sisterly hug murmuring into her hair

“I was wrong you know, I thought you were pulling us apart, a nuisance something we shouldn’t bother ourselves with, trouble; I was wrong, you’ve brought us together in ways unexplainable, thank-you Bella, thank-you so much my sister.” Bella pulled back but still held onto Rosalie looking in her eyes, her mouth opened in shock

“Do you mean that?” she blinked, Rosalie nodded smiling and then was crushed in a hug by Bella, she let out an

“Oof, huh, still not used to strong Bella.” She laughed. Bella pulled back apologetically and came back to me as Rosalie went to Emmett.

“Well that was lovely and all but can we get back to business here? I want to hear more about Bella!” Alice demanded clasping her hands. Bella laughed and said

“I’m afraid that’s it…well all that I know of. This is still so…surreal. This all happened in two days...” She rolled her eyes in exhaustion. I rubbed her back hoping to soothe her but Alice didn’t seem to notice Bella’s fatigue because she gasped and said

“Do you realize what we’ve forgotten amongst all of this?” Bella stiffened; I think she knew because she said quickly

“I’m really tired Alice, do you think we could talk tomorrow… or not.” She sighed as she leaned into me as she saw the death-glare from Alice.

“Fine, fine we can talk wedding stuff” she got up and was promptly dragged upstairs all the while I could hear her muttering

“Aren’t you supposed to be the wedding planner? And besides won’t you just see what I choose?” Oh, my poor, poor Isabella. She may very well die from exhaustion. Actually that may happen…I’ll have to go up there soon. I turned my attention to the rest of the family when I heard Emmett whistle

“Well…look who was wrong after all?” he said smirking at me. I narrowed my eyes at him

“How was I supposed to know we had souls? There was no proof.” Rosalie just tsked at me saying

“Don’t you realize by now that some things simply can’t be explained? You should considering you’re a vampire about to marry a human, well sort of human.” She finished rolling her eyes.

“You know…once you get used to the annoying little thing, she’s actually kind of interesting to study.” She said thoughtfully. Jasper laughed and said

“You talk about her as if she’s some sort of science experiment.” Rosalie just shrugged indifferently and I glared at her.

“What? Oh come on when you first met her you were the same way, trying to dissect her freaky mind and why you couldn’t read her thoughts.” I looked away annoyed…even if she was right. Emmett laughed loudly at me, lovely, now he thinks I think of my Bella as some lab rat.


I walked up the steps vampire pace anxious to get Bella away from Alice; she was probably ready to drop. I opened the door and found Alice and Bella sitting cross-legged on the floor, they were surrounded by scraps of fabric, wedding magazines and a twelve inch thick binder that Alice had laid open while she wrote things down furiously fast. Poor Bella was leaning against the bed looking as if she was ready to fall back then and there. She obviously heard me and turned, her eyes sparking and she leaped up and into my arms, I caught her bridal style while chuckling as she clung to me exclaiming

“My savior! Oh please, get me out of here! NOW.” I nodded and said smiling

“Good-bye Alice.” She huffed and mumbled

“Fine, but next time you’re here we are going over center pieces and place settings!” Bella rolled her eyes and tucked her head under my chin as I walked down the stairs and out the door

“Bye everybody!” she called over her shoulder; there was a smattering of good-byes back towards her. I heard her sigh and looked down concerned. I set her on the ground and she got in the car, I got in and asked as I pulled out the driveway

“What’s wrong?” She looked over and smiled slightly saying

“Nothing, don’t worry about it.” I consented, not asking again but I still worried. I pulled into her driveway and cut the engine. I looked to her again and she was staring straight out the windshield.

“I have to go make Charlie dinner. You’ll be back later right?” she asked still looking out the window. I nodded and said

“Yes, of course…Bella please, what’s wrong? I’m worried.” She sighed again but finally looked to me and she said

“You won’t be happy with me.” I was confused, I could never be unhappy with her

“How so?” I asked. She closed her eyes taking a deep breath then said

“I’ve decided to go and talk to Jacob.” I growled, unaware of it and she glared

“Don’t you growl at me, I’ll be perfectly fine. Besides I’ve got all these great new powers now, if anybody even tries and touch me I will personally hex them for life; somehow. You know I don’t really know if I can do spells or not…oh well, I’m immortal now so it’s not like they can hurt me. And I’m not discussing this either so don’t even try or talk me out of It.” she said, her eyes challenging me to argue her. I must really be a glutton for punishment

“I don’t want you to go to La Push Bella.” She sighed frustrated and rolling her eyes said

“Yes, I realize that Edward dearest, it’s not like I’m oblivious and think you two are the best of friends but I would think that you have some faith in me to be able to protect myself now and to be careful of what I do there. Or don’t you trust me?” She asked cocking an eyebrow. I rolled my eyes

“Of course I trust you Bella; I don’t trust them, the dogs.” I finished bitterly. Did she not see how dangerous this was even now? If any of them lost their temper, even for a fraction of a second, they could phase and she could…I didn’t want to think about it. She switched tactics and placed a hand on my stone-cold cheek whispering

“I will be fine Edward, I was around the whole pack for months and nothing ever happened.” Her voice broke slightly at the end I could see the whisper of guilt in her eyes; I was instantly on guard

“What happened” I asked firmly. She dropped her hand, looking down and said

“It was nothing…when I first met all of them and they knew I knew about them…one of them, Paul, was…worried. He got, a little over-reacted and might have phased. But Jacob was there and protected me! I was fine!” she assured looking up at me. I shook my head

“No.” she glared suddenly and then her eyes widened in disbelief before she looked away and got out of the car and started towards the house, I jumped out and called

“Bella, what’s wrong? What did I do?” She shook her head, arms crossed in front of her; she turned when she was on the porch

“I wasn’t asking for permission Edward, you don’t decide what I can and can’t do. I’ll see you later, right now I have to make dinner and have a phone call to make.” With that she went inside and shut the door, and I was left standing in the rain.