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Many Secrets

Many Secrets BannerIt's the summer after New Moon and everything is finally back to normal for Bella and the Cullens (as normal as it can get that is). Atleast it was until one day Bella collapses and then wakes up seeing aura's. Will an old family member of her's be able to sort all this out? And just how many secrets does the Swan family have?

All right so lets pretend that that instead of Bella turning down Edwards proposal (would you have? Didnt think so) she agreed. Don't worry you'll find out why later on. Bella and Edward have been spending the first few weeks of summer together to rebuild their relationship as well. I'm not real sure how long this will be but I all ready have a few more chapters done. Without further ado read on!

7. Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

“You are the biggest idiot I have ever laid eyes on, and that includes my mind’s eye! What were you thinking?” I sighed as I made my way back to my room.

“Yes Alice I realize that I didn’t approach this right, but it really doesn’t help for you to rub it in my face.” She huffed but followed me

“So what are you going to do?” I looked to her surprised and asked

“You’re going to help me convince her she shouldn’t go?” she rolled her eyes and said

“Obviously, I would like to have kept my sister unscathed, and it really bugs me when I can’t see her. I mean ever since she … changed, or however you want to word it, she’s been a little fuzzy but I can still see her.”

“Why do you think your visions of her clouded?” I asked confused. She shrugged and sat down on my couch, curling up into the side

“I don’t know really, but I think I can still see her because she used to be completely human, and still somewhat is. But it’s unclear because I never was and never will be an enchantress.” I nodded, that made sense. Though I could tell she was irked by not seeing Bella clearly more than she let on.

“Anyway” she waved her hands,

“I am going to tell you what to do and you are going to do it do you understand?” I cocked an eyebrow at her and asked

“I assure you I can figure this out for myself.” She just stared at me blankly then ran over and slapped me behind the head and said

“No, no you can’t dear brother. For two reason, one you are a boy, a male, y-chromosome, therefore you are an idiot, enough said.” I opened my mouth to argue but she clamped her hand over it and continued

“Shush and let me finish, and the second reason being I all ready have a plan so there’s no need for you to hurt that poor little brain of yours in trying to come up with some horrible idea that will most likely just make her more pissed at you.” I rolled my eyes but nodded and let her begin telling me what to do, like I said, worse than Hitler.


I stormed inside still fuming at Edward. I know that he loved me and just wanted me safe but honestly this was getting out of hand. He was making my decisions. That isn’t going to happen, now way, no how. I huffed and was about to start dinner but remembered the things I left in the truck. I went back out to get them and ran back in out of the rain.

I ran upstairs and put my necklace on my desk, and set the book on my nightstand. I was still angry as I went downstairs and started to gather the ingredients for dinner. I smelled smoke and looked up from the sink where I was washing off potatoes and looked around alarmed. And that’s when I saw the lace curtains hanging on the window above the sink…smoking. I looked closer and saw the bottom edges had been singed … What. The. Heck.

Did not know I could do that…I set the potato down and wiped my hands before sprinting upstairs, not without tripping on air, and grabbed the leather bound journal and quickly looking through the pages until I came to a slight explanation

“As enchantresses we can use the elements to our advantage…unfortunately that is also a burden because the elements come out when we have fierce emotions. For example, if angry or any passionate feeling is felt we tend to slightly burn or singe things around us. It is the anger leaking out. If we are sad or depressed it can cause rain to fall, if happy and gleeful sun to shine. We simply have to be careful when expressing our emotions.”

Well…that’s going to be difficult. So now whenever I get pissed at Lauren for annoying me or trying to flirt with Edward I’ll burn her? Actually…that could be used to my advantage…no! Bad Bella, use your powers for good, not evil. Never in my life did I think I would have to say that. I shook my head trying to rid it of the thoughts circling around in it and went back downstairs.

I was tired so I just poked some of the potatoes and put them in the oven and made cube steak on the stove with boiled carrots with melted butter on top. As the steak was sizzling I hesitated before picking up the phone and dialing the all too familiar number. It rang three times before Billy’s gruff voice answered

“Hello?” I cleared my throat nervously and said

“Hi Billy,it’s uh, it’s Bella. Is Jacob there?” Please say yes, please say ye-

“No, sorry; maybe later.” He grumbled then hung up. I looked at the phone in my hand, almost wishing for him to just call back. I sighed and hung it back up on the wall. Why was he rejecting me like this? Why couldn’t he just…just see how I needed Edward? Surely he did, he had seen me all those months, how broken I was…and yet he still refused me.

Well no that’s a lie, he didn’t refuse me, I was refusing him. In a way, he wanted more I wanted less, it was all very confusing. And now I had the beginning of a migraine. I groaned cupping my forward and wished the pain would alleviate. Where were those healing powers now? I got up though and finished dinner.

Charlie’s cruiser pulled up and I heard him walking up the driveway.

“Hey dad” I greeted, he nodded, hanging up his holster and coat

“Hey Bells, smells great.” I smiled, Charlie was easy to please, and why couldn’t more people be that way? I served up our dinner and we ate in silence. I sighed, depressed. Oh and look, there comes the rain…Charlie of course looked up and chuckled

“Typical Forks I guess.” I grinned nervously

“Uh yea, I guess so…” more like typical enchantress. This is sad; it’s a steady downpour. Charlie cleared his throat and looked up from his plate

“So…tried to call Jacob lately?” I rolled my eyes, he never was subtle

“Actually I did…he still won’t talk to me.” The end came out in a dejected whisper. Even I could tell how pathetic I sounded. Charlie suddenly looked angry

“What do you mean?” he asked, his voice saturated in confusion. I looked down blushing

“I mean, he won’t talk to me because I took Edward back.” Charlie took a deep breath, he still wasn’t that … fond, of Edward but I think he hated me being sad even more.

“I could talk to Billy about him…” he suggested. I shook my head and looked at him, forcing a smile

“Don’t worry about it dad, I’m sure…just, just don’t bother.” Charlie took a deep breath and changed the subject which I was grateful for.

“So, how’s work at Newton’s so far?”


After Charlie and I finished dinner and I had cleaned up the kitchen, we went our ways. Charlie to the living room and I came up to my bedroom. I was lying on my bed and reading the journal Enid gave me. I was reading about my healing powers and how I would have to channel energy through my hands to whatever I’m healing (yup, that’s going to be easy. Not) when I realized something, why was I just calling him? I mean it’s not like I’m a Cullen (yet) I’m not forbidden from crossing the treaty, and it worked last time right?

Yes, yes it did. I jumped up and threw my sneakers on racing downstairs.

“Where’s the fire? What’s going on Bells?” Charlie asked as I grabbed my raincoat. I skidded to a halt and stuttered

“Oh, um…well…I’m going to see Jacob. Or at least I hope so.” I finished, deciding the truth was better. I saw shock cross his face, but amusement quickly replaced it, he smirked turning back to the TV

“Be back by nine.” He said, I nodded and ran to my truck. Alice is going to be seriously peeved and Edward…oh that’s not going to be a fun conversation. I started the engine and was on my way. Ok, please, please let me cross the border before Edward finds out and comes for me. I silently cringed at the thought of him standing at the border as I finish my visit, oh that’s going to be bad. I even did the sign of the Cross quickly before I crossed the line. And I don’t think I’ve ever prayed before. Well once when I thought Edward might die in Italy, but that was about it.

I cut the engine as I parked in the Blacks driveway and took a deep breath, trying to calm myself before I stepped out in the drizzle. I stepped towards the house slowly, terrified almost. Not of Jacob or anyone for that matter, but of the chance that he might throw me out, forever. I got to their front door and knocked twice. I stood there waiting, biting my lip and wringing my hands in anticipation.

Finally I heard a shuffle behind the door and it opened revealing Jacob. He looked…wary. It was almost like he was afraid as well, it seemed like he wanted to be friends, but I couldn’t be sure. The silence was deafening and awkward so I ventured out cautiously

“Hi” I choked out. He looked at me critically, still inside the doorway, like we had our own border line as well. He sighed and answered tiredly

“Hi.” I looked down unsure how to proceed but he did that for me

“What are you doing here Bella?” I looked up and saw a glimmer of old Jacob, he wasn’t the happy-go-lucky one, but it was old Jacob, and he was…scared.

“I wanted to talk to you…see you.” I whispered looking down at my suddenly fascinating converses. I looked up aggravated when he snorted; there was Sam’s Jacob again.

“What was that for?” I asked annoyed. He just smirked coldly and said

“Nothing, I just wondered why you suddenly want to see me when you haven’t for weeks. What changed?” I looked at him, disbelievingly. Then I snapped and yelled at him

“WHAT CHANGED? WHAT – YOU IDIOT! Have you conveniently forgotten that I was on house arrest for WEEKS?! Which you added to I might add! So what changed you ask? Oh I don’t know the fact that I just got released about a week ago! And while we’re at it, what about you, huh? Why haven’t you been talking to me?” I shot at him. He looked slightly shell shocked at my little outburst, well good, he deserved it. Behind in the distance, I distinctly heard Billy trying to muffle his laughs. I felt a little smug at that, Billy, who hated the Cullen’s with a passion, was, a tad little bit, on my side. And I deserved a little smugness, he has put me through some serious stress and I was sick of it.

He fumbled around looking for his voice while I just stood there (in the rain I might add) silently fuming. He sighed and finally said looking defeated

“I’m sorry. I – I didn’t know what to do, I mean I still…I still want to be friends, I mean come on, you’re my freaking best friend but with the damn bloodsu-

“Stop it, they have names you know.” I cut him off. He rolled his eyes and said

Fine, with the damn Cullen’s, there I didn’t know what to do. I’m sorry ok? You happy?” he asked. I sighed, looking at him and said

“No not really. You could have called you know.” He shook his head

“Didn’t have time, we’re still tracking that leech that’s after you. We’ve caught her scent up around the border near Canada, she keeps coming back and forth, seems like she’s looking for a chance to pounce.” My blood ran cold, and I felt numb. Victoria. With everything going on lately I had actually forgotten about the sadistic vampire out to avenge her mate. I was seriously losing it these days, maybe it was all those herbs at Enid’s house; they were probably some mild marijuana or something screwing with my head…

“Hey, it’s cool! We’ve got her cornered wherever she goes, you’re safe.” Jacob said soothingly seeing my obvious distress. He walked out shutting the door behind him said

“Come on, let’s go to our spot.” I nodded numbly and followed. All I could think was her name, Victoria, going over and over in my head, taunting me, haunting me like she was right next to me, whispering it in my ear. It sent shivers down my spine just picturing her next to me, her fire red hair swirling around her. We came to our usual log and sat down.

“So…where are we now?” I asked, trying to rid my thoughts of the red-haired vampire. He sighed, cradling his head in hands, his elbows propped on his knees.

“I don’t know. Maybe…maybe we can, on my side of the line. But I – I can’t be around the lee- the Cullen’s Bella. We just can’t be around each other, can’t you see that?” he asked, almost pleading with me. I looked to him and saw how he desperately wanted, no needed, his best friend; I still thought, and believed if they both, the wolves and the Cullen’s, got over their prejudices that they could live in harmony. But I wasn’t going to get that done today so I took a deep breath and swallowed nodding, and placed my hand on his large one. He grinned and pulled me into a bear-hug, I was quickly losing oxygen so I breathed out

“Can’t – breath – Jacob.” He released me quickly, still grinning, old Jacob was back, thank God, seriously I really do need to pray more, and I felt bad now. Now here comes the hard part.

“So Jacob, guess what? I’m not human!” I said smiling tightly, I waved my hands out and said