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Many Secrets

Many Secrets BannerIt's the summer after New Moon and everything is finally back to normal for Bella and the Cullens (as normal as it can get that is). Atleast it was until one day Bella collapses and then wakes up seeing aura's. Will an old family member of her's be able to sort all this out? And just how many secrets does the Swan family have?

All right so lets pretend that that instead of Bella turning down Edwards proposal (would you have? Didnt think so) she agreed. Don't worry you'll find out why later on. Bella and Edward have been spending the first few weeks of summer together to rebuild their relationship as well. I'm not real sure how long this will be but I all ready have a few more chapters done. Without further ado read on!

9. Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

“You should go hunting” she whispered softly, tracing the dark circles beneath my eyes.

“I guess I’ll have to remind you know since my powers seem to alleviate the thirst.” she smiled. I smiled down at her, kissing her head and pulling her closer to me on her small bed in the dimly lit bedroom.

“I’ll be fine.” I reassured her. She shook her head and said

“No, no, you have to go. If I’m not with you guys it will probably come back full force.” I sighed and nodded, I had been planning on going hunting with Jasper, Emmett and Carlisle anyway, might as well go now.

“I probably won’t be here when you wake up, will you be ok?” I asked worried. I was still worried that she was having nightmares. She nodded and tucked herself closer to me

“I’ll be fine, don’t worry. Maybe I’ll ask Esme to come over and help me start up that garden of mine. I’m a little worried though; I used to kill every plant I touched.” She said grimacing. I chuckled and answered

“I doubt that will happen now Love, aren’t you supposed to be able to ‘commune’ with nature or something like that?” I felt her cheeks flame and she stuttered

“Oh, uh, yea, I guess so.” I looked at her quizzically and she just shook her head

“Don’t ask you’ll see sometime I’m sure.” She rolled her eyes and I simply smiled. I honestly could not wait until I would be able to read her thoughts, I’m sure they’re far more interesting than any others I have heard. I hugged her close and whispered into her ear

“Sleep now Bella; dream of far off lands, and ethereal settings; of the warm sun and us lying together in the meadow, of us together.” She was quickly falling into the womb of slumber but managed to murmur

“I always do Edward.”


stayed until Emmett came and practically dragged me out the window.

“I swear you’re a freaking stalker sometimes.” He said mockingly as we ran home. I rolled my eyes, used to this comment.

“If it were Rosalie, what would you do?” He grinned wickedly,

You really want to know?

And like that I was assaulted with an image of Rosalie in Bella’s place, and Emmett in mine. But unlike me, he gently shook her awake, and Rosalie so overcome with passion at my presence promptly jumped him. I cringed away as the detail became in-depth.

“Again, I don’t feel the need to see my sister in that…situation, thank-you very much.” He laughed boisterously and halted to a stop as we came to the house.

“Jasper, Carlisle, get out here!” he hollered. Jasper stepped outside calmly and was standing nonchalantly with his hands in his pockets and rocking on the back of his feet.

“You don’t need to shout you know I can hear you.” He smiled. Emmett shrugged his shoulders and said

“Not as much fun. Where’s Carlisle?”

“Saying goodbye to Esme, he’ll be out-

“Now, let’s go boys.” Carlisle cut in and started off to his Emmett’s jeep. We were traveling up to southern Canada and going part of the way by the jeep was quicker, and quick was what I was aiming for; I wanted to be back with Bella sooner. Jasper looked at me amused and thought

We aren’t even in the car yet and you all ready want to go back? I shrugged smiling, he shook his head smiling.


I crouched, focusing on the wild cat that was currently walking through the woods. It slowed, its ears pricking no doubt trying to pinpoint me. I stalked him, my muscles coiled and ready jump. As I crept forward the cat shot forward; I followed weaving in between the trees and foliage, my instincts taking over. I let the scent fill my nostrils and felt the burn grow in my throat. I pounced and snapped the neck before the cat realized what had happened.

I drank, feeling the thick, warm liquid coat my parched and baked throat. It soothed it greatly and when I had finished I uprooted a tree and buried the poor creature. That was my last hunt for the day and I sat on a boulder nearby waiting for the others to finish. I let my mind wader to the only thing important to me, Bella. I wondered what she was doing, this very moment. I had told Esme how Bella may ask for help today and she had been so excited I was worried she may run over to Bella’s immediately. I was curious to see just what Bella supposedly could do with plants and animals, she seemed so wary of her…powers, while on the other hand I was practically jumping for joy like Mike Newton would if Bella accepted one of his offers. I was brought back to the present when I heard someone walking towards me. I heard that it was Carlisle and greeted him

“Hello Carlisle” he nodded sitting next to me, I could sense he was getting ready to have a talk with me. Not that I didn’t enjoy my ‘adoptive’ fathers company I really would rather just think about Bella, but I would humor him.

“So…how have you been lately Edward?” he asked carefully as though he was afraid I would be angry with him; I frowned, why would he think I’d be upset with him? This has been some of the happiest times in my existence lately. “Fine” I answered

“why?” he looked at me carefully and said

“How do feel about the … revelation, about Bella?” I was confused as to where he was going with this but answered

“Perfectly fine, extraordinary, where are you going with this Carlisle?” I asked slightly aggravated. He sighed and looked at the ground wearily.

“I’m not so sure, but…you do realize that, had this not happened you would have had to change Bella?”

I frowned and said “I suppose so-

“No, you can’t suppose so Edward you have to realize that had this not happened she would have had to been changed! You would have had to bite her Edward!” he spat out angrily and frustrated. I looked back slightly shocked, Carlisle never lashed out anyone, ever. The fact that he just had at me, it slightly stung but showed he was clearly angry with me for some reason.

“I still don’t understand Carlisle.” I admitted. He sighed and went on in a softer tone

“I guess what I am trying to say is, that if this had not happened, it would still have been Bella’s choice to be changed or not. If she wanted it then one of us, would have bitten her, no matter how upset you would have been. You have to understand that Bella, not you, chooses what she does in life. You have to compromise with her, not just try and make every decision for her because you think you know best.” I looked at him, not really sure what to say. I cleared my throat, not really needing to just an old habit that I kept with me, and said

“I think I understand, but…why did you feel the need to tell me now Carlisle?” He grinned and said

“I figured this would be the only time I’d have to talk to you now, I’m sure you’ll be quite busy with Bella for some time now.” He said it so innocently it almost took away the innuendo in it. I rolled my eyes at him, shaking my head

“Honestly, even you now, is that all anyone ever thinks about?”

“I don’t know, you tell me.” He smiled and got up to head back to the car

Come on, I want to see Esme just as much as you do Bella.

When I was starting to run back to the Jeep Jasper stopped me and said

“Hey do mind if I talk to you for a minute?” I shook my head, confused as to why everyone felt the need to lecture me today. I nodded to Carlisle

“Go on, we’ll meet up with you soon.” He nodded ok and started off to find Emmett. Jasper and I walked; I waited for him to start.

“So how have you and Bella been?” he finally asked. I furrowed my brow at him and answered

“Fine, why? Why is everyone so worried about us?” he shook his head

“Calm down” and obviously I felt the effect he was having and took a deep breath

“Sorry, little stressed lately” he chuckled dryly

“I could imagine” flashes of images went through his mind, streaks of fire-red hair, the Volturi, even one of Enid.

“Thanks for reminding me” I said tersely. He laughed and apologized

sorry, I do have a reason to his this ‘talk’ though.

He finished on a serious note.

“Has Bella seemed more…anxious or worried around you lately? He asked. I thought back and couldn’t find anywhere that I thought she was on edge so I shook my head no and asked

“Why do you ask?” he seemed wary to answer but went on thinking

Lately I’ve noticed she’s very stressed, which she obviously has reason to be, no human should be able to cope with all this, then again she isn’t really human…anyway, it’s even more so now, since her…change? What would you call that? But like I was saying, especially when she is around you, it’s some sort of…anxious, fearful, and waiting. I think she’s expecting you to leave her again

. I stopped, sighing tiredly. How could she still think that she wasn’t good enough for me? I was the one who should be waiting for her to leave me.

“Oh don’t you start too.” I looked up and saw annoyed Jasper with a scowl on his face

“What do you mean?” he scoffed and his shoulders sagged in annoyance

“You two really are perfect you know that? Both of you never see the obvious. Don’t start convincing yourself that she will leave you, that won’t help anything. I think she is worried that you’ll think she’s too…different, for you to still love her. Just…try to make her see how even more special she is now. I mean come on, you’re on practically even footing now.” I considered what he was saying, the first night we found out all about this situation she had expressed some hesitation but I assumed it had just dissipated the same night, obviously I was wrong. I looked up and thanked Jasper

“Thank-you Jasper, I really do appreciate this.” He clapped me on the shoulder and smiled

“No problem, just don’t be an idiot about it, I can’t handle all these depressing emotions.” I laughed and answered

“Come on, Emmett’s probably annoyed at our slow pace.”


We were back in Fork’s by five in the afternoon so I of course headed straight to Bella’s. I slowed my running as I heard Bella’s sweet melodic voice flow through the woods. She seemed to be talking to someone. I walked through the woods till I saw her sitting cross-legged on her near the edge of the forest head bent low to the ground.

“Really? Oh I don’t think I could handle that, especially all at once.” In return I heard some sort of bird calling back as though they were conversing. I walked closer, not being able to handle the smirk coming over my face

“Oh I see will he always be there-

“Honey, what are you doing?” I asked slowly, trying not to laugh. Her head whipped around, her eyes wide and her mouth slightly open in shock. He closed it and looked back to the small bird on the ground. She swallowed nervously and bit her lip

“Talking to a sparrow?” it came out as a question, and she shrugged her shoulders trying to be nonchalant about it.

“Oh” I nodded desperately trying not to laugh at her. She got up and walked over

“I know I seem nuts, but honestly, I was. It’s something to do with being an Enchantress…why are you laughing? This isn’t funny Edward!” I had failed at containing my laughter and was bent over trying to at least stop but I heard her muffled giggles and looked up to see her hand clamped over her math and her eyes twinkling

“It is kind of insane isn’t it?” at that I heard a chirp and Bella looked over her shoulder

“Oh not you, myself I meant, so sorry.” Another chirp and the bird flew off. Bella looked at me again biting her lip to keep back a smile

“So…how was hunting?” I shook my head at her, only Bella would wave off talking to a bird as some common experience.

“It was fine, care to explain what just happened.” She turned away smiling awkwardly

“No not really” she started off to her house; I ran and stopped in front of her

“Really, because I think it would be fascinating.” She rolled her eyes and scoffed walking around me. I grabbed her arm gently and turned her around

“I’m serious Bella, I really am curious about all this, you were always magnificent and other worldly in my eyes before, even more so now. You know that right? That no matter what happens to either of us, I love you still the same? That will never change.” She looked up at me, and I saw the flicker of recognition in her eyes before she sighed looking down

“I know, well now at least and I’m sorry that I still doubt myself” I pulled her into me, and she put her arms around me and continued

“It’s just…hard, and confusing, I mean I woke up thinking I was human and was all ready thinking about me as a vampire but then I went to bed the same day completely different, and… I don’t know. I’m not making much sense am I?” I pulled back and looked at her

“Yes you are it’s the same thing I went through when I woke up as a vampire, of course I didn’t go to bed but I know what its like.” She nodded and asked teasingly

“So when does it get easier?” I chuckled and ruffled her hair

“It will be probably be easier for you I think, but then again I don’t know how to talk to sparrows.” A wonderful blush overtook her cheeks and she mumbled

“It’s not that big of a deal.” I laughed and asked

“So, did Esme come over today?” she nodded and said

“Yea, I got the garden going” I heard the sarcasm lacing her words and asked

“What’s that tone for?” she looked up an annoyed grimace on her face

“Do you know how weird it is for a person when they touch a flower bud and suddenly it shoot opens like it’s doing double-time for blooming?”