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Dreaming/ Dream on~ Dreamer style...

Delia now has her own point of view now! origins from Charmingal's: Dreaming With Tolley, hilry, lex and looney already in forks. Delia, Catkin and Tasha set off to meet them. but nothing is EVER simple is it? no. WARNING: may contain traces of vampire, wearwolf, phycologicaly scared/insane characters and moonsugar!


4. DALE! and if moon sugar came in shots...

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I bundled into the passenger seat, orange in hand.

Why wasn’t Cat getting in?

I mean I know he’s old and all but even he could catch us when we stand still!


“I cant…” catkin whispered

“WHAT?” I almost screeched, hysteric; glancing down the street the priest was almost

Clear of the fruity mess turning back to Catkin I pushed the driver’s door open: “Come on Catkin!”

“I don’t drive Delia. I cant!” she was pale and scared.

“Well why not!?”

Demerara sugar!

I would drive but knowing how Texas was for clichés, I would get distracted by tumble weed and crash; creating another tragic and pointless death.

“I’ll explain later… I’ve just seen a possible escape route.” Catkin announced

I glared at her, avoiding the question?

This had better be good.


It was good.

It was better than good.

Thank you clichés!

Thanks to my hi-jacked white horse and Catkins chestnut, the clergy was far behind.

Unfortunately along with the hotel, Tasha (who is still tied to the bed) and any possibility of Toast.

“Delia… Have you ever taken riding lessons?” she asked, tilting her had to the point that falling off was practically a certainty.

I had not.

I was learning by watching catkin and doing the exact opposite.

It wouldn’t be polite to point that out.

“Why couldn’t you drive that car Catkin?””

Catkin sighed and giving up on riding, climbed down.

Letting the pretty chestnut out on to open field.

I watched it.

It was free.

I smiled.

I turned back to Catkin waiting for her answer.

There was an explosion.

A gunshot so loud it might have well have been fired from next to me.

I turned back to where the horse had been happily grazing.

Another waste of life.

Cat dragged me to the side of the road and let me cry it all out.


Tash glared at us.

Despite her murderous look Catkin unties her.

Tash chugs down another pack of moon sugar.

That much moon sugar cant be good for anyone…

“You know you could always just go buy some food form the shop?” I hint.

Missing the hint entirely she insists on having a duvet day.

My head gets a little dizzy jolt that sends the room spinning.

Quietly excusing myself I sneak off the bathroom.

Looking in the mirror my eyes look a little… funny.

Probably from my earlier upset.

I quickly splash my face.

Catkin and Tash are fighting and yelling down the phone.

“Oh yeah, Texas, land of cows and fit gay cowboys and all that, you’ll never believe it though, they have… MOON-SUGAR SHOPS!!!”

Oh per-lease!

Tell me something I don’t know!

If moon sugar comes in shots,

I’ve gone over the limit and am currently stuck in the hangover period!

Headaches, fatigue, nausea.

The whole caboodle.

So what do you do when you’re feeling like a hung over teenager?

Well duh!

You watch children’s TV programs for four hours.

And in Texas, there is only one…






Tasha and I giggled and started on the second verse, only to be interrupted by a loud knock at the door.

Before Cat could move Tash had raced to the door and opened it

“Hello! Who are you? Why are you here? Where do you come from? Do you like sugar? I LOVE Moon sugar! Hello? Can you speak English?”

Pretty impressive speech considering she hadn’t taken a breath since ‘will he save people?’

“Give the person room to breathe let alone speak Tash! Who is it anyway…?” Cat tried to peer round Tash who stood to one side as I skipped over to take a look.

“Hallo maid! I like your apron!” I grinned as she shuffled into the room and began to dust.

She had a red uniform on, and an apron with butterflies.

“Right Tash. Get dressed. You to D.” Catkin ordered.

Tasha sighed. “Whyyyyy?? I want to sleep some more…” Cat shook her head and pushed Tash towards the bathroom.

“Go on. Were going out and you’re not walking round Texas in your PJ’s!”

Already dressed and for lack of anything better to do. I asked our self-appointed leader: “what are we doing?”

“Explore?” Cat shrugged