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Dreaming/ Dream on~ Dreamer style...

Delia now has her own point of view now! origins from Charmingal's: Dreaming With Tolley, hilry, lex and looney already in forks. Delia, Catkin and Tasha set off to meet them. but nothing is EVER simple is it? no. WARNING: may contain traces of vampire, wearwolf, phycologicaly scared/insane characters and moonsugar!


5. Pirate Duck....?

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Now then!

What would a girl need to go exploring and/or shopping in Texas, with two friends?

I flipped open my suit case and started gathering the necessities.

after ten minuets i had cut it down to:


A small (but heavy) wooden bat (-for Tasha, Heaven knows I need it!)

The bad children’s fairye booke (with extra ‘ee’ s for bad children- another English classic )






Miniature Pirate Duck



Tea towels (I’m sure i can find a use for them)


Sun cream

False Mustaches (very important!!!)

Coloring Pencils


and a bag to put them all in.

Tasha bounded out the door behind Catkin,

and after numerous bashes,

bangs, falls, crashes,

the mysterious sound of metal rolling(...?) and shoutings,

We where off into the big wide state of Texas!

Cat was still paranoid.

maybe something to do with the large

amount of religious people.

Tasha was still moody.

defiantly from being tied to the bed

and lack of Moon sugar

I was still ill,

and maxed out on my headache pills...

for the next four hours.


Tasha had come up with a plan to test all my terrible lying skills.

one that might kill us both, ill give you a hint:

The answer was “Yes I’ll distract Catkin while you go get a piercing”

God help me... please?

“C’mon Cat!”

I caught her by the back of her shirt and started dragging her.

“Delia...? What the..?” The shock in her voice made it worse.

I can’t lie!


At all!

... well maybe once...

thats not the point!

Catkin has invisible lie detectors sticking out her head...

she calls it ‘Logic

“Tasha is going to get a drink, and I want to...”

There was a minute pause.

I scrambled through my head for an excuse.

‘I want to watch Tasha

get a needle stuck through her ears several more times’

probably wouldn't count as enough of a lie.

I settled with:

“watch people getting their hair cut”

Cat shouted her predictable answer about no alcohol.


( II )


My head spun,

possibly from the heat,

possibly from the extraordinary amounts of moonsugar

I had consumed recently.

“Since when have you been interested in hair care Delia?”

Well thats easy, I’m blonde!

What blonde isn’t interested in hair care?

Im just not interested in it being cut...

“And where’s Tasha!?!”

Ah! she caught on!

we’re all gonna die!!

Much scariness on Catkins part ensued,

The end result involved her running off screaming:

“If you’ve got a tattoo, so help me Tash

I will leave you outside for the wolves to eat!

I swear I will leave you outside for the wolves to eat.”


just a piercing but Catkin was still scary..

Well Tolley probably wouldn't kill me over this.

Now, what funeral music would Catkin like?

I’d decided Tasha’s years ago.

A small bright shop caught my eye, about the same time it caught Tasha’s.

“Moonsugar inc.”

What better to drown the headachy pain of a moonsugar hang over,

than more moonsugar?

|t kinda made sense at the time...

Well its not like I could have any more aspirin for...

three hours thirty-eight minuets