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Dreaming/ Dream on~ Dreamer style...

Delia now has her own point of view now! origins from Charmingal's: Dreaming With Tolley, hilry, lex and looney already in forks. Delia, Catkin and Tasha set off to meet them. but nothing is EVER simple is it? no. WARNING: may contain traces of vampire, wearwolf, phycologicaly scared/insane characters and moonsugar!


6. The Hunch-back-beetle

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Moonsugar inc. wasn't nearly as interesting as i thought it would be.

the walls were made dull grey stone, that contrasted to the bright colorful Moonsugar.

Tasha, apparently delirious from the sight of so much Moonsugar,

was to busy hunting down the tubes with

the highest concentration of sugar... by smell....

(dont even ask if this is possible!)

and Catkin was playing her usual game:

stop the insane idiots from going high and putting me in an early grave

Catkin and Tash were getting on so well!

I sighed happily “... Moonsugar inc.; a fun day out for family and friends.....”

A small man (with a face like a beetle and a hunch so low,

he’d have given Quasimodo a run for his money)

hobbled into the room.

He glared at me for a moment,

then decided I couldn’t do much harm sitting

in a corner alone and went off to bother Catkin.

With the hunch-back beetle out the way, I decide it was high time I ‘Fixed’ his shop for him.

Fishing deep, deep into my bag, I searched for my crayons.


This could possibly be the worst thing that had ever happened to me.

worse than asparagus and ketchup combined!

worse than being kicked out of England!

Yes, Even worse than... GCSEs!

The green crayon had gone missing...

I looked sadly at the green-less patch of wall; the drawing with no green.

There was only one thing to do!

Sucking in a deep breath i screamed for the great-fixer-of-all-green-less-evil:

“CAAAAAAAAAATKIN!?!?!? My green is Missing!!!!!”

Catkin emerged from a thick cloud of smoke (which I hadnt noticed before) dragging a happily insane Tasha with her.

Tasha shoved her head in a barrel of Moonsugar to escape the yellings of the hunch-back-beetle.

The Catkin let her go.

Tasha was beside me in seconds, grinning proudly she handed me a luminous orange liquid.

I looked at her questioningly.

“Happy drink” she giggled

I have always believed what Tasha tells me.

Result: i drank the ‘happy drink’


I wake up on a lumpy mattress.

Jeez, Cat must have booked a really cheep hotel!

I open my eyes properly.

Looking up, I see a ceiling...

which I guess is better than looking up and seeing the floor.

the gray stone is just like the Monnsugar inc.’s.

Voices are approaching the room.

they sound... religious.

dont get me wrong, love religious people, very... religious.

They just dont often feel the same about me when I tell them im not.

i spare us from any arguments by pretending to be asleep.

several questions and minuets later they leave.

I sit up abruptly.

then wish i hadnt.

my head was spinning and being crazy on me.

i lie back quickly.

again wishing i hadnt.

the pillow wasnt really a pillow.

it was a solid lump in a pillow case,

pretending to be a pillow!


I turn my head to the side.

“Oh Cr-... Sh-... Bo-..”

Tolley’s no swearing policy came to mind.

lost for any real words, i muttered the first thing that came to mind:


It’s just me, Tash and Cat.

We’re in Prison.