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I Am Eighteen, Going on Nineteen

A musical parody of one of Edward and Bella's Immortality discussion to the song "I am sixteen, going on seventeen" from the Sound of Music. It is under poetry only because it doesn't meet the qualifications of a chapter. Inspired by ForlornFan--I LOVE YOU!!!!

Disclaimer: i only wish i owned all this. Alas, just the wording is mine.

1. Chapter 1

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Edward: You wait, little girl, on an empty stage
Your arm stretched out to bite
You have much left to live, many years to age
Not just an endless twilight

Bella: a twilight

Edward: You are eighteen going on nineteen
I will not take that away
College to go to, life dreams to pursue
You argue, but I won’t sway

You are eighteen going on nineteen
You’ve got many years to go
Forties and fifties, if your lucky even sixties
And finally old you’ll grow

Totally unprepared are you
To face a world of night
Human, mortal, and young are you
Its eternity in which you delight

I’m one-oh-six, going on one-oh-seven
I am not worth your soul
Please don’t give up this, for this black abyss
Don’t give me that glare black as coal
It’s true!

Bella: I am eighteen going on nineteen
Humanity’s not worth a lot
Your worth much more, your who I adore
And I’d give it up on the spot

I am eighteen going on nineteen
Hurry, I’m growing old
I’ll wrinkle and prune, and wither to my doom
And then I will die out cold

I’m prepared for immortality
To face an endless night
Please, understand, I want to be
Like you, why won’t you bite?

I need someone, older and immortal
To give me eternity
You are one-oh-six, going on one-oh-seven
Please, grant me, immortality.