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Fear of Falling

Jake's POV - New Moon "Breathe!" I shouted, slamming my hands into her chest. I couldn't lose her - it couldn't end like this. After eveything HE'd done to her, everything she'd fought for and lived through. Bella was a fighter, not a free faller. It couldn't end like this!


1. Fear of Falling

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Fear of Falling By: Natilie Sawada Takes place in New Moon right before Harry Clearwater has a heart attack and Bella jumps of the cliff Jacob's POV A/n: okay, okay, I finished this a while ago, and then before I posted it I stopped to think, and I was like OOHH CRAAAP!! Because I wasn't thinking that not all of them were werewolves yet in New Moon, so I accidentally included everyone, like Seth, Leah, and Quil! But after much internal debate it would be too hard to go and rewrite everything to accord with the book, so I'm just going to leave it as it is, and you guys will have to roll with it. So please, no flames yelling at me about it, I told you I was sorry, and I acknowledge my mistake. I’m sorry. Enjoy anyways please!~ ------------------------------ I don't think there was anything in the word that compared to the feeling of rocketing through the forest—fast as a bullet; silent as a ghost. I didn't think, didn't let any coherent through leak its way into my mind. I only let myself feel—observe. Just take in the way the forest felt above me, beneath me, all around me. Jacob, focus. We have work to do. Sam's stern voice broke through the surreal bubble around me. Sorry. Just concentrate next time. He saw my vision bounce as I nodded. Where are we headed again? This time it was not Sam's deep voice that answered, but Leah's short, clipped, annoyed voice—shockingly feminine after the low growl of Sam's. If you hadn't been daydreaming about your little girlfriend, you would know. Leah… Sam warned, his voice low and commanding. She shut up. And FYI, Leah, I wasn't thinking about Bella. Jake! Same scolded. For once... Leah muttered. Okay, you guys. Give it a rest, would ya? Quil asked. Sorry, Quil. I apologized. I settled back into the easy rhythm of running, the wind whipping past, blowing in icy rivulets of air through my fur. Then, through the trees, we heard a distant call that made out ears prick up. "Sam!" It was Billy. If my father needed to contact us during patrol, it must be important. I sent a questioning look at Sam. Yes, let's go. Jake, Quil, Paul, and Seth. Come with me. What?! Embry and Leah chimed in unison. Its cause I'm a girl, isn't it? Leah snarled. This always happens! No, Leah, Sam sighed internally, it's because you're the fastest. If the red-headed female comes back, you'll be able to catch her on your own. Whatever, Leah muttered, sprinting away into the trees, Embry following after a second of hesitation. All right, Sam continued, everyone left, follow me. We're heading back towards the reservation. A chorus of okays answered. Same took off into the trees, the rest of us following after, flanking him after we caught up. It took us a little over a minute to reach to line of trees skirting my backyard. As soon as we were all morphed back in our human forms (with the exception of Quil so he could communicate with Embry and Leah), and dressed, we broke through the trees into the small square yard. Billy sat on the concrete patio, his wheelchair swiveled around to face the forest and us. As soon as he spotted us, he tried to maneuver it towards the very edge of the pavement. "What's wrong, Billy?" Sam asked as the five of us reached him. "It's Harry." Beside me, I heard Seth's sharp intake of breath. "Dad?" Seth squeaked. "Is he okay?" Billy waved his hand, bringing the other to his ear. For the first time I noticed my father held the black cordless phone from our living room in his hand. I recognized the buzz coming from the speaker as Sue Clearwater's voice. "Yes, it's Seth," he said into the phone. He quickly glanced around. "Is Leah here?" "No, she's with Embry," Sam answered. "She's with Embry," my dad repeated into the phone. "Yah. Okay." He pulled the phone from his ear, and looked at me. "Jake, go find Emily, okay? Sam, take the boys to the hospital." "Hospital?" Seth's voice broke. "Your mother will explain once you get there." He turned his attention to Sam. "Does Leah know?" "Quil can hear from the trees. Quil?" He called, "Go find Leah and Embry. Tell them they need to get to the hospital as soon as possible, and then get there yourself." There was an almost inaudible bark from the trees. "Jake?" My dad asked. "What are you waiting for? Go!" I turned towards the forest, already starting to slip my jeans down my hips. "Jacob, wait, I'll come with you," Sam said, trotting to catch up with me. I shrugged. What did I care? I was just worried about Harry. I hit the tree line, my shape shaking apart, as well as Sam's beside me. We starting running towards Emily's house out by the cliffs. What was wrong with Harry? Why was he in the hospital? Heart attack, Sam said shortly. The grief behind his words mirrored mine. What? I halted in my tracks. Come on, Jake, we don't have time. Oh, right, sorry. I started running again. Is he gonna pull through? It took Sam a moment to form his emotions into words. It doesn't look so good right now. We hit the trees beside Emily's house, morphed and slipped out jeans on as we walked through the front door. "Emily?" Sam called as I followed him into the entry hall. "Oh, Sam!" Emily cried, flinging herself through a doorway and into his arms. "It's awful. Poor Harry!" She pulled back to look up at him. I glanced away, studying how the tone of my bare feet contrasted with the color of the floorboards. "You've heard, right?" "Yes. Jacob and I came to get you." I felt her glance on me, but didn't look up. "Are Leah and Seth—?" Sam answered her before she finished her question. "On their way to the hospital as we speak." Hadn't I told Bella to spend the day with Emily since I couldn't be there? Where was she? I glanced around what little of the house I could see from where I stood. With all the commotion, wouldn't she have come out? "Hey, Emily? Where's Bella?" I asked, looking up at her. She raised her good eyebrow. "Not with me. She told me she was going to be down by the beach." "Thanks," I said, already on my way out the door. "I'll meet you guys at the hospital as soon as I get Bella, okay?" I didn't wait to hear their answer as I started sprinting, still in my human form, down the road that lead towards the beach where Bella and I had first met? I got there and scanned the beach. Nope. She wasn't there. "Damn," I muttered under my breath, running my hand through my hair, letting out a frustrated sigh. I looked at the sky, cursing myself for not keeping better track of her, my eyes trailing to the towering sea cliffs above me. And there, standing with her long, thin arms outstretched, the wind whipping her hair behind her, teetering on the edge…was Bella. What the hell was she— I saw her roll back on her heels, raising her arms straight up into the cloudy sky as if she were going to… "No, Bella!" I shouted with all my might, but of course she didn't hear me over the howling wind. I was already charging down the beach toward the cliff, hoping maybe she would hear me, or see me, or not jump! She bent her knees, crouching as if preparing to spring. And she flung herself off the cliff. In a moment of surreal clarity, I watched with crystal clear vision as the slender silhouette of plummeted off the cliff, screaming as she fell. And then, in a second of stunning silence in which every noise but the soft whistle of the wind, she sliced through the surface of the dark water. Without thinking, I charged into the waters right on the beach, willing my legs to not drag in the calf-deep water. I sloshed as hard as I could through the maddeningly shallow water, trying to keep my mind focused on working my muscles and not on what was happening out in the water below the cliff. Finally, I gave up, throwing myself in the water, diving beneath it, letting my werewolf strength accelerate me through the water. I pulled in a large gulp of air, darting below the surface. I forced my legs and arms to move faster, as I rocketed through the water like a bullet, my non-human strength making short work of the current. My eyes scanned through the murky water, trying to find her. Searching desperately for anything, anything, a flicker of a flailing limb, the wave of a piece of clothing, anything, anything. I couldn't tell whether the burning in my eyes was because of the salt of the ocean, or that I'd let the hopeless, panicked tears leak their way out. If she never came up how would I live? How would I live without her? And I would be all my fault. All my fault. All my fault. Bella, Bella, Bella… There! The flicker of a white hand as it shot out, once more, grasping for something in the dark waters. I kicked my legs, shooting towards her. Her pale face shone in the murky water, her hair and clothing swirling around her in time to the current's sway. Her arm was outstretched towards something I couldn't see. On her face, lay a very peaceful, content smile—one I hadn't seen in months. The look on Bella's face was one of utter bliss and happiness. How could she look happy? She was drowning! I kicked my legs again, shooting forward again in the water. I grabbed her opposite arm, and hauled her towards the left, narrowly avoiding a large boulder in beneath the waves. I looked back at her, and her face still held the same peaceful smile, although now it was tinged with a look of melancholy sweetness. She mouthed something, her lips barely moving, the last stream of bubbles escaping her mouth as I yanked her out of the way of a rock once again, and her eyes drifted closed. "No!" My cry of horror was lost in the deafening roar of water in my ears. My lungs burned for air, as I'd been underwater for several minutes now, and I could see her lips turning blue. I kicked upwards, dragging Bella to my chest, pulling her up towards the surface, towards the light and the sun, away from the cold that was killing her. Finally I broke the surface, taking in large gasps of air, I pulled Bella's face above the surface. I put a shaking finger over her mouth, treading water. I felt no puff of heat against my skin, no breath. "Bella, Bella, stay with me!" I plead, kicking against the current back towards the beach. When we reached shallower water, I picked her clear out of the water and sloshed onto the sand, almost tripping in my hurry. "Bella, please, please, oh, God," I mumbled, laying her on the sand. She looked so pale, and there was no color in her face. I put my hands crossed over her chest and pushed down hard. A tiny stream of water bubbled from her lips. "Breath, Bella!" I shouted above the wind, pushing again, a little more water dribbling from her mouth. "Jacob?" Even Sam's anxious voice made me look up. "You weren't at the hospital, so I came back to—what the Hell happened?!" "She jumped off the cliff, oh God, Bella, Bella, please!" I slammed my palms down her chest a little harder, a fountain of water spouting from her lips. No, no. I wasn't going to lose her. "Breathe!" I shouted, crashing my hands on her again and again. I wouldn't lose her. I wouldn't. It couldn't end like this. After everything he'd done to her, after everything she'd fought for, everything she'd lived through. Bella was a fighter, not a free faller. It couldn't end like this. I could protect her from any malicious human, and thirsty vampire, even any one of my brothers that went crazy, but I couldn't protect her from this? I was supposed to be her protector—the one that took care of her! No. I refused to let it end like this. "Breathe, Bella! C'mon!" I refused to let her fall. ~fin~ Well, that was the most interesting fic I've written in a while. It's such a different experience writing about the werewolves. I don't know why I started so far back…I just thought it was kinda necessary. Well, my first thing about the werewolves, please REVIEW and tell me how you liked it.