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Forgotten Love

Edward and Bella are finally recovering from what happened with Victoria. There both taking a drive through the town, they get into a car accident. But Edward thrusts himself onto Bella and protects her. Bella has barely scratch. But something hit the only thing keeping Edward alive in his body. His brain. But he survived. He loses memory. Carlisle doesn't know if Edward will ever be back to normal. How will the Cullens and Bella react? But more importantly, will Edward remember his love for Bella. c'mon people! 20 reads, but not any reviews, i dont care what you review just say something!


6. Chapter 6

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Bellas POV

I stepped into the Cullens huge living room were everyone was waiting for me anxiously. I guess Alice spread the word fast about my makeover.

I stood there for a second, trying to read everyones expressions, Esme shock,Carlisle Happiness,Emet proud,Jasper just happy to see Alice,Tanya disgust, and Edward suprise,wait, he actually looked happy! I made him happy I smiled and slid over onto one of the couches.

He kept staring at me. I kept a smile inside of my body.

"Eddie! I wanna go lingerie shopping!" Tanya interrupted Edwards trance.

"Ugh, maybe later,Bella just got back," Edward stuttered.

"But Eddie!" Tanyas whining was insanely annoying.

I rolled my eyes and it almost looked like Edward threw me a sympathizing look.

"Edward, why don't you go fix something for Bella, I'm sure she is very hungry," Carlisle spoke up.

Edward nodded and went into the kitchen, I followed hoping to get a chance to talk.

"Is spaghetti okay?" He asked.

"Uh-huh," I nodded my head.

He gently drained the noodles and poured some sauce into a can. After the noodles were baking he pulled out brownie mix.

"You dont have to do all this," I told him.

"Don't worry,"

"I sat down at the glass table and waited patently for the spaghetti.He brought it oven with a slice of bread and my brownies on my other plate. He inhaled my scent.

"I uh, have to go," He said with a disgusted look on his face. obviously we hadn't fully gotten over this yet.

Maybe he would always be afraid to be near me. It was just something I had to live with.

Edwars POV

She smelled so good. I really wanted to take a bite out of her creamy white flesh. She was so fragile, I new it wouldn't be hard, but Carlisle would be so dissapointed. I voted against the thought. For now.

Tanya straddled me right as I sat down. She played with my hair for a while.

"So when is Veronica arriving?" Carlisle asked Tanya.

"Later today," She added.

"Tonight we will have a little welcome party, so no one make any other plans!" Alice squealed.

The rest of the day was mayhem, Esme and Alice were absolutely going crazy over the party.

When the evening had come, the whole backyard was covered in streamers and ribbon.

It looked amazing though a little bit overdone. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. She was here.

Alices POC

A knock startled my decorating. I laid down the ribbon and ran towards the front door. I opened with all of my family behind me.

"Welc-" I choked out the last part. It was her. The newborn. The vampire. The one who hit Edwards car.