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Forgotten Love

Edward and Bella are finally recovering from what happened with Victoria. There both taking a drive through the town, they get into a car accident. But Edward thrusts himself onto Bella and protects her. Bella has barely scratch. But something hit the only thing keeping Edward alive in his body. His brain. But he survived. He loses memory. Carlisle doesn't know if Edward will ever be back to normal. How will the Cullens and Bella react? But more importantly, will Edward remember his love for Bella. c'mon people! 20 reads, but not any reviews, i dont care what you review just say something!


8. Chapter 8

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Bellas pov

"Tanya...why are we here?" I stuttered out to Tanya.

"Oh,you'll see!" She bounced with a smirk and grabbed Edwards hand. i followed them as they walked into the enormous studio. A chill went down my spine as I stepped a foot on the brown step. The last time I was here I was almost killed. Was it actually going to happen this time? I pulled my shoulders back hoping to give myself confidence but it failed.

"Come on Bella!" Tanya screeched from inside. I quickly scurried up right behind them and walked in their path.

"Can you please tell me why We are here?" I asked Tanya once again. But instead of anwsering she disappeared with Edward. I looked around,scared and saw something that frightened me. Veronica. Except she looked identical to...Victoria!

"Veronica? Wh-what are you doing?" I stuttered out from my lips.

"What do you mean Bella?" She batted her eyelashes innocently.

"I mean why do you have that look in your eyes...like you could...kill someone?" I stated.

"Oh Bella,how observant you are,well I guess I should tell you the whole story," She came down to me and pushed me on the floor. I let out a wimper. She scowled in disgust.

"You see, I was the person in the other car who crashed into Edwards Volvo," I gasped. "I was actually aiming for you, But little Edward hovered over you for protection," I was speechless. "So then I went up to Tanya, understanding she liked Edward, and could persuade him easily after his memory loss,

"So then Tanya simply wooed him over to her, and that was were I stepped in, I'm going to kill you through a long and paniful death,"

"But why?" Was all I managed.

"Because You killed my sister!" She screamed. Veronica.Victoria.

"Your,Victoria's sister?" I managed.

"Yes! Tanya! Bring in Edward!" I looked around. " Oh you see I thought your death would be worse if you knew that Little Edward was sitting there enjoying your pain!" I looked at Edward in Horror.

Edwards POV

"Come on Edward! Tanya pulled me back into the main Ballet studio area and sat meinto a chair. I quickly saw Bella on the floor. Veronica was a couple feet away from her watching happily at her pain. i smiled a little but then I frowned again. i hated Bella, I think, But i didn't like her pain either.

"Veronica, what are you doing?" I asked.

"Killing your Precious Bella!" She mimiched then cackled with laughter. I looked at her with a strabge look. Then something happened. I froze. Millions of images came into my mind.

School.Bella.Biology.Port Angelas.Bella.Prom.James.Victoria.Ballet Studio.Jacob. I remembered, I loved Bella,no, I still love Bella. She is my everything. I thrusted up from my chair with all my froce and ran across the room to Bella. Veronica had bit her and she would be turned soon. Veronica gave me a strange look but I ignored it. I glared at Veronica and then grabbed Bella and ran with her. Soon enough, Veronica was on my back. She lifted Bella and threw her across the room. I screamed in anger as I heard Bella's wimper. I grabbed Veronica's hair and pulled it from her screwball head.

"Bella,hold on!" I screamed But Tanya was already on top of Bella. With one last movement. I ripped off Veronica's head and threw her across the room. Then I quickly ran to Bella and thrust off Tanya.

"Edward! No!" Tanya screamed but I ignored it. I had to save Bella before it was Too late.

"Edward? Please help,Ahhh! Edward,It burns!" Bella's screams hurt so bad. I looked at the bite marks on her arm with pain

"Its okay Bella, I'll make it stop!" I yelled to her. I grabbed her arm and sucked the venom from her hand arm as quickly as I could. She was calming down, I could see. But the venom was still there.

"Edward!" I looked up. It was Alice and Carlisle.

"Alice! Go check on Tanya! I'll handle this," Carlisle said. He knelt down beside me.

"Good Edward, now stop, the venom is out," I heard Carlisle say. But I couldn't the blood tasted so amazing. I kept drinking.

"Edward! Your going to kill her stop!" Carlisle screamed. I looked at Bella's drained face. She looked lifeless. I suddenly pulled away. Carlisle leaned in to hug me.

"I'm proud of you Edward," I nodded.

"Now come on, we need to get Bella to the Hospital." Carlisle stated. I followed as I carried Bella in my arms. It was all right again.