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Rosalie's thoughts on Bella.

Do you like it? I onlt took a couple of minutes on it as I do for all my poems! LOL

1. That Thing

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 102   Review this Chapter

My brother loves that thing,

When she entered my house an alarm in my head went off DING DING DING,

So puny so slow,

How dare she come here she gets to grow,

I want to slap her, she feels my rage, my fury,

If I was chasing her she'd be in one hell of a hury,

I'll light her with a flame,

who cares if I'm the blame,

I'll sell her to a murderous gang,

I'll shoot her with a rifle BANG,

Edward must be blind,

If she stays I'll leave my family behind,

Die Bella go away and leave stay away,

I'll hate you forever starting today.