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After Edward left in New Moon Bella couldn't recover. She refused to get out of bed and never became friends with Jacob. She continued to get worse until Charlie was forced to get her some professional help. What will happen when she wakes up? Will she go back to life as normal? Will she ever see the Cullens again? Read and find out! I know that there so many stories out there about what would happen if Edward never came back. This is my take, please give it a chance! Please rate and review!!!!!

If you have read my bio then you know that I'm very busy. I am writing this story as I go, so please be patient if you are waiting for updates. I promise to post them as quickly as my schedule allows. With that being said, please feel free to give me any ideas that you may have or anything that you may want contained in the story. I will do my best if it fits with the plot in my head. This is the first fanfiction that I have ever written so please let me know if you like it or not. If you don't, thats fine; but I would appreciate constructive criticism instead of full on flames. Thank You. Please read and enjoy!

3. The Plan

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Chapter 3 - The Plan

As I lay in my hospital bed I thought of different routes out of this place. More importantly though, I wondered about where I would go and what I would do for money once I was finely free. I didn't know if I had anything other than the clothes in that locker down the hall to my name. I would need a place to stay and food. Hopefully I had my purse somewhere in that bag, because it contained my checkbook and ID.

In the midst of my thoughts Charlie appeared in my room with Sandra. Charlie looked so tired and a little reluctant while taking a seat in the chair that Sandra had brought in for him. It was going to be so hard to not say anything or show any emotion for hours. He hadn't brought anything to read with him this time, so I was hoping that he planned on a short visit.

Sandra quickly walked over to the window and opened the curtains. The sun was blinding, it must be early afternoon.

"So you said that you saw some changes?" Charlie asked callously. "I don't see it, she looks exactly the same."

"Her sleeping patterns are different and her eyes seem to be a little more alert," Sandra explained. So someone had noticed. Augh!

"Well her eyes look the same to me," whispered Charlie. "Can you see a difference now?"

"No, but just this morning she looked as if she comprehended what I said when I spoke to her." Sandra defended. "Maybe you should try to talk to her."

"I always do," Charlie replied glumly.

"Well, I'll leave you two alone," Sandra said as she headed for the door. "I'm right down the hall if you need me for anything." With that Sandra left us alone in my room.

Charlie turned to me as soon as she was out the door, "Hey kiddo," he said with a wary smile. "Are you listening to me?"

What could I do? I wanted to speak to Charlie so badly. This was probably my last chance, since I planned on going through with my plan as soon as possible. I knew that I would never see him again after this; but speaking to him now, right before I leave him for good seemed to be more than either of us could handle at the moment. I looked at him with sad eyes, hoping they would portray my message of goodbye.

"Why won't you talk to me?" Charlie sobbed. "I can see it now; I can see the change in your eyes. I miss you so much. Your friends miss you too; they call and ask about you all the time."

This made me think of Angela, I'm sure she was the main person calling to check on how I was doing. But I had to stop thinking about her, I would never see her again and I wouldn't want her to see me like this anyway. Nobody should see me like this. I continued to stare at Charlie as I felt the burn of tears in the back of my eyes.

"I can take you home right now if you want," Charlie pleaded. "We can go get in the cruiser and be out of here in less than 10 minutes." He waited for some sort of reaction, but I gave him nothing.

The thought of leaving to go back to Forks cured me of my impending tears. I lay there listless and void of any emotion as Charlie fell into a silence. It went on like that for what felt like eternity, with Charlie sitting in a chair by my bed staring at me, and I was laying there stiff as a board staring back at him; with a face as cold as stone.

Sandra came back into the room soon after that with a smile on her face. "Now do you see what I was talking about? It really shouldn't be long before she starts her road to recovery."

"Yeah I see it," Charlie answered. "I've been sitting here debating whether I should take her home now or wait until she is further along."

With that my eyes darted towards Sandra. I tried to send a message through them that I wanted to stay. A bit of a panicked look, but my face stayed hard portraying nothing. It would be easier to get away if I didn't have to go back to Forks; to see those woods near my house, the scene where all of my current problems began, or to have to see my bedroom again, where I spent countless hours with him. Both were more than I could bear; I was stronger now, but I knew I had my limits.

After staring into my eyes for a moment, Sandra replied, "I think that leaving her here is a good idea, at least for now." So she had understood me. "I'll be here to watch over her, and I will let you know of any changes as they happen."

"I know you will, but I want her home. It's not the same without her there."

"It won't be the same with her like this either, besides you have to work and she needs 24 hour supervision. I have been working more hours and I will try to move her along to normalcy best to my abilities."

"I trust you, but I was thinking that maybe going home would help her recover. She's been in this place for five months and she's just now starting to show the smallest sign of any coherence. Maybe if she was at home in a familiar environment, she would recover faster."

"You would need to hire an at home caregiver. They can get expensive, but you could just have one to come over while you're at work. Without that I think that Bella's best interest is to stay here." I was so glad to have someone like Sandra defending my position, I really liked her and I think that she understands me.

"I'll look into it, until then please continue to keep a close eye on her. I will be back in two weeks, hopefully to take her home." Charlie sounded exhausted as he gave in.

Sandra took a long look at me as she said, "I always do." She smiled and left the room.

Charlie let out a loud yawn and got up to stretch. "Well kiddo, it looks like I have a lot to do now. I'll be back for you as soon as I have someone who can help me take care of you. Keep it up." He leaned over and kissed my forehead, and with that he made his way to the door mumbling, "Maybe Sue Clearwater."

The sun was low in the sky when Charlie finally left. I was both sad and relieved to see him leave. The sadness was because I knew that I would never see him again and that opened a new wound in my heart. It wasn't like the pain that I felt when I knew that I would never see Edward again, because this time it was my choice. It felt like an emptiness and a longing to comfort Charlie; I knew that this had been hard on him too. But I couldn't go back with him; maybe I could call him later after I've been free for a while.

My relief came when I was able to move again. It's really hard to stay still for so long with someone staring at you. Besides, I wasn't sure how much longer I could go just lying in bed silently while decisions were being made for me.

I continued to observe the comings and goings of the staff throughout the next couple days and nights, and I started to notice a few patterns. All of the night staff on this ward would go outside to smoke together leaving only two staff members present for about 20 minutes. I could see where they went to smoke and was sure that this was my only window of time to leave the hospital undetected. I now knew when I would be able to make my move and what I would do; I just needed a window of opportunity.

It had been three days since I had finalized my plan and I had nothing to show for it. I was still in this hell, this prison. I knew that I needed to make my move before Charlie showed up again. I'm sure that he would be here before the two weeks was up if he found someone to help him. I also knew that Sue Clearwater was his best friend's wife and she would help Charlie if he asked. This had me in a bit of a panic.

Sandra appeared in my room with that dreaded shower chair again. I really didn't want to go through this a second time, but what was my choice? I laid there lifeless as she picked me up and placed me in the chair effortlessly. She hadn't said a word; this was odd, she always talked to me. She continued to stay silent as she adjusted my clothes and pushed my chair down the hallway.

Once we were in the shower room she pushed my chair to a stop between the wooden bench and the row of blue lockers. She walked around the room checking that we were alone and then sat on the bench next to me.

"I know that you are out of it Bella," she said with a determined look in her eyes. "In fact, I've known for a while now; ever since your dad's visit."

I stared at her, hoping this was a joke. Was she going to tell my secret? Could she be trusted? Well if she knew while Charlie was here and didn't say anything, maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea. I really liked her and if I could trust her then maybe she could help me. Otherwise I didn't see another window of opportunity to get out of here that didn't involve Charlie.

"I promise not to tell anyone Bella," she said reassuringly. "But you'll have to tell them eventually."

"No I won't," I whispered. My voice was so low that it was almost inaudible.

"What, you plan on staying here forever then?" she chuckled at the idea. "I know this place is like the Taj Mahal, but you've got to want your freedom."

I opened my mouth to speak, but the words wouldn't come out; I grabbed at my throat. Sandra stood up and opened a different locker. She grabbed a water bottle and tossed it to me.

"Here drink some water," she instructed. "It will help loosen your unused vocal cords."

I greedily drank the entire bottle. She was right, it worked like a charm.

"That’s exactly what I want," I explained, "my freedom. I plan on leaving this place soon, but not with Charlie."

"You're gonna break his heart if you leave." She sounded so sad.

"I can't go back to Forks... I just can't. I don't want to go to my mom in Jacksonville either. I'm an adult now and I can make my own decisions."

"I understand that it’s your decision, but why not let your parents help you?"

"Forks would only remind me of Edward." I choked on his name, but continued as if I hadn't noticed. "Besides its time that I moved on and forgot about it all. I don't have anybody who is completely there for me. My best friend left me at the same time as the love of my life without so much as a goodbye; and my parents don't understand me anymore. They don't understand the situation that I was in, and I can never tell them all of it; it's easier to just keep my distance. My other friends all left for college, which leaves me alone; I really don't want to go back to be reminded of all of that on a continual basis."

"But where will you go?" she asked earnestly.

"I'm not sure yet, but I know that wherever I decide will be warm. I don't think I can stand the cold and wet any longer."

She smiled. "I agree with you on that, I've lived here for over 20 years and I still can't get used to it."

I was beginning to like Sandra even more, if that was possible. She wasn't judgmental or pushy; she just listened to me. I knew that I would miss her after I left.

"You need a shower," she said with authority, "and I'm pretty sure that you would rather do it on your own this time."

I nodded appreciatively and stood up. After stretching loudly, I opened my locker and pulled out the shopping bag that contained my clothes from the bottom. I began to dig through it furiously. It must have been my lucky day! Not only was my secret a little more bearable, now that I had someone to talk to; but my purse was in the bag. I hurriedly grabbed it and started to rummage through it. I had my checkbook, I.D. and $45 in cash. A sense of relief washed over me as I thought about what my future might hold.

It felt so good to be able to take a shower on my own. I made the water as hot as I could bare, and scrubbed myself clean twice. Sandra kept watch by the door to the shower room, but nobody bothered us this time. Once my shower was done and I was dressed I asked Sandra if she could please braid my hair again. I really liked how she had done it before, but I had no idea how to do it myself.

"Of course, I love to do hair," she squealed. "And your hair is so thick and beautiful."

My cheeks turned hot; it had been so long since I blushed that I almost forgot how it felt. "Thanks," I finally muttered.

Sandra braided my hair in silence; she probably noticed how she had embarrassed me.

"Well we better get you back to your room before someone notices how long we've been in here," Sandra explained.

I really didn't like the idea of going back to my lonely room by myself to continue the illusion of a catatonic stupor; but what other choice did I have? I was determined to go through with my plan in the next 48 hours; so maybe I needed to get some rest first anyway.

As Sandra pushed me in the shower chair back to my room the Predator passed us in the hallway. I tried not to look at him, but I couldn't help it when he was looking me straight in the eyes. There was something about him today, he seemed almost jubilant; this worried me.

We quietly entered my room and after the door was closed I hopped on my bed. Sandra laughed, seeing me so lively for the first time, and left the room. Soon after, I fell fast asleep.

I awoke to the low hum of the fluorescent light in my room and the steady ticking of the clock on my wall. There was nothing but silence as I listened for any sound from outside the door to my room. I walked over to the window and opened the curtains to see if anything interesting was going on outside. Nothing; it was dark and the street lamps were on. The moon was extremely low in the sky and looked to be about 10 times its regular size. It was even scarier looking by the eerie orange glow that was emanating from it. I must have slept all day! I looked back towards the clock and it read 3:25. Great now I won't get back to sleep for hours; this place is so boring at night.

Suddenly I heard voices laughing outside; I turned to look out my window again to find where they were coming from. There were staff members from my ward walking outside to have a cigarette. Predictable; maybe it was time to put my plan into action since I knew that there would only be two staff members here for the next 20 minutes. But I had to think hard, which two were here? It would be so much easier to know if I had been awake at the change of shifts or at all for the past 10 hours. I have no idea who it could be! This had me afraid; maybe I should wait until I'm better prepared. I wasn't sure what to do. One part of me was dying to get out of this place right now; but the other, more cautious, part of me wanted to wait until I was fully prepared, when I would know who I was dealing with.

I didn't get the chance to let these two sides battle it out, though; because I suddenly heard footsteps quickly walking down the hall towards my room. I hastily closed my curtains as they had been before I woke up, nearly getting myself tangled up in them; and tiptoed to my bed. I dove in and swiftly covered myself up as I heard the beep and unlocking of the door to my room, someone was coming in to check on me.

I laid there holding my breath waiting to hear the door close again. It seemed to be taking forever; what was the problem? Just peek in and leave like always... my heart started to pound rapidly in my chest and I closed my eyes tight. Just when I thought that I was about to faint from anxiety, I heard the door close. I exhaled slowly and then took in a deep breath. A dreaded smell entered my nostrils then... Old Spice. There was only one person around here that smelled like that, the Predator.

As realization dawned on me I looked up to see him standing over me. Oh my God! This was not happening!

"Good morning Babe," he said with a grin.

I looked at him, pure horror was radiating through my body. Why hadn't I gotten out of here sooner? What was he going to do to me if he knew that I was awake? I didn't answer.

"I know that you're all better now," he explained still smiling. "I saw it in your eyes this morning after your shower. You really aren't a good actress."

This I already knew, but I had been hoping that I was good enough to trick everybody until I made it safely out of here. Everybody except for Sandra, I really liked and trusted her; she was the only person that I would miss from this prison. Well it looks like this wasn't going to go the way I had planned.

"I promise to keep your secret as long as you keep me happy," he coaxed.

"Get away from me," I growled at him.

"Aah come on," he teased, "I just wanna have a little fun; that’s all. I promise not to bite... unless you want me to," his smile grew even wider at this; it was now covering his whole face.

I could feel the bile coming from my stomach to the back of my throat; it was hot and burned like acid. I hope Edward was happy now; he didn't have to try to save me anymore. He never would again, and I didn't need him to anymore; I was a different person now. Since I awoke I have felt like a stronger, more independent person. I liked it this way; and I wouldn't ever be that defenseless girl again.

The Predator leaned over and kissed my forehead. Then I felt his hand creep under my blankets and touch the inside of my thigh.

"Lets hurry up," he continued, "we don't have much time, but we have enough if we hurry."

The Predator suddenly began to scream in pain. He hunched over and fell to the floor where he curled up into a ball holding his stomach. What could have possibly happened? I looked around my room to find my savior, but it was still only this sorry excuse for a human being and me in the room.

I was puzzled until I felt a horrible pain in my left hand. I lifted it to my face to check for injuries. It was still intact, but it was throbbing and beginning to turn purple.

The Predator continued to scream in agony on the floor, "You Bitch! Why did you hit me?"

Is that what happened? I didn't remember it or even thinking about it, but I must have.

"You're dead, you little whore! I'm turning you in! You'll never get out of here!" he continued to howl. I tried to tune him out, but it was so hard to think with him screaming at me from a few feet away.

Then I realized this was my window of opportunity that I had been waiting for. I jumped off my bed and grabbed his keys off the floor. He began rolling over, still in obvious agony, and I snatched his ID badge from the front of his shirt. He didn't seem to notice, so I kicked him as hard as I could in the side of his face and took off for the door.

After I scanned his badge to unlock the door, I turned back to look at him. "Let this be a lesson to you not to force the unwilling."

With that I opened the door and started running as fast as I could down the hallway. I stopped when I got to the shower room door. I hurriedly slid his ID card through the scanner and opened the door as soon as I heard it unlock. I ran into the room at full speed and tripped over the wooden bench on the way to my locker. The pain in my shin where it hit the side of the bench was excruciating, but at least it drew the pain away from my left hand. I grabbed a hold of the bench for support as I got up again.

I limped a couple more feet to my locker and opened it to retrieve my belongings. Everything was still there and I began to put on more layers of clothing because I knew that it would probably be cold and wet outside. I put on my dark blue hoodie and a thick pair of socks. My sketchers were in the bottom of the bag; I put them on quickly and began to lace them up. If I was going to be running these were the best shoes to wear, they were light and had a little spring to them.

I was just about to tie my shoes when I heard the muffled beep and the unlocking of the shower room door. I froze where I stood. I can't believe that I already got caught! I hadn't even made it off the floor, and I was going to be ushered back to my room already. So much for all of my planning. Nothing had turned out how I had wanted it to, I was flying by the seat of my pants and it didn't work. As the door opened I sat on the bench in defeat.

That's when I heard a friendly and familiar voice say, "You have to hurry if you're gonna make it out of here before everybody gets back."

"Sandra its you! Oh thank heavens! I thought that I was caught!"

"Well you will be really quick if you don't get up off that bench! What are you doing? Have you changed your mind?"

"No, I was just scared."

"You don't have to do this. You can go home to Charlie, you would be safe there."

"I'm not scared of leaving. I meant I was scared because I thought that I was caught."

"Well you aren't... yet. So let’s get moving!"

I began to tie my shoes as fast as possible.

Sandra took this time to explain, "I'm so sorry Bella! I didn't know that Matt was in your room until I heard him screaming, and then I saw you running out of there. This is all my fault! Are you sure that you're going to be okay? Where will you go?"

"I'll be fine Sandra. And don't worry about it; if he hadn't come in there I would still be a prisoner here. At least now I have the hope of being out of here in mere minutes and I won't have to see him ever again." I began to grab my other belongings out of my locker and stuff them into my bag as fast as I could.

"Okay, listen good; I'm going to tell you how to get out of here." Sandra looked at me intensely. "There is an emergency exit across the hall from us; you have to take that so the other staff on this ward won't see you on their way back from break. They should be back any minute. Go down to the first floor, and take a left. Follow that hallway to the end and take a right. Once you are halfway down that hallway you will see the main doors. That’s your way out. If anyone stops you and asks who you are or why you are here tell them that you are my niece and came to bring me something to eat. Tell them your name is Crystal Johnson, which is my last name too, just in case they ask. Do you understand so far?"

I nodded unable to speak.

"When you get outside turn to the right and go towards the middle of the parking lot. Once you are there push this button," she pointed to the alarm button on her key ring, "and you will see the lights on my car flash as the alarm turns off. Get in my car and sit there. I get off in two hours and you can leave with me. That is the only way that you'll get off the premises. Do you understand me?"

"Y-yes," I stammered. "Thank you so much for all of your help Sandra."

"Don't mention it. I would rather you get out of here safely rather than getting caught and ending up in a different part of the hospital. There are other people like Matt that work in this place if you know what I mean. You can stay with me until you know where you want to go. I have an extra bedroom, and you are welcome to stay as long as you want."

I smiled at her gratefully, "I don't know what I would do without your help."

"You would probably get caught. Now let’s take out your braid, you'll be less recognizable with your hair down."