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After Edward left in New Moon Bella couldn't recover. She refused to get out of bed and never became friends with Jacob. She continued to get worse until Charlie was forced to get her some professional help. What will happen when she wakes up? Will she go back to life as normal? Will she ever see the Cullens again? Read and find out! I know that there so many stories out there about what would happen if Edward never came back. This is my take, please give it a chance! Please rate and review!!!!!

If you have read my bio then you know that I'm very busy. I am writing this story as I go, so please be patient if you are waiting for updates. I promise to post them as quickly as my schedule allows. With that being said, please feel free to give me any ideas that you may have or anything that you may want contained in the story. I will do my best if it fits with the plot in my head. This is the first fanfiction that I have ever written so please let me know if you like it or not. If you don't, thats fine; but I would appreciate constructive criticism instead of full on flames. Thank You. Please read and enjoy!

4. The Escape

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CHAPTER 4 - The Escape

I looked in the mirror, trying to decide if I looked normal enough to walk among the people outside - the people who hadn’t gone crazy and ended up in a mental institution. I couldn’t afford to be caught now. If caught, I was sure to never see Sandra again and I would most definitely end up back in Forks; probably after another long time somewhere in this prison.

I had lost some weight while in here; it mostly showed in my face, but my clothes were about a size too big. Thankfully, I still looked normal though; nothing out of the ordinary.

Okay Bella, breathe. You can do this. Sandra had already left the shower room and was going to keep watch at the nurse’s station for the other employees to return. I could still hear Matt’s faint moaning from my room and was sure that he wouldn’t hear my exit. Or if he did, he wouldn’t recognize it for what it was.

I adjusted my clothes and ran my fingers through my hair once. My hair was curly and slightly damp in places from the braid I had worn all day. Looking at myself in the mirror I noticed a smile cross my face and I sad aloud, “It’s go time,” to my happy reflection.

I grabbed my purse and checked that Sandra’s keys and my wallet were still safely inside. While pulling the strap of my purse securely over my head, I jogged to the door of the shower room. I knew that I had to get off this floor as soon as possible, my time was very limited. This was the hardest part. Once I was off this floor, I wouldn’t be so easily recognized.

I pressed my ear against the cool metal of the door and waited for a brief moment, listening for any evidence of the other employee’s return. No sound, this was my time. I opened the door and stepped gingerly into the hall. With one quick glance I saw that it was empty, so I ran straight across the hallway and pulled Matt’s Employee I.D. out of my back jeans pocket.

I swiped his card through the slot next to the door and waited - for what felt like a lifetime - for the beep from the scanner to confirm that his card was genuine; and then there was a loud click as the door unlocked itself. I flung the door open with a swiftness I didn’t know I could accomplish.

The lighting was dim, but I could easily make out the stairs. I didn’t hesitate at all; I barreled forward and slightly to the right to make my way down the narrow steps. When I was about halfway down the stairs I heard the soft click of the door closing again.

I couldn’t seem to move fast enough, I began to take the stairs two at a time while holding onto the railing for support. I made it all the way down to the last three stairs before I stumbled.

I reached out with my free arm and caught the other railing for support. I was actually able to keep myself from meeting the floor up close and personal; but the swiftness of my actions forced me into the frame of the open door at the bottom of the stairs. Luckily I didn’t hit it hard enough to fall over or break any bones.

I emerged from the stairwell rubbing my left elbow, not bothering to check the hallway for staff. I turned left and began my way down a well lit, well staffed hallway.

Nobody seemed to have noticed my scene of clumsiness and I let my hands drop to my sides as an attempt to not draw any unnecessary attention to myself. The pain in my arm started to ease to a dull throb.

I passed doctors, nurses and patients. Most of the people that I passed didn’t seem to notice me or at least didn’t care. I must look normal enough to only be here on business.

As I passed a man feebly trying to push his wheelchair down the hall I heard a shout. A woman was standing in a nearby doorway pointing at me, “You aren’t supposed to be here!” she screamed.

I turned in alarm looking to see if anyone noticed her outburst. How did she know that I was supposed to be locked up in my room? Was it obvious that I’m a patient and not a visitor? The hallway began to rock back and forth as I felt fear creep over me.

Suddenly I felt a rush of wind as doctors and nurses ran toward the knowing woman. “You’re supposed to be taking a nap Mrs. Nelson,” one of the nurses explained to the woman.

“I’m sorry, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about,” the doctor told me. “But don’t worry, you’re safe.”

I stood there in shock. Do they really not believe her? A moment later, the man in the wheelchair looked up and met my eyes. “She’s not as crazy as they think,” he whispered. “She sees people for what they are; I think she’s a witch.”

I turned around abruptly and continued my walk down the hallway scared out of my mind. The hallway began to steady the further away from the woman I got.

Once I reached the end of this hallway I turned right and let out a large breath of air. I hadn’t noticed that I had been holding this in, but it felt so good to let it out. I was positive that my escape was a sure thing now; nobody even seemed to care who I was or what I might be up to.

I casually walked down this hallway looking for the main entrance that Sandra had described. I was lost in my feelings of jubilation when I heard a deep woman’s voice, “Excuse me miss?”

I didn’t answer. She cleared her throat, “Excuse me; you have to sign out if you’re leaving.”

I turned to my right slowly to face the woman. She was tall with a very muscular build. Short blonde hair grazed her shoulders and fell into her eyes. I didn’t say anything; I only looked at her in complete shock and bewilderment. Sandra never said anything about signing out.

After looking at my puzzled face she continued, “Everyone has to sign in and out when they visit a patient. Here is the clipboard.”

After another few seconds of silence I realized why Sandra might have forgotten this small detail. “I wasn’t here to visit a patient,” I explained with a new confidence. “I brought my aunt some lunch, she is an employee.”

“Who is your aunt?” the woman asked, skeptically.

“Sandra Johnson,” I stated. But I quickly added, “I’m Crystal.” Maybe if I offer information she will believe me faster and let me continue my escape. I could only hope.

“Oh she’s told me so much about you!” the woman exclaimed. “I thought that you were gone to Europe for the summer.”

“I am, but I don’t leave for another couple days.” I answered plainly. The lies seemed to flow out of me now all on their own. I have never been much of an actress, but what else could I do?

I hadn’t known that there was actually a Crystal and that anyone would know anything about her. I started to get more and more anxious that this woman would see through my fallacies. To hide my inner emotions I displayed a wide smile of excitement for the woman. It seemed to work.

“Well I’m sure that you have a lot to do. Go on, you don’t have to sign anything to visit staff. Have a great trip!”

“Thank you,” I said with a little more confidence and excitement. With one last smile I turned around and headed out the main door.

The fresh air was exhilarating. I seemed to gain more energy the more of it that I breathed. I lifted my face to the sky hoping to feel the sun’s warmth, but instead a single rain drop landed on the tip of my nose. Great, now it rains.

That one raindrop meant that a downpour would probably start any minute. I turned to face where Sandra said the main parking lot would be, and started to move quickly. I walked between cars not really noticing any of them. My only focus was to get to the middle of the parking lot where I would find shelter in Sandra’s car.

I fished Sandra’s keys out of my purse to be ready to jump in the car quickly. That’s when the storm began with a fury of rain. Raindrops of all sizes were powerfully plummeting towards the earth and I was caught in between the angry sky and the splashing ground. I picked up my pace to a jog, but within seconds my hair was already drenched and dripping into my eyes. I frantically grabbed for the car alarm remote on Sandra’s key chain.

I pushed the alarm off button and a car nearby made a quick chirp sound while the lights flashed briefly. I quickened to a run. The car was one isle closer to the street and a little further from the main entrance than I was.

Water was everywhere; small rivers seemed to have already formed on the cement, my hair was dripping and plastered to my face and neck. My clothes were drenched and getting heavy from the weight of the water. The rain was beginning to come down even harder when I reached Sandra’s car. I could hardly see my hands in front of my face through the drops of icy water; the keys were slipping inside my grasp. I continued to fumble until I heard a man’s voice somewhere behind me.

“Bella is that you?”

I turned on my heels to see who the voice belonged to; it seemed vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t seem to place it. In my haste I dropped the keys. I heard them ricochet off the car and fall to the ground with a loud clatter.

I couldn’t find the man that recognized me. My head darted from side to side to find the threat, but the rain was coming down so hard and heavy that I couldn’t see anybody. I walked out into the open in my search. I ended up near the trunk of Sandra’s car. I turned in a circle slowly trying to find anything other than cars. It was so hard to see. How could anyone have seen me in this?

That’s when I was grabbed from behind.