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Edward Will Not Be Alone For Long

This is a twilight story based on Alice's point of view. I love Alice and think she would have so much to offer as far as humor and insight goes. Hope you enjoy.

Please review, or I probably won't add more. I want to know that people are reading and enjoying it.

1. Chapter 1

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Bella is coming over for dinner tonight. I’m taking Jasper hunting today so that he’ll be on his best behavior. It’s not like he would want to hurt Bella. But, you never know what her scent can do to a newly committed vegetarian vampire. I mean, look what has happened to Edward since he’s met her. Unbelievable connection. Well, at least in a normal world. But, we don’t live in a normal world. I know what it’s like to find your one and only. I knew Jasper was coming though. Edward had no clue what Bella would become to him.

Bella has no idea what great friends we’ll become. I’m so excited to start our relationship now that Edward has decided that he can’t avoid Bella anymore. I knew he wouldn’t. But, I also know that telling Edward what to do when he’s not ready to hear it is not smart.

As we run gracefully through the forest after a good day of hunting, Jasper seems nervous still. But, I know it’s because he feels like this is his only weakness when around our family. He knows he has strong abilities that some of the others don’t have. This is the only thing he still struggles with. I know he won’t hurt her.

We jump from the tree into the window of our home and see that Bella and Edward have arrived, not that I wasn’t aware of that already. She is standing close to Edward, which makes me smile. But, she doesn’t look scared. She isn’t scared. Weird. She looks just nervous as she stumbles over her words. I realize now that she is worried about being approved of. If only she knew that we are excited at her arrival. Well, that is, all except Rosalie. We’ll get into that later.

“Hi Bella,” I say with a huge smile. “I’m Alice.” I lean in to hug her.

I catch a bit of her scent and instantly understand the allure. But, I am trained well and it doesn’t affect me as it used to. But, I still seem to spit out the wrong thing, “Oh. You do smell good.”

Oops. And, I already see the thought in Edward’s head. “Alice. What are you…” he trails off and I try to explain.

“It’s okay. Bella and I are going to be great friends.” Bella seems to still be taking it in. But, she’ll understand soon.

The whole family suddenly feels awkward, which is unusual for a family of vampires. Well, I guess the term awkward may be used differently in other families. I look at Jasper and see the look on his face and quickly understand.

Carlisle easily steps in. “Sorry Jasper’s our newest vegetarian. It’s a little difficult for him.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” he says faintly. I hear his real thoughts racing through his head. ‘It will be a pleasure,' he thinks, trying the focus, ‘as long as I don’t eat Edward’s new mate. Think about how I would feel if it were me and Alice in their shoes. It’s not worth it. She doesn’t smell THAT good.’

I smile throughout the whole thing. Knowing his thoughts can be quite entertaining. But, he’s worried. No time for amusement.

“It’s okay Jasper,” I try to sound empathetic. “You won’t hurt her.”

Edward however sees this as being enough for the first meeting. So, he quickly retreats with Bella into the other room to show her the rest of the house.

“Well, I’ll see you soon.” I call out before Bella turns her back.

“Okay.” Bella says uncertainly. But, I can tell she’s open to our new friendship. I know she will be. I can see it.

“I think that went well.” Carlisle says satisfied. Esme quickly snaps into mother-mode and tells Rosalie to clean up the mess she made before we arrived. She apparently had gotten mad that Bella didn’t come hungry after they had prepared food, what Esme likes to call “Italiano”, for her.

We all look at each other with intrigue. There will be many more experiences to come.

Most of all, I’m am excited for Edward. He’s been alone forever. He’s needed someone. But, I’m glad he waited for Bella. Just anyone wouldn’t have worked.