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More Than A Miracle

Danielle and Nate are happier than ever. But merely a few minutes after their engagement tragedy strikes. The Cullens save them just in time but now they have a new life to adjust to. How will this affect their human dreams? What will they be able to leave behind? And what is in store for their neverending future? K+, but I just made it Teen. CHAPTER 2 IS NOW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. Prologue: Shattered

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“Yes, Nate! The answer is yes!”

I could hardly contain my enthusiasm as he picked me up and kissed me, obviously overjoyed as well. As I admired my ring in the light of the sunset, it was so beautiful. It was the perfect size (I didn’t like very big gems for jewelry) and the way the light hit it made it look like a star shining in the darkening sky.

“Thank you, I love you.” he simply said. We were walking through the rose garden on Merritt Avenue and looking over at the lake across the road, which was glistening orange and pink with the setting sun.

“I love you too. I can’t believe that we’re getting married in 6 months!” I exclaimed.

“I know, it seems like it was only a while ago that we met.”

“Try twelve years!”

“Okay, well we’ve been dating for four now.”

“True. I’m glad that you able to forget my 6th grade freakishness.”

We had met in 6th grade and started dating when we both went to Duke. (Which was ironic because he was very anti-Duke when we were younger, he was a Wake Forest person) We had just graduated and were visiting our families in Florida. I had minored in medicine and majored in art and played college volleyball. He had double majored in engineering and physics (what a smarty pants he always was!)and played college basketball.

As for the rest of my schooling and getting a job, the plan was to visit parents first, find apartments for ourselves (close by each other, of course), and then I would enroll in UCF medical school and he would take up a position offered to him at Lockheed Martin. I was also going to give art lessons on the weekend to make a little more money for myself.

The engagement had not come as a surprise though. We had been attending pre-marital classes at our church and even funding it in a way by putting a small sum per month into our “marriage fund”. This didn’t take the excitement out of it, though! I was absolutely and downright thrilled!

He opened the door for me when we got to his car, and when he got in I gave him a hug and little kiss on the cheek.

But when he had just pulled out onto the usually quiet road, it wasn’t until I felt the impact that I even realized anything existed other than Nate and I. We turned and tumbled when we finally hit a light pole that stopped us from hitting a building. By that time the car was upside down and glass was everywhere. We were also squished together uncomfortably as the doors were dented in and the airbags came out.

As we looked at each other, our faces covered with blood and bits of glass, I muttered the words that I thought I would probably never be able to say to him again.

“I love you, Nate.”

“I love you too, Danielle.”

And then the next thing I remember is feeling extremely cold, and then slipping into unconsciousness.