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More Than A Miracle

Danielle and Nate are happier than ever. But merely a few minutes after their engagement tragedy strikes. The Cullens save them just in time but now they have a new life to adjust to. How will this affect their human dreams? What will they be able to leave behind? And what is in store for their neverending future? K+, but I just made it Teen. CHAPTER 2 IS NOW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2. Say WHAT?!

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They both have so many glass shards stuck in their skin.

Very cold hands touched my skin and pulled something out.

Can you save them, Carlisle? Their heartbeats are becoming less frequent.

Make sure Jasper is okay, Alice.

Their names are Danielle Talbot and Nathan Ladler.

Their futures don’t look so good…hurry Carlisle!

Who did these strange voices belong to? Was I dreaming? Why were they talking about “saving” us?

“She thinks that she’s dreaming.” The same voice that knew my name and Nate’s had said.

How did he know that? But before I could think of any reason why, something bit me. And I was burning.


Day 1: The fire is so painful. I scream Nate’s name over and over again. He’s screaming my name too. I hear voices but they talk fast and low. Somebody picks me up and sets me on a soft bed. It doesn’t help with the pain, but at least I feel unbelievable pain in a comfortable place.

Day 2: The burning sensation is getting better. It’s less powerful now. Nate isn’t screaming much anymore, and neither am I. The voices sound more distinct and I can sort understand what they’re saying.

“They’re not screaming anymore, a good sign.”

“Their transformation will go very well. I saw it.”

“One more day…”

Day 3: The pain is almost gone. I feel very durable now. But I don’t feel like getting up yet. I sort of can’t. Soon I feel something very strange…my heart stops beating. I decide to open my eyes…


“Danielle. Danieeeeeeelle. Danielle! Hey, she opened her eyes, guys!” That voice was Nate’s. I knew it.

“Nate!” I screamed. And I jumped on him. The funny thing was, as soon as I thought of jumping on him, I moved slightly. But I was already on top of him! What was up with all this crazy stuff? People are reading my mind and supposedly telling the future? And now I’m moving super fast like that guy in the movie Jumper? (Okay, he kind of disappears and reappears, but same idea!)

“Nate, I thought we were both going to die!” I said. Then I kissed him.

I heard awkward sounds in the background and stopped, embarrassed.

“Yeah, I was too,” He said. “But then Bella and Edward here picked us up and took us back to the house they have here in Florida. Well, I guess we’re in that house now.”

The guy I presumed to be Edward walked up to me and shook my hand. He had bronze colored hair and was very pale. He also had these gorgeous eyes, the color of a yellow topaz.

“Hi, I’m Edward. I was driving down the road when I saw that jerk hit you guys and drive away.” He winced as he said that. “Oh, and I read minds by the way. You were wondering…” He laughed.

A short girl who was also pale but who had dark brown hair came up to me. She too, had the strangely colored eyes.

“Hi, Danielle, I’m Bella. I’m Edward’s wife.” She was his wife? She didn’t look any older than eighteen or nineteen? Out of the corner of my eye I think I saw Edward smile. “Yeah, we’ve been married for about…thirty years now.”

“Yeah,” Edward said, “We’re in Florida because we’re visiting Bella’s mom, Renee.”

“Wait, wait, WAIT!” They all looked at me like I was crazy. “You’ve been married for 30 years, yet you look like you’re just teenagers! And what is up with your eyes?” I just noticed they all had those same golden eyes, save for Nate, whose eyes were...RED!?!?!

“Just...calm down Danielle…” Nate said. Did he know what was going on? Well I sure don’t! “Danielle, don’t freak out, okay? The Cullens…and now you and I…are, well, vampires.”

What came out of my mouth next was hardly under my control.


But I soon wanted to reach out and grab the words I had just said, because just then 8 pairs of golden eyes looked at me like I had just accused them of murder. Which, at this point, I didn’t doubt because they were all VAMPIRES! (Well, now I was one too) Did this mean that I had to kill people in order to live? Did this mean that I couldn’t become a doctor? What about my family? My friends? I couldn’t just vanish from the face of the earth like POOF! and I’m gone!

“She’s not taking this as well as Nate…” a tiny girl with short dark hair said.

“Danielle,” Edward began, “we have a special way of living so that we don’t have to kill humans to survive. And, Carlisle is a doctor, and a surgeon, at that. As for your family and your friends…well, you may never see them again.”

This mind reading thing was going to take a little bit of getting used to. Right now, it was kind of awkward.

“Danielle, you haven’t experienced the, er, perks yet! Here, try to lift this bed off the floor.”

So while I started to lift it I began to say, “Nate, I can’t lift a bed off the flo-“

But I did. So I was super strong, super fast, and…wow nothing ever looked so vivid! The colors I was able to see now were insane!

See Dani, it’s not that bad! Yeah, it may take a little getting used to not seeing all our friends, and we may have to put off med school and a job for a while. But at least we’ll be together forever.”

“Nobody lives forever, Nate.”

“Well, we will. Because, well, we aren’t ever going to die.” He half laughed after this statement.

This was just way too much for a girl to take in one day! While I stood there with my mouth wide open, letting my mind process this fact, Nate gave me a brief hug-squeeze.

“Don’t worry about anything right now, Dani. It’s been an interesting day. Maybe we can take a nap and process things.”

Giggles erupted around us. This big vampire with dark curly hair and ginormous muscles looked as if he would explode if he didn’t stop laughing.

“That’s the other thing we haven’t told you both yet…” Bella said, “We don’t sleep either.”

Oh, what a surprise that was. Not.