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I know there's a few of those stories where either Jacob or Leah imprint on someone in another pack but this is different. What if imprinting doesn't always grant happiness and love? The night Leah Clearwater imprinted she was desperate to be rid of her love for Sam. Her imprint's name is Nick and he's a werewolf from another pack in the east. He's dealing with a pain that may be just as great as hers. She's dedicated to her imprint and he to her but neither of them feel the love that's supposed to come with imprinting. Sometimes even imprinting can't cure a broken heart. Can they fall in love the normal way? On top of all of this the soul mate and imprint of one of Leah's pack brothers is killed by a fellow werewolf. The pain and guilt is tearing her pack apart. Somehow it all keeps getting worse from there. Is there really such thing as happily ever after? Or is life just agony and sadness? So I decided I loved this banner best! It was made by my lovely beta Delenda!

I know what you're thinking... 'WHAT she's writing ANOTHER story even though she's in the middle of two!' Well... I'm stuck, in both of my stories. So I started this one! I was just listening to Desperate by David Archuleta and I started to think about Leah. So this story popped into my head and I wrote it down. And I do not own the Twilight series obviously. I know there's a disclaimer at the bottom of this site but I like to be safe and put it in here anyways. Enjoy!

13. Chapter 13: Forever

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Chapter 13: Forever

I looked out over the serene ocean that lay calm and beautiful, sparkling slightly in the quickly fading sunlight. The setting sun turned the sky soft, pale colors of orange, purple, and blue. The fluffy clouds looked like cotton candy with the pink tint that also took up a small portion of the vast heavens. An ocean sunset was one of the most amazing, beautiful, and romantic things I could think of.

It had been so long since I had sat and watched one. They had once caused me to wince in pain as they triggered memories of Sam. Now I only smiled and leaned against the warm body of the love of my life. Nick put his arms around me and pulled me closer to him.

“Isn’t it stunning?” I murmured in awe.

He chuckled quietly and brought his lips to my ear. His breath tickled my neck pleasantly. I closed my eyes at the sound of his warm voice.

“Yes, but you outshine any sunset I’ve ever seen,” he whispered.

I laughed. “Why did I get the feeling you were going to say something like that?”

He shrugged, the movement rubbing lightly against my back. “You know me as well as I know myself.” He pressed his lips to my cheek. “You’re my soul mate.”

I turned myself so that I was facing him, my hands slipping around his neck. He bent to press his forehead against mine, our noses touching. I sighed as I stared into his dark eyes. He was completely MINE.

“Leah?” He breathed.


“Marry me?” He asked.

“Ok.” I agreed instantly, my mouth curving into an even bigger smile.

“And Leah?” He said again.

“Yes, Nick?” I replied.

“I love you.”

“I know. Love you too.” I whispered.

Then our lips met. It was as indescribable as the first time. We burned just as hot. I pressed myself against him just as passionately. This was something I’d never get used to or bored of. This was something I could do for the rest of forever.

“Forever,” I sighed against his lips.

“Forever.” He agreed before kissing me again.

He trailed fiery kisses across my face. They burned their way gently over my eyelids and scorched up and down my jaw. They covered my cheeks and forehead and nose.

“Uh, that’s definitely something I’d rather never see again.” A familiar voice groaned.

I looked up. “Seth!”

He grinned. “Ya. I was going to ask if I could be introduced to your boyfriend but you two look a little busy. I’m definitely scarred for life now.” He joked.

I rolled my eyes and detangled myself from Nick’s arms to fling myself at my little brother. He was much taller then me now, and I was pretty tall. Despite looking slightly older Seth hadn’t changed much. He still had his constant, optimistic smile.

“It’s going to take some time to get to you hugging me.” He laughed.

I punched him playfully and turned to take Nick’s hand and pull him to his feet.

“Nick, meet my baby brother, Seth!” I exclaimed.

“Baby? He protested, “I’m bigger then you!”

I giggled as I turned back to face him. “Seth, meet my fiancé, Nick Steel.”

His eyes widened for a moment before he cleared his throat. “Leah, you could have mentioned you were ENGAGED!”

“Sheesh bro calm down! Nick just asked me like 10 minutes ago.” I explained.


“Ya, oh.” I grinned.

Seth shook his head. “Wow sis, I really like seeing you happy. It’s nice to hear you laughing again.”

“It’s nice to be happy Seth.” I said cheerfully.

Seth glance at Nick’s hand intertwined with mine and smiled. “I’ll catch up with you two later.”

As soon as he was out of view and turned back to Nick. “Now where were we?”