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I know there's a few of those stories where either Jacob or Leah imprint on someone in another pack but this is different. What if imprinting doesn't always grant happiness and love? The night Leah Clearwater imprinted she was desperate to be rid of her love for Sam. Her imprint's name is Nick and he's a werewolf from another pack in the east. He's dealing with a pain that may be just as great as hers. She's dedicated to her imprint and he to her but neither of them feel the love that's supposed to come with imprinting. Sometimes even imprinting can't cure a broken heart. Can they fall in love the normal way? On top of all of this the soul mate and imprint of one of Leah's pack brothers is killed by a fellow werewolf. The pain and guilt is tearing her pack apart. Somehow it all keeps getting worse from there. Is there really such thing as happily ever after? Or is life just agony and sadness? So I decided I loved this banner best! It was made by my lovely beta Delenda!

I know what you're thinking... 'WHAT she's writing ANOTHER story even though she's in the middle of two!' Well... I'm stuck, in both of my stories. So I started this one! I was just listening to Desperate by David Archuleta and I started to think about Leah. So this story popped into my head and I wrote it down. And I do not own the Twilight series obviously. I know there's a disclaimer at the bottom of this site but I like to be safe and put it in here anyways. Enjoy!

2. Chapter 2: Fallen Star and Dropped Diamond

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Chapter 2: Fallen Star and Dropped Diamond

(Nick’s POV)

You know the things have gotta change
You can't go back, you find a way
And day by day, you start to come alive

You want somebody, just anybody
To bring some peace through your soul tonight
You want a reason to keep believin'
That some day you're gonna see the light...

“Nick could you come over? I need to talk to you.” My fiancée’s voice sounded sorry and sad through the phone speaker.

“What’s wrong Talia?” I asked in concern.

“I need to talk to you. Can you please just come over?” she mumbled.

“Sure baby I’m on my way. I love you,” I replied as I headed for the door.

She didn’t answer. There was a click and the line went dead. That was weird. I was really worried now. Something bad must have happened. I slipped my cell into my pocket and ran down the street. There was no need to drive when she lived just around the corner.

I knocked on her front door and it was opened immediately like she’d been standing right next to it waiting for me. Her eyes were red and there were dried tear tracks on her cheeks. She’d been crying. When I moved come in she blocked me.

“What’s wrong sweetheart?” I asked in confusion, reaching out to brush away fresh teardrops.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered.

“Why? Honey, what’s going on?” I asked again.

She dropped her diamond engagement ring into the hand that was reaching for her. My large finger closed over it. The reason for her tears was suddenly very clear. I felt numb.

“Why Tally?” I chocked.

She began to sob. Her head fell into her hands and her shoulders shook. When I tried to comfort her she pushed me away. Pain lashed through me and I realized just how serious she was.

“What did I do? What ever you need, I’ll be that. I’ll do anything for you Tally baby. Please, I love you.” I fell to my knees. “I want to marry you, to be with you, loving you forever. You know this Talia.”

Her sobs only grew louder. She reached back and undid the clasp of her necklace. It was a simple silver chain with a white star at the end. The figure of a wolf was carved onto its surface. It was a gift from me. She fumbled with it, her finger trembling and then it slipped. I watched it fall. The star hit the ground and cracked in half. It broke, just like me.

“No, no, no!” Talia bent down and picked the necklace up.“I’m so sorry Nick. I’m so sorry.” She cried. “It’s your friend, Alex.”

No. Not Alex. Alex was my very best friend. He was the alpha of our pack and I was his second in command. Alex was like the brother I’d never had. Alex couldn’t have stolen my fiancée. “No you’re… you can’t be right. Alex wouldn’t do that.” I sputtered.

“Nick.” I froze at the sorrow in her voice when she said my name. “Alex imprinted on me last week when you brought him to meet me for the first time. That’s why he hasn’t phased for this past week. He was afraid to let you know. I love him. He’s perfect for me.”

Imprinted seemed like the worst most heartbreaking, terrible, disgusting word in the world right then. I couldn’t stop Alex if he’d imprinted. He was Talia’s other half, her soul mate. I had no chance at all of winning her back now. Something inside of me ripped right then. I think it was my heart.

I started to shake uncontrollably. I turned away from my ex-fiancée’s tearstained gaze and ran down the steps. I would have made it out of there without hurting anyone if a familiar car hadn’t pulled into Talia’s driveway and Alex hadn’t climbed out. When he saw me vibrating like crazy he jogged toward Talia as if to protect her.

“Wait Alex buddy, where are going?” I called through clenched teeth. “I need to talk to you.”

He hesitated for a split second then walked slowly over to me. “Calm down Nick. Take a deep breath.” He instructed me.

“Dude, I’m going to kill you.” I said calmly.

Then I launched myself at his throat, phasing into a wolf midflight. He managed to change before I hit him. He may have been a better fighter technique-wise but I had the element of surprise and I was bigger and stronger then him. I immediately was able to pin him down and sink my teeth into his shoulder. I tore out a good chunk of his short golden colored fur.

“Stop it!” Talia screamed hysterically from the doorway.

Alex automatically went limp. I let him up. I wanted to rip his face off but I knew Talia wouldn’t like that much so I turned and ran. I stopped by my house to grab some shorts and a t-shirt to tie to my let. Then I started running again. Alex had already phased back human and nobody else in the pack was wolf right then so my mind was blissfully quiet. I tried not to think much about what had just happened. I knew if I did I would go crazy.

I ran for days and days stopping to sleep and hunt occasionally. I learned quickly to simply ignore all of my pack members pleading for me to come home. I avoided all civilization. I didn’t want to be noticed and shot at. When it felt like I’d been running for weeks something unusual happened to pull me out of my insane relentless running.

I was passing through a forest with no idea where I was or whether it was day or night. The only thing on my mind was the thump thumpthump thump of my heavy paws on the mossy green ground and the blur of green around me. All was silent until the most pained, heartbroken howl I’d ever heard pierced the air. That couldn’t be anything but a werewolf.

I should have run in the opposite direction of the howl but something pulled me towards it. I didn’t care if it was some strange and possibly hostile werewolf from a different pack. I was feeling something besides anger and pain for the first time in what felt like a long time. I was curious.

I was starting to get close when the howl cut off abruptly. By then I could smell the wolf though. At last I could see it standing statue still with its ears straight and alert. I leaped forward and landed right in front of it. I knew at once it was a girl. I don’t know how I knew I just did. She had light grey fur and she was slightly smaller then most werewolves I’d ever seen. It was so odd; I didn’t know girls could be werewolves.

I stared at her surprised eyes for a moment then turned and headed into a thicker clump of trees were I phased human and pulled my clothes on. It felt almost strange to be human again. How weird.

“Hey can I talk to you for a minute?” I asked.

The big wolf dipped her head to point out that she didn’t have any clothes with her. I pulled off my shirt and tossed it to her. She caught it on her muzzle then trotted off in the direction I’d come from. When the girl got back I was relieved to see that she was small enough for my shirt to hang past her knees.She seemed to be looking me over. I felt a bit self-conscious. I looked her over too. She was beautiful. That reminded me of Talia. I winced slightly.

Then our eyes met. Not here, not now. It was so soon after losing Talia. I wasn’t ready for this yet but at the same time I felt like I was being forced to fell like I was. I’d always hoped this wouldn’t happen to me. I both hated and loved the feeling at the same time.

You want somebody, just anybody
To bring some peace through your soul tonight
You want a reason to keep believin'
That some day you're gonna see the light...

You want somebody, just anybody
To lay their hands on your soul tonight
You want a reason to keep believin'
That some day you're gonna see the light...
'Cause you're desperate, desperate
'Cause you're desperate tonight
Oh, desperate... So desperate tonight, Tonight...

Desperate, desperate....