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I know there's a few of those stories where either Jacob or Leah imprint on someone in another pack but this is different. What if imprinting doesn't always grant happiness and love? The night Leah Clearwater imprinted she was desperate to be rid of her love for Sam. Her imprint's name is Nick and he's a werewolf from another pack in the east. He's dealing with a pain that may be just as great as hers. She's dedicated to her imprint and he to her but neither of them feel the love that's supposed to come with imprinting. Sometimes even imprinting can't cure a broken heart. Can they fall in love the normal way? On top of all of this the soul mate and imprint of one of Leah's pack brothers is killed by a fellow werewolf. The pain and guilt is tearing her pack apart. Somehow it all keeps getting worse from there. Is there really such thing as happily ever after? Or is life just agony and sadness? So I decided I loved this banner best! It was made by my lovely beta Delenda!

I know what you're thinking... 'WHAT she's writing ANOTHER story even though she's in the middle of two!' Well... I'm stuck, in both of my stories. So I started this one! I was just listening to Desperate by David Archuleta and I started to think about Leah. So this story popped into my head and I wrote it down. And I do not own the Twilight series obviously. I know there's a disclaimer at the bottom of this site but I like to be safe and put it in here anyways. Enjoy!

7. Chapter 7: Wrong

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Chapter 7: Wrong

(Nessie’s POV)

I heard him bound towards me faster than possible, and I squeezed my eyes tightly shut. I couldn’t see this. Then there was a sickening crutch. My eyes flew open right as Paul hit me.


Kim had tried to stop him, and Paul had gone straight into her, slamming her frail body into my own and throwing us both to the ground. His sharp claws had gone into her chest, tearing through her to get to me, and her neck was bent in an inhuman angle. Paul’s jaws locked on my arm, his sharp teeth were tearing into my granite, cold skin. I couldn’t even pull enough oxygen into my mouth to breath, let alone scream.



The agony didn’t stop but the pressure caused by Paul did. In seconds Embry tackled Paul, throwing him off me, and then pinning him to the ground.

Kim’s blood was everywhere. I couldn’t think straight. The pain was seeping into my head and my vampire instincts wanted, no, desperately yearned for her blood, and I hated myself for craving it. I nearly threw up in disgust with myself.

My blood was flowing out of my own body and my eyes clouded into a haze. The smell was so intoxicating, and mixed with the pain……my body couldn’t handle it.The last thing I saw was Clair’s poor, traumatized face before I passed out.

(Leah’s POV)

When we found them I first saw Embry, standing over Paul, crying. Paul lay curled up in a ball. They were both in their human form. Embry had already called Sam, and he held little, shaking Clair in his arms and faced her away from the gory scene. She looked thoroughly terrified. What I saw then broke my heart.

Renesmee and Kim lay in a heap next to one another. The ground was stained red from blood. Nessie’s left arm was mangled and her side was distorted. It looked like her small ribs were crushed in. She was breathing though; slow shallow breathes that made her tiny chest rise and fall.

Kim was a different sight. Most of the dark, read liquid soaking the ground came from Jared’s beloved imprint. Her face was so pale it was almost white, despite her dark brown skin. It was as pale as death itself. There was a slash across her cheek and her chest was a gruesome sight, ten times as bloody and broken as Nessie’s arm. Everything seemed to be bent in wrong ways and places. Her neck seemed snapped in half. I whimpered in agony.

My strong wolf legs felt weak, and my knee’s buckled under me. I fell to my stomach and my fur got soaked and matted with the mixture of blood. Kim and Nessie’s blood. This was wrong, so, so wrong. I felt sick with grief.

Nick bent to touch his nose to mine. His dark sad eyes seemed to look straight to my soul. A whine escaped his throat. Tears fell from his eyes. We were both thinking the same thing, and I felt guilty for it. ‘I’m just glad it isn’t you’. My own tears burned my eyes. I cried for Kim. I cried for Jared. I cried for Nessie. I cried for Nick.

Embry noticed us just them. He looked horrible, tired and depressed.

“Leah, Nick, its good you’re here. Did you alert the pack?” He asked warily.

I shook my head and got to my feet. My nose pointed upward as I let loose the emergency howl. They would come now. They always did.

I could hear other thoughts enter my mind as the pack members phased. As soon as they saw what happened in my head they were running. None of them were very close. It would take a little while for them to reach us. Jared’s mind was a swirl of shock and denial.

The Cullens arrived first. Jacob burst into the clearing ahead of the others. As soon as he saw Nessie his face crumpled with pain. He knelt at her side and reached for her good wrist. I saw him breathe a sigh of relief. He’d found her pulse.

Esme, Carlisle, and Rosalie were only seconds behind him. With all of their vampire beauty they looked like a threesome of worried angels. Rosalie whimpered, Esme covered her mouth with wide scared eyes, petrified with shock, and Carlisle rushed to pick his grand-daughter up. He looked sadly at Kim and bent to gently touch her forehead.

“If only I’d gotten here sooner,” he whispered brokenly. Then his gaze swept over us wolves. “We’ll take Nessie home. I’m so sorry about Kim.” He spoke so sincerely that there was no denying that he really grieved for her.

He took off at vampire speed with Rosalie on his heels. She looked a little crazed, probably because of the blood. Esme bent to push Kim’s hair out of her face. A little blood stuck to her fingers and she slowly brought her hand to her face, breathing in the smell of it. Her eyelids fluttered and she gasped. Her golden eyes went darker, hunger written all over them. Jacob pulled her back and she looked at him gratefully before following the others.

Jacob stayed the longest. He cried silently and looked down at Kim like she was his sister. I suppose in a way, she was. He hesitated a second before giving a mourning howl. The sound didn’t seem to belong to a human. It was purely wolf.

“Goodbye Kim,” he murmured before standing up and running after his imprint.

The werewolves found us seconds after he’d left. They turned human and pulled on their clothes as soon as they arrived. Jared just threw on shorts. When his gaze landed on Kim his face reminded me of Edward when Bella was pregnant with Nessie and he watched, helpless, as it killed her a little more day by day. Seeing Jared, it hurt just to watch. There were really no words to describe his expression as he fell to his knees at her side.

“Kim.” I’d never heard a more defeated sound, a more broken word, a more terrified voice. I’d never heard anyone sound so lost.

He repeated her name over and over again as if to call her back from the dead. His shoulders shook with violent sobs until he could barely get the word out. His tears splattered on her ruined chest, her slashed cheek, her broken body.

“Don’t leave me Kim.” He sobbed. “Please Kim! I can’t live without you. There’s no point. I love you. I love you. I love you so much. Kim. Kim. Kimmy sweetheart, come back.”

Nobody moved to comfort him. We all knew it would be pointless. Nothing could calm him now. He was past the point of ever being even slightly healed. Jared was shattering before our eyes, and we didn’t do anything to help.

I thought that I knew pain. I thought that when Sam left me for Emily and I joined the pack and my dad died and I had to listen to his thoughts and have everyone listen to mine. I thought I had it bad. I thought nobody could possibly hurt worse then me. I was wrong. I was very, very wrong. I doubted I could ever comprehend how much Jared hurt right then because he could never get over this. It wasn’t physically or mentally possible. He’d always want Kim and only Kim, forever.

(Jared’s POV)


That one word, that one girl, was my life. Every choice I made, every step I took, every breath I pulled in was for her. Everything in my world, in my universe was centered on her. She was Kim, or more accurately, my Kim.

Kim was dead.

The thought was wrong. It was impossible. There was no way the world could continue to exist without Kim. There was no way life could keep happening or that my heart could keep beating.

I held her broken, blood smeared body in my arms now. It had always seemed so fragile and delicate. Each wound sent burning knives slashing and tearing through my heart. I wanted her. Correction, I needed her.

I needed to hear her laugh and see her eyes sparkle. I needed to feel her breath blow across my face as she whispered that she loved me. I needed to feel her soft lips against mine, tasting of cinnamon.

The truth hurt with a pain I could never describe. It was a hurt didn’t feel human. It felt bigger, deeper then that. The pain was woven into every cell that made me up.

The truth was that I’d never hear Kim laugh again. I’d never again feel her breath or hear her whisper that she loved me. I’d never kiss her or comfort her or talk to her ever again.

Even the faint light coming through the trees seemed twisted wrongly as it fell on her empty face. The world seemed to be an immensely colder and crueler place. It had granted my wildest dreams, my most amazing desires by giving me my Kim. Then it had ripped her way in such a sick, evil way.

I burned with a desire so powerful it was overwhelming. It was a desire that could never be fulfilled. It was to see Kim alive again. I burned with hatred too. It was a fierce hatred toward Paul for doing this. I burned like my world was being eaten away by flames as I cried.

The fire was consuming me. My vision tinted a vicious bloody red. Everything seemed red since seeing her blood spilling so freely. I couldn’t live anymore. I couldn’t keep breathing knowing that Kim wasn’t. One thing had to happen first. I had to kill Paul.