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Cullens first day

Join the Cullens on their first day of a new school (Jake is technically a Cullen) co - written by Evie-Cullen-Zaltana

Just something i wrote with my friend please review and tell us what you think and what needs improving

1. Chapter 1

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 533   Review this Chapter

“Good morning, this is Mrs Cullen; I enrolled my eight foster children in school a few weeks ago. I was wondering if you could keep them in the same class for a few weeks as they are quite shy from previous experiences”

“Of course, I understand completely,” said the voice on the other end of the phone, “we will do our best to keep them in the same class until they’re ready to separate into individual classes.”

“Thank you very much; it will help them settle in”

“Since when have we been shy?” asked Emmett, grinning.Esme glared at him as she put the phone down.

“I wonder what our first class is,” muttered Emmett as Alice came skipping down the stairs. “Alice what’s our first class?” he asked her worriedly. She grinned mischievously at him

“You’ll have to wait” she told him as Edward came through smiling at Alice.

“Oh don’t do this to me again! You do this every damn time!” Emmett whined irritably.

“You’ll just have to wait Emmett” Edward grinned at Alice.Emmett groaned loudly. Jacob came waltzing through the open door.

“Oh my sweet Vanessa” Jacob called.Edward rolled his eyes. Renesmee ran down the stairs and flung herself into Jacob’s open arms.

“Why did you call me Vanessa” Renesmee asked innocently. Jacob put her down and looked at her. “Oh yeah, my cover story.” She winked at him cheekily. Bella growled at them sharply from the kitchen.

“Right” said Edward “Let’s go over our cover story one more time”

“Not again! I think I need a barf bag” Jasper groaned. Edward completely ignored him.

“Vanessa you are my sister, no calling me dad, and Jacob is “he sighed “your boyfriend. Bella, you are my girlfriend, not your wife…”

“You are my true love and my heart’s desire, so no having sex in the Volvo!”Bella slapped Emmett hard across the face.

Edward continued “Alice, Emmett and Bella are non-identical triplets, so not too much physical violence” he glared at Bella and Emmett, who put on their best innocent faces. “As usual, Rose and Jasper are twins. We are adopted-“

“Yer, yer, yer, we know, we do this every century!”Emmett put in.

“Ok Mr. loud mouth what’s your cover story”Edward asked, slightly irritated.

“Oh I’m allowed to have sex in my jeep with any random girl that I meet at school” Rosalie hit him hard across the shoulder.

“No that is NOT your cover-“

“And if you say that you will have sex with Alice I will kill you!” Jasper added with a serious look in his eye, and then burst out laughing, Alice hit him playfully.

“Ok guys time for school-“Carlisle called.

“Hey there are girls in this family too you know” Alice grinned at him

.“Ok now get to school and remember-“

“Yer, Yer we know-“ Emmett shouted walking towards the door

“Be shy!” they chorused running to get their cars out of the driveway.Jasper jumped into the driver’s seat of Emmett’s jeep, Rosalie and Alice climbed in the back and Emmett jumped in the back stood up.Jasper flawed the gas pedal and Emmett went flying into a tree,

“Timber” Jasper shouted

“Man over board” Jacob shouted walking towards the Volvo. Emmett stood up and ran towards the already moving jeep and punched Jasper as he landed in the passenger’s seat.