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Cullens first day

Join the Cullens on their first day of a new school (Jake is technically a Cullen) co - written by Evie-Cullen-Zaltana

Just something i wrote with my friend please review and tell us what you think and what needs improving

2. Chapter 2

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 544   Review this Chapter

Eventually, the Volvo and jeep arrived in school. Jacob got out first, snickering at Emmett. Emmett let out a low growl at him.

“Everyone, we’re supposed to be shy” muttered Edward, slightly irritated.He took Bella’s hand and walked with her into school. Alice danced after them, with Jasper following. Emmett and Rosalie put their arms around each other, and swayed their hips into the school. Jacob looked at Renesmee, with a look that said “if we do that, your dad will kill me.” They followed everyone else into school.


“Sex education! That’s our first lesson! You have to be kidding me!” Emmett screamed at Edward and Alice.

“No, we’re not” Alice laughed.

“Emmett we’re supposed to be shy” muttered Jasper, too low for human ears.

“C’mon Emmett, we’ll be late for class” said Jacob. Emmett scowled at him. They got to the right door; Bella pushed it open gently, and held it open for everyone else. The teacher smiled at them as they took their seats at the back.

“Right class,” said the teacher. The class immediately fell silent. “Today, we will be learning about the female body. Now any silliness will be severely punished” He glared at the guys closest to the door. “So, who can name any parts of the female body?”

One of the boys closest to the door yelled “The tits!” Alice, Rosalie and Bella rolled their eyes. Edward was trying to hide a smile. However, Emmett didn’t have Edward’s self control, and burst out laughing.

“What happened to being shy Emmett?” breathed Jasper, too low for human ears. Emmett slowly gained control of himself. Edward coughed slightly, as if to prove a point.

“Ok, I’ll pay up later” muttered Jasper under his breath

“What did you bet on this time?” asked Bella quietly.

“Whether Emmett would burst out laughing on our first day” answered Edward.

“Right, who thinks they can label all the woman’s parts on the board?” asked the teacher, gesturing to a poster. When no one volunteered, the teacher gestured to Rosalie to go do it. As she got up, Emmett slapped her bum.

“What is your name boy?” asked the teacher, glaring at Emmett.

“Emmett Cullen” answered Emmett, trying to hide a smile.

“Right, Emmett Cullen, you are in detention, this lunchtime, here!”

Rosalie turned around from walking to the board and smiled at him smugly. As she labelled the diagram she thought to Edward in her head; ‘Tell Emmett that he was never very good at make up sex so he better make it good tonight’ Edward burst out laughing from the back of the room, just as Rosalie was labelling the Vagina,

“What’s your name boy” The teacher asked with one eyebrow raised;

“Edward Cullen Sir” He answered politely,

“Ok you are also in Detention this lunchtime”

“What did she say” Emmett whispered too low for human ears to pick up;

“She said you were never very good at make up sex so you better get it right tonight”

“How come everyone always talks about my sex life?”

“Talks about your sex life try it the other way around bro” Jasper added to the conversation.

“Right class um” He gestured at Rosalie

“Rosalie Hale”

“Ok Rosalie wrote everything correctly on the board who would like to try the male parts?”