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Cullens first day

Join the Cullens on their first day of a new school (Jake is technically a Cullen) co - written by Evie-Cullen-Zaltana

Just something i wrote with my friend please review and tell us what you think and what needs improving

3. Chapter 3

Rating 5/5   Word Count 925   Review this Chapter

When no one put up their hands the teacher gestured to Emmett.

“Seeing as you find this class so funny why don’t you come and label the diagram”

As Emmett stood up Jacob put his foot out causing Emmett to fall flat on top of the teacher who was standing right in front of him. Jacob sat innocently and stared at Renesmee, who was laughing softly.

“Right boy what is your name” Said the teacher whilst pushing Emmett off him and standing up.

“Jacob Wolfe”

“Right you will be having a detention this lunchtime in my room with your ....... brothers” The teacher said hesitantly.

“Adopted brothers actually” Jacob said smugly.

The bell rang before the teacher could comment,

“My room, at lunch you three” Glaring at the Cullen’s disappearing backs. Emmett saluted back.


“That..... Was.... the.... worst.... class.... in.... the...... history...... of....SCHOOL.” Emmett shouted at Alice.

“Here he goes again; maybe I should send hatred vibes towards Rosalie!” Jasper wondered aloud earning himself a glare from Emmett.

“So Alice what’s our next class?” Edward asked winking towards her.

“If you guys don’t tell me soon somebody’s going to get hurt, most likely the dog” Emmett glared at Edward, as Jacob crossed his arms across his chest.

“Yeah soon .... Like... after the next lesson?” Alice giggled. They came to the door marked Personal, Development, curriculum.

“What the hell is this” Emmett said staring at Alice.

“Oh it’s just about drugs and relationships and stuff, and today we’re, well you’ll find out in a minute!” Alice grinned and skipped through the door.

“Bad luck bro” Jasper said as he followed Alice.

“Why doesn’t anybody ever tell me these things?” Emmett grumbled

“Well, let me start the list I’ll be finished with it by the next, century!” Bella grinned and walked through the door closely followed by Edward, Renesmee and Jake. The teacher walked in just as they sat down at the back. (And Twilighter no1 says AGAIN!)

“If you three end up in another detention then I swear to god I will kill you!” Alice muttered too low for humans to hear.

“You’re too nice for that stuff!” Emmett grinned

“Wanna bet” Alice said throwing Emmett a dirty look. Emmett crossed his arms in frustration as the teacher called the class to order.

“Today class we are going to explore the art of vampirism”

“Oh boy oh boy” Emmett whispered as he unfolded his arms and leaned forward ready to shout some sarcastic remarks aimed at the teacher. Edward put a hand on Emmett’s shoulder in an attempt to control him.

“Class what are your views on Vampires”

“Oh I know, I know, I know,” Emmett shouted

“Yes what’s your name” The teacher stared at Emmett

“Emmett, and they vont to suck your blood!” Emmett said in an awful Transylvanian accent

“Thank you Emmett next” There were various remarks of coffins and dying in the sun , Edward clenched his hands into fists as Emmett burst out laughing,

“Emmett would you care to tell us why you think vampires are so funny?” The teacher waited for an answer,

“Because they’re just myths” Emmett said in reply,

“And why do you think that Emmett?” Edward laughed softly as he heard Emmett’s remark in his mind because I am one you son of a bitch! Emmett thought,

“Because I don’t believe in that stuff” Emmett said out loud just as the bell rang

“We’ll continue our conversation tomorrow, class dismissed” The teacher yelled over the sudden noise,

“So you think you’re a tough guy then” Two boys said to Emmett menacingly as the Cullens walked out the class,

“You wanna bet” Jasper said slinging his arm over Emmett’s shoulder,

“We could take you two on any day” The boys grinned at each other, Bella rolled her eyes as Alice, Rosalie her and Nessie headed towards the cafeteria Jacob remained where he was

“Come on guys lets not fight” Edward said trying to keep the peace,

“Come on Eddie-“

“Don’t call me Eddie” Edward said to jasper

“Come on Edward I haven’t had a fight since, well you know when” Jasper moaned

“Yer, since this morning when you and Emmet nearly ripped each other apart!” Edward grumbled

“When your quite finished discussing family life we would like to get on with beating you up” The boys said in unison

“You can try but you won’t get far” Emmett replied cheerfully

“Yer, a word of warning; you might break your hand, and this is coming from experience” Jacob grinned at Emmett.

“Ok let’s star-“The boys managed to say as they flew down the corridor. Edward rolled his eyes,

“What we threw them lightly” Emmett and Jasper grinned at each other,


“This has been the best school day ever!” Emmett said as Esme and Carlisle walked everyone to the cars, after they all got expelled (Alice started a food fight because a girl at the canteen said pink was the new black and Bella punched a girl in the face after she said Edward was cute!)

“We are sooo dead” Edward muttered

“Uh hu no let me start the list; No driving for a month or shopping-“ Alice screamed and tryed to strangle Esme, with no luck she stopped and took to sobbing on Jasper

“No fighting, no sex and no complaining” Esme finished as a chorus of no’s and a lot of swearing broke out!

“But Nessie and I didn’t do anything” Rosalie shouted

“Neither did Jacob or I” Edward groaned........ “Oh my god I defended a dog!” Edward said open mouthed

“You’ll get over it” Bella grinned “In the mean time how are we going to get home if we can’t drive? Bella stared at the empty spaces in the car park!

The End!