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The Twilight Zone

Bella is on her way to work, as a favor to Mrs. Newton, when she something in the road that makes her crash into a tree. Turns out, Death wants her soul and is willing to do anything to get it, including making everything Bella knows false. Bella's life has just taken a serious turn towards the Twilight Zone.

It is suppose to be out there! Don't worry, you shouldn't get too confused, I hope.

1. Chapter 1

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The Twilight Zone

Chapter One

"See you soon." Bella heard Edward call from the porch, where he stood holding Nessie in his arms as the rain pounded down over the house. "Be careful." Bella smiled at how her husband still couldn't stop being so protective, even though he was now the one that needed to be careful when she was around. Even with the door closed, she heard him whisper to Nessie. "Wave bye to mommy."

Bella smiled as she watched her daughter raise a hand and wave goodbye. Bella waved back, before pulling out of the yard. She hated leaving them. She wasn't even going to do anything exciting, just going to go take care of some things that needed to be taken care of.

Mrs. Newton at Newton's Sporting Goods had called her all flustered a few hours before, begging her to come in for just a few hours. Mike was sick with the flu and the other worker at the store wasn't in town. Bella had reluctantly pulled herself away from her family to go reprise her job for just a few hours.

Bella reached over to grab her cell phone from the passenger seat, letting her eyes wonder from the road for just the briefest second, but it was enough. She looked back up, freezing up with fear.

Jerking the wheel and putting her foot on the break, she ran off the road, hitting a tree there. She looked back at the road, unfazed by the accident. Something had been standing in the road, someone dressed in black robes. Taking an unnecessary breath, Bella flipped her cell phone open. Edward would be calling any moment, knowing Alice had to have seen what had just happened.

"Hello, Bella." A voice said from beside her.

She jerked looking over at the passenger seat. The robed figure was sitting there, the hood pushed back from its head. It was her. "What?"

"I know, quite a surprise, isn't." The other Bella grabbed the cell phone out of her hand, throwing it into the backseat. "Cheated Death again there, didn't you?" The figure shrugged, looking at the interior of the car. "You can't keep cheating Death, I don't like it."

"You're Death. Aren't you?" Bella asked, undoing her seat belt, one hand on the door handle. She was ready to run and get away from this thing that looked like her.

"I am. And I don't like it that I haven't been able to collect your soul yet. Edward, dear dear Edward, doesn't know that even as a vampire, your soul is sill firmly attached to your body, and when you die it goes to me. Not Heaven. Not Hell. It goes to me. I like souls, I sort them, manipulate them. Determining on what you did in life determines what I do with your soul. I really want your soul, Bella."

Bella tried to release the door, pushing the door handle again and again. The door wouldn't give. She pushed and still nothing happened, even with all her superior vampire strength. Death laughed at her attempts to get away.

"You may be a vampire, but I am Death. I can control so much. Do you know that even as we speak, time has stopped. Your husband and family have no idea what I have in store for you. Like I said, Bella, I really want your soul. Why do you think you were so clumsy in life? I made you that way? Now, I'm going to send you back, and you're going to live through it all again. Every single soul crushing thing, with the memory of what you have now, but no one else will remember anything."

Bella froze in fear, un-breathing. Living through everything again, even the pain of not having Edward there. Having to live through meeting him again, when he didn't know who she was or that they would get married and have a child, and that she would be just like him. That would be Hell.

"Enjoy your life, Bella." Death reached out towards her, laying a hand on her head.

Bella felt the icy coldness of the hand and the darkness creeping from it and into her skull. The world swan and twirled. She tried to say something or do something as the steering wheel raced up to great her in the face. Edward!