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The Twilight Zone

Bella is on her way to work, as a favor to Mrs. Newton, when she something in the road that makes her crash into a tree. Turns out, Death wants her soul and is willing to do anything to get it, including making everything Bella knows false. Bella's life has just taken a serious turn towards the Twilight Zone.

It is suppose to be out there! Don't worry, you shouldn't get too confused, I hope.

2. Chapter 2

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The Twilight Zone

Chapter Two

Bella groaned, rolling over in her bed, pulling the pillow over head to fight off the sunlight. It took a few moments for the realization of what was going on to hit her in the face. She had been asleep, and impossibility. The sun was shining, Alice had said that it would rain for the next week straight.

Sitting straight up, throwing her pillow across the room, Bella screamed. She looked at the room she was in, the room she had in Phoenix. She was in Phoenix, hours away from Forks and her husband and child, if Nessie was even alive yet. Her eyes landed on a calender.

"No. No way. There is no way I am that young!" The calender date read exactly two years before she would go to Forks. "There is no way that I am fifteen!"

Renee came running into the room, and Bella looked at her. Bella was having a hard time concentrating on what was going on. Getting up from her bed, stumbling over the tangle of blankets around her feet, she ran to her mom, clinging to her.

"I have to go to Forks! I have to! Mom, I'm moving in with Charlie." Bella shouted, holding onto her mother for dear life.

Bella watched her mother try to understand what she was saying. She didn't quite understand it herself, but she knew that she had to get to Forks as soon as possible. She just had to get there.

"Bella, sweet heart, why do you want to go to Forks, you hate it there." Renee said, rubbing Bella's hair back from her head. "Why don't you want to stay here in Phoenix, where you might get a tan." Bella shrugged off her mother's attempt at a joke. "Please, Bella, don't go."

Bella went to her closet, jerking open the doors. "I know you want to go with Phil, so if I go to Forks, it'll give you the chance to do that." Bella bit off what she was going to add, in two years she would be back for a day before almost getting killed by a sadistic vampire named James.

Bella heard Renee sit down on the bed, and the sigh. "Please, don't go, Bella."

Bella whirled around. "I have to, Mom. I just think it's for the best. Just to go to Forks, for a while. I can't explain it." She looked down at the floor. "Because you don't remember." She sighed, running a hand through her hair.

Bella watched Renee walk out of her room, before falling down to the floor. She curled up into a ball, hugging her middle. She wanted Edward to wrap his strong arms around her and she wanted Nessie in her arms, her child that hadn't even been born yet. She wanted her daughter so bad, and her husband. Things that would take forever to get.

"Ah, Bella, going to Forks so soon? I thought you would at least wait a while. I didn't think you wanted to run to the place where misfortune follows you so. If you stay in Phoenix, you know what will happen?" Death asked, making Bella look up from the fading carpet of her room. Bella shivered as she looked at herself in Death, the look of perfection, all but the red eyes.

"I hate you!" Bella growled, closing her eyes against the sight. "I hate you!"

"If you stay in Phoenix, the most wonderful thing in the world will happen. You live, you get old, and you hate your life. You marry a man named Gregory Johnson, a doctor. You die when you trip down the stairs of your home, cracking your skull on the marble floors. The doctor who pronounces you dead is Dr. Carlisle Cullen, and Edward Cullen is studying under him about to become a doctor. Ironic, huh?"

"Shut up!" Bella shouted, covering her ears with her hands. "Shut up! You're lying!" Her voice cracked as it shot threw three octaves. She rocked back and forth, trying to erase the image of her dead with Carlisle and Edward pronouncing her dead.

"Enjoy Forks, you'll love it."

Bella looked up sighing when she saw that Death was gone. Tears leaked out of her eyes, she was mad at Death, mad that it would put a vision like that in her head. It wasn't right. To play with her emotion like that. It wasn't right!

Bella rubbed her left ring finger, remembering the feel of the gold band that had been sitting there before. Her wedding ring wasn't even on her hand. It almost made everything feel like a dream she had been having, a very bad dream.

"Edward!" She moaned, feeling that hole in her chest, that empty feeling in her chest that she had felt when he had left that time. "I'm on my way."